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Word Association #14jobeterob 557�1�7-27-10��2:02�am
SHIRLEY SHERROD controversy....Juicefree20 80�1�7-26-10��7:33�pm
Mel Gibson uses the N word.Ola Mae 71�1�7-26-10��6:20�pm
Jobeterob....jobeterob 2�1�7-26-10��5:51�pm
The SOULFUL DETROIT JUKEBOXGrapevine 512�1�7-26-10��2:43�pm
How to get a job and keep it.EverythingsAlright 4�1�7-26-10��7:48�am
I Hate Fox News!Mark Speck 10�1�7-25-10��1:31�pm
Dick Clark look at thisstephanie 7�1�7-25-10��9:29�am
Janet Hubert (Aunt Viv from the Fresh Prince)Pshark 9�1�7-25-10��1:03�am
Zsa Zsa Gabor in Critical Conditionjonc 3�1�7-24-10��11:25�am
'When the Actor becomes an Actress'...its all Thespian to me!ladyvanaye 5�1�7-22-10��3:50�pm
Dusties Party on WHPKGEETEE66�1�7-22-10��12:37�pm
Happy Birthday, Geetee!GEETEE14�1�7-21-10��3:12�pm
Eddie Murphy 's James Brown Biopicladyvanaye 27�1�7-21-10��2:19�pm
Mich. Woman Gets Prison Sentence For Sex With SonRTA5225 18�1�7-21-10��12:32�am
NO MORE LAW AND ORDERTimmy Funk 29�1�7-20-10��1:25�pm
Wesley Snipes Tax Appeal Fails - 3 year SentenceMarv 8�1�7-19-10��3:28�pm
FYI--country songwriter Hank Cochran passesstephanie 3�1�7-19-10��8:52�am
The Sophisticated GentsSharon 20�1�7-18-10��11:52�pm
The 1971 Willard- vs -Jaws, Which Do you Think Was The Scarestmoonbeam 16�1�7-18-10��8:59�pm
Former N.Y.Yankees Owner George Steinbrenner Suffers Massive Heart...Kdubya 5�1�7-16-10��5:25�pm
For Old Times SakeHula-Girl 79�1�7-16-10��10:32�am
Classic MetdownsSoulster 20�1�7-16-10��1:11�am
Midterm ElectionsSoulster 5�1�7-15-10��9:33�pm
Smoking BanSoulster 31�1�7-15-10��9:01�pm
Classic TV (&Movies) Let's Talk Favorites!!!Marv 272�1�7-14-10��9:18�pm
Did Lebron Make The Right Decisionstephanie 37�1�7-14-10��12:11�pm
The annual forest/range fire threaddouglasm 1�1�7-12-10��4:33�pm
Post music clips that have scared you.EverythingsAlright 11�1�7-11-10��9:34�pm
Happy Birthday Ralph!RTA5225 17�1�7-10-10��5:17�pm
So where willl LeBron End up?Boynextdoor 14�1�7-08-10��9:56�pm
7/7 Five Years Onstephanie 3�1�7-08-10��10:18�am
Praise Jesus 4th of Julyjobeterob 6�1�7-07-10��2:52�am
Do your friends think you are the god of music knowledgeGrapevine 29�1�7-06-10��8:07�am
Dr. Demento's done....sort of.Mark Speck 7�1�7-05-10��10:31�am
Prayers for Mom PlzMsJoys 18�1�7-05-10��10:24�am
Dave Chappelle Freaks Out In JetGEETEE2�1�7-05-10��12:34�am
Enjoy Your 4th of July Weekend!MsJoys 7�1�7-04-10��11:54�am
Back to the hospital.....again.....and again.......Lucy 12�1�7-04-10��9:49�am
OUCH!!!Soulster 3�1�7-02-10��9:47�pm
Another silly non-soul questionGlenn S 12�1�7-02-10��9:35�am
JOIN IN THE LAUGHTER...:-)...stephanie 3�1�7-01-10��9:59�pm
Tiger Woods-$750 million Divorce Settlement stephanie 8�1�7-01-10��3:31�pm
Kids IncDinelle 2�1�7-01-10��6:09�am
Gary Coleman Filed Restraining Order Against Ex-WifeTOPDIVA 2�1�6-27-10��9:59�pm
Gen. Patraeus- The right man for the job?Funkyone D.J. Dollar5�1�6-26-10��12:17�pm
Golden Age Comics / IllustrationsKdubya 12�1�6-24-10��8:26�pm
CNN: Gay is alright - if you are white??jobeterob 1�1�6-23-10��10:22�pm
Anyone watching the U.S. Open?stubass 7�1�6-22-10��1:10�pm
Trivia QuestionGaro 11�1�6-22-10��12:48�pm
Why is the extreme left so silent on the injustices commited by Isr...Dr Groove 9�1�6-22-10��12:15�am
Happy Father's Day Weekend!GEETEE8�1�6-20-10��5:36�pm
Former NBA Player Manute Bol R.I.P.JAI NANCE 9�1�6-20-10��12:37�pm
Who Voted to Limit the Liability of Oil Companies? DEMS AND REPSstephanie 14�1�6-18-10��1:13�pm
Rep Joe Barton (R) Texas: our hero!Soulster 1�1�6-18-10��1:02�am
The Canadian Sound: Music From the Great White North!Marv 71�1�6-18-10��12:40�am
BP will save youEverythingsAlright 2�1�6-17-10��12:32�am
MemphisTony Russi 2�1�6-16-10��2:22�pm
Miss Michigan ...a Lebanese Muslim ...crowned ...MISS USA!ladyvanaye 15�1�6-16-10��10:22�am
Country music star and sausage king diesJAI NANCE 6�1�6-16-10��10:18�am
Gary Coleman's "Ex" Wife 911 Callkamasu 19�1�6-16-10��8:53�am
NBA PLAYOFF STARTS TODAY, WHO DO U LIKE?Destruction 25�1�6-15-10��9:28�pm
What Part Of "ILLEGAL" Immigration..Isnt ClearSoulster 118�1�6-14-10��8:15�pm
A little obit for a "one hit wonder"Midnite Johnny 18�1�6-14-10��2:18�pm
Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup!!!GEETEE16�1�6-12-10��9:10�pm
It's Time to Laugh! Funny Video Clips!Marv 10�1�6-11-10��1:13�pm
Taleban hang 7-year-old boy to punish familypopcorn 1�1�6-11-10��12:46�am
FACEBOOK The Best Site On The Internetstephanie 43�1�6-10-10��3:38�pm
Man Killed ver fight about singingpopcorn 1�1�6-10-10��6:14�am
RIP "Golden Girl" Rue McClanahanDinelle 18�1�6-09-10��7:03�am
How To Behave On An Internet Forum :-)...popcorn 11�1�6-06-10��6:57�pm
Glen Beckkk's Apology...what is it good forSoulster 10�1�6-06-10��12:35�am BEWARE!Soulster 2�1�6-05-10��9:47�pm
Al and Tipper Gore SplitElegant Soul 5�1�6-03-10��11:06�pm
R.I.P Art LinkletterDinelle 13�1�6-02-10��6:44�am
What Are You Doing This Memorial Day Weekendjobeterob 26�1�6-01-10��2:22�pm
HappyBirthday to TIMMY FUNK!!!!Steve K 9�1�6-01-10��1:46�pm
Scientist Becomes First Human 'Infected' With Computer Viruspopcorn 1�1�6-01-10��9:10�am
Two Year Old 2 Pack A Day Cigarette Habitkamasu 36�1�5-31-10��4:17�pm
WHEREFORE ART THOU, 'MIDNIGHT JOHNNY?'Midnite Johnny 12�1�5-30-10��10:39�am
Man Accused of Digging Up Dead Woman for SexRTA5225 13�1�5-30-10��12:49�am
Dennis Hopper of 'Easy Rider' Fame Dead at 74Marv 4�1�5-29-10��3:58�pm
This Is Very TouchingSoulster 4�1�5-28-10��10:00�pm
Former Child Star Gary Coleman Seriously Hurt In FallMarv 8�1�5-28-10��5:55�pm
Black Couple singing Bus StopMarv 42�1�5-25-10��8:30�pm
The Arizona racists are at it again! They're attacking teachersMarv 16�1�5-25-10��2:31�pm
AfricapellaGrapevine 3�1�5-24-10��7:29�pm
Bret Michaelsstephanie 19�1�5-24-10��4:11�pm
New Zoo Revue (dont eat at your computer watching this)SoniT 7�1�5-23-10��8:17�pm
Irv Romig (Rickey The Clown) passes....Marv 5�1�5-23-10��7:38�pm
Sounds like a teabagging teacher...splanky 4�1�5-23-10��8:01�am
Houston teacher "jumps" studentallenhouse 18�1�5-22-10��1:00�pm
About Gandolinium Dye used in Ct scanallenhouse 6�1�5-22-10��12:27�pm
Mr Simon 'Nasty' CowellMarv 3�1�5-22-10��12:12�pm
Happy Birthday Pac-Manpopcorn 3�1�5-22-10��10:38�am
Rand PaulSoulster 13�1�5-22-10��2:42�am
TV Show Videotaped Raid That Killed Detroit GirlMarv 8�1�5-21-10��10:06�pm
Are They That Dumb?! Tony Russi 2�1�5-21-10��3:41�pm
Fox Cancels The Wanda Sykes Show :-(...Marv 15�1�5-20-10��9:35�pm
Suge Knight Goes Back In the Dog House! Marv 3�1�5-20-10��5:39�pm
Happy Birthday Malcolm X and Lorraine HansberryMarv 7�1�5-19-10��4:36�pm
Intensity Signalallenhouse 1�1�5-18-10��6:20�pm
I've never felt like singing...UP POMPEY 2009/10 SeasonAdrian 23�1�5-18-10��7:24�am
Clever video by D.C. Douglas fires back at FreedomWorks!Timmy Funk 2�1�5-18-10��7:17�am
Happy Birthday YouTube is 5 Years Old!Pshark 2�1�5-18-10��12:02�am
Names on the forumRalph Terrana 55�1�5-17-10��6:33�pm
AND HOW IS........Juicefree20 3�1�5-17-10��3:44�pm
Run Joey Run has found a new life on Glee!Mark Speck 4�1�5-15-10��8:05�pm
UK ELECTION - Who should you vote for...?144man 6�1�5-15-10��5:38�pm
White cop shoots himself, blames "a Black man", and gets caught in ...144man 26�1�5-15-10��2:42�pm
HOBBY LOBBY stores...oldiesmusicfan 2�1�5-14-10��9:57�pm
How come the search function doesn't work?cherokeegirl87 6�1�5-13-10��11:48�pm
Kagan...Yes or NoSoulster 11�1�5-13-10��10:32�pm
Lawrence Taylor Hall of Famer rapes girl !!!Juicefree20 18�1�5-13-10��2:41�pm
Oh, here's an interesting one!Soulster 10�1�5-13-10��10:30�am
Keith HernandezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzMarv 2�1�5-12-10��11:03�pm
Any Coin Collectors on this Site?Nosey 6�1�5-11-10��8:15�am
Techie Help--iPodMark Speck 3�1�5-11-10��12:30�am
Soulful Detroit's Greatest Hits144man 3�1�5-10-10��7:12�pm
RIP Ernie Harwell.....Ralph Terrana 9�1�5-10-10��10:56�am
Don't Call Me Juice, Call Me Grandpa!Red Corvette 37�1�5-10-10��7:01�am
Rachel Maddow Al - Queida parody.Timmy Funk 4�1�5-09-10��5:39�pm
3 Die in Brawl Over Penis Size johno 13�1�5-07-10��4:50�pm
Corey Haim R.I.P.GEETEE11�1�5-06-10��7:30�pm
Former Child Stars - Parody of We are the Worldladyvanaye 3�1�5-06-10��1:11�pm
Puerto Rico...51st State? Dr Groove 28�1�5-05-10��2:23�pm
White Supremist Killed After Propositioning Black ManSoulster 2�1�5-05-10��3:17�am
May 4, 1970douglasm 7�1�5-04-10��10:13�pm
RIP Helen WagnerNosey 2�1�5-04-10��7:37�pm
Like father, like son smoking PSA from 1967...... remember this?Marv 2�1�5-04-10��7:13�pm
RIP Lynn RedgraveMarv 5�1�5-04-10��7:04�pm
Do u Know Prisoners Have FaceBook PagesNosey 10�1�5-03-10��3:56�pm
More Tiger Dramaabfan 8�1�5-01-10��9:37�am
Canada Offers Michigan Money for Detroit BridgeRobb_K 4�1�5-01-10��5:31�am
Prisoner Cell Block HSkool dem 7�1�4-30-10��3:40�pm
Reviews on Amazon and Youtubestephanie 4�1�4-29-10��12:58�pm
National Weed DayMarv 19�1�4-29-10��11:39�am
A very interesting experiment...Soulster 4�1�4-29-10��9:47�am
Sandra Bullock Adopts a Baby and Divorces Jesse JamesRTA5225 1�1�4-28-10��8:16�pm
John Legend's VA run-in - racists Told us to get a..s out of h...JAI NANCE 2�1�4-28-10��1:58�pm
Is your Name and Information on this Sitestephanie 20�1�4-27-10��12:57�pm
Murray Head One Night in Bangkok!Soulster 12�1�4-25-10��6:23�pm
Credit Card Numbers Published On New WebsitePshark 1�1�4-25-10��5:22�pm
Any DESTINATION TRUTH fans out there?Elegant Soul 2�1�4-22-10��10:18�pm
R.I.P. Dorothy HeightMarv 8�1�4-21-10��12:42�pm
Howard Stern blasts Gabby, says she'll never get another moviethe classic master 49�1�4-20-10��1:51�pm
He was a rotten Bastard in life. May he find peace in death.Kevin Goins - KevGo 21�1�4-20-10��1:46�pm
Grade Obama's First Year in OfficeJuicefree20 5�1�4-20-10��10:28�am
For those who communicate with me off-list via emailPshark 2�1�4-17-10��6:56�pm
Dr. Benjamin Hooks, Civil Rights Leader Dead at 85Kevin Goins - KevGo 6�1�4-17-10��3:45�pm
Americans Are Paying LESS taxes this year.Steve K 5�1�4-17-10��11:48�am
Donald Goinestresjolie 6�1�4-17-10��9:12�am
Obama orders public hospital visitation rights for same-sex partners.Soulster 9�1�4-16-10��9:08�pm
Huckabee likens gay marriage to incest, polygamy and drug abuse.jonc 21�1�4-15-10��10:50�pm
Another far right loon with the IQ of a goldfish.jonc 5�1�4-15-10��8:17�pm
ADAM CLAYTON POWELL IV VS. CHARLES RANGELTony Russi 5�1�4-15-10��1:41�pm
Pawn Stars...ColtonThomas 30�1�4-15-10��11:30�am
The Cowboy PresidentMidnite Johnny 12�1�4-14-10��10:01�pm
WHAAAT......Lucy 4�1�4-14-10��7:30�pm
Confederate History MonthSoulster 6�1�4-14-10��12:48�pm
Word Association 13marxthespot 734�1�4-14-10��12:14�am
...Guess who is playing music on ....ladyvanaye 33�1�4-13-10��9:40�pm
Tiger Is Getting Back To What He Does Best144man 27�1�4-13-10��7:21�am
Designing Women's Dixie Carter passes at 70.stephanie 8�1�4-12-10��8:58�am
The Death Penaltymarxthespot 20�1�4-11-10��9:31�pm
Favorite Memory Of Selenasplanky 4�1�4-10-10��10:29�am
Journalists killed by US Army in BaghdadPhil 3�1�4-09-10��3:11�am
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CHARISE!Juicefree20 21�1�4-08-10��4:19�am
What are they thinking?Soulster 2�1�4-07-10��4:40�am
The Humorous Side of Sade :-)...Charise 17�1�4-07-10��1:54�am
R.I.P. MLK Jr.Charise 10�1�4-07-10��12:28�am
LL COOL J ORDERS FOX NEWS TO PULL INTERVIEWCharise 9�1�4-07-10��12:22�am
Opening Day.......the classic master 3�1�4-06-10��2:16�am
Obama's Approval Rating Hits New Low - CBS NewsSoulster 12�1�4-05-10��7:30�pm
So Much For The Hippocratic Oath - Doctor Against Obama Supporters!!Soulster 5�1�4-05-10��1:20�pm
John Forsythe R.I.P.LaDia 9�1�4-03-10��6:14�pm
Is America �Yearning For Fascism?�Juicefree20 14�1�4-02-10��11:42�pm
Happy Birthday Carl Kaselldouglasm 1�1�4-02-10��9:55�pm
Well, we could have suspected THIS was coming!!Soulster 10�1�4-02-10��1:38�pm
Tony Blair's Face To Be On BanknotesBankHouseDave 5�1�4-01-10��3:36�pm
It's time to hold the Republican Party accountable. Kdubya 10�1�3-31-10��6:07�pm
Favorite Memory Of SelenaDinelle 1�1�3-31-10��4:03�pm
Biden Drops The F BombRalph Terrana 33�1�3-31-10��1:36�pm
Richard R. Finch: KC and the Sunshine Band Founder Arrestedjobeterob 26�1�3-31-10��12:56�pm
Karl Rove Forced To End Book Signing by Protesters... Timmy Funk 3�1�3-31-10��8:47�am
Obama Declares Afghan War �Absolutely Essential�funky_fresh 4�1�3-31-10��2:02�am
June Havoc, actress at heart of musical 'Gypsy' dies at age 97 ...ladyvanaye 3�1�3-30-10��7:46�pm
Economy Recovery Money Begins to Flowstephanie 5�1�3-30-10��12:54�pm
Bill Maher tells the Dems to act more like the nasty Tiger Woods!Marv 5�1�3-29-10��10:10�pm
Robert Culp, who starred in `I Spy,' dead at 79Kevin Goins - KevGo 16�1�3-29-10��8:47�pm
Bill Maher on Liz CheneyMidnite Johnny 3�1�3-28-10��10:22�pm
"You didn't get Mad When" (this is good!)Timmy Funk 11�1�3-28-10��3:18�pm
Old Rock Star SongsDestruction 4�1�3-28-10��12:42�pm
Obama bumber sticker causes road rage in TNJuicefree20 4�1�3-27-10��2:32�pm
The Open Letter to ConservativesSoulster 7�1�3-26-10��8:57�pm
Teabaggers suject Cleaver, Lewis, and Frank to slurs and spittingSoulster 14�1�3-26-10��12:02�am
When you think the GOP can't act any more infantile....Soulster 5�1�3-25-10��7:43�pm
The healthcare bill PASSES!!! Change you can believe in!Soulster 15�1�3-25-10��12:38�pm
Dubya wipes his hand on Clinton's shirt after touching a HaitianJAI NANCE 2�1�3-25-10��12:08�pm
Did anyone see SAmuel Jacksons reaction when Monique won that OSCAR? Elegant Soul 18�1�3-24-10��3:53�pm
Man In South Korea Marries Pillow!Dinelle 6�1�3-24-10��7:13�am
Wish me luck, gang....Ralph Terrana 16�1�3-23-10��9:27�pm
If this be the case....I'm really screwed!Chi Drummer 3�1�3-23-10��4:04�pm
R.I.P. Fess ParkerJAI NANCE 10�1�3-22-10��1:17�am
Tiger Woods In Car AccidentRTA5225 268�1�3-21-10��4:43�pm
ONE FOR THE GUYSPshark 36�1�3-21-10��3:55�pm
Betty White IS going to host SNL :-)...Motown_Fan 12�1�3-20-10��12:14�pm
I just wasn't made for these times...splanky 39�1�3-20-10��9:26�am
RIP, Peter GravesKevin Goins - KevGo 13�1�3-19-10��10:11�pm
Check under your hotel room bedKevin Goins - KevGo 3�1�3-19-10��5:56�pm
HILARIOUS!!!Skool dem 10�1�3-18-10��12:07�pm
Rep. Patrick Kennedy Calls Media 'DespicableMotown_Fan 9�1�3-16-10��9:53�pm
Who Do You Think Will Win The NCAA Basketball TournamentKev-Lo 1�1�3-15-10��11:13�pm
The 'Public Option': Democrats' Scam Becomes More Transparent...Skool dem 1�1�3-14-10��11:22�am
Michael Jacksons Bodyguards speakSoulster 9�1�3-14-10��8:18�am
Marie Osmond's Son Leaves Disturbing NoteLaDia 5�1�3-11-10��11:38�am
Breast milk cheese on the menu in New YorkSoulster 2�1�3-10-10��3:01�pm
Prayers Needed AgainLucy 15�1�3-09-10��9:52�pm
Did I miss a mention of Gene Chenault's passing?douglasm 1�1�3-09-10��3:04�pm
Controversial Moment @ The OscarsDestruction 7�1�3-09-10��10:09�am
RICHARD FELSTEAD playlists SOLAR Richard Felstead 59�1�3-09-10��6:47�am
So will Mo'nique win the Oscar?jillfoster 23�1�3-08-10��7:31�pm
Why no Mention of Ben Roethlisberger 2nd Rape1wicked 6�1�3-07-10��9:33�pm
Olympics: USA Most Medals Ever; Canada Most Gold EverDestruction 10�1�3-05-10��9:45�pm
Jimmy Fallon doing Pants on the Ground singing like Neil Youngcatwoman55 9�1�3-05-10��5:50�pm
This is interesting.Tony Russi 5�1�3-05-10��2:11�pm
The death of the audiocassette deck.....Soulster 8�1�3-04-10��11:21�pm
Tiger Woods to make a statement this FridayRTA5225 87�1�3-04-10��9:02�am
Only 5% of Feed The World/We Are The World Aid got through!!!stephanie 3�1�3-03-10��7:15�pm
MUFC - join the MUST Camapignsnakepit 3�1�3-03-10��11:19�am
The dates of jj evans jr and thelma evans. a questionSoniT 10�1�3-02-10��9:55�pm
Hardcore Street Preacher Goes Off On Mardi Gras Folksstephanie 8�1�3-01-10��2:34�pm
Marie Osmonds son kills himselfJuicefree20 2�1�2-28-10��8:14�pm
Terrific Article about the BailoutChi Drummer 1�1�2-28-10��5:40�pm
Documentary-"The Providence Effect"catwoman55 1�1�2-28-10��4:06�pm
Chinese acrobaticsKdubya 2�1�2-28-10��1:35�pm
HAWAII TSANAMI WARNING LIVE STREAMjillfoster 3�1�2-27-10��5:13�pm
NBC Black History Food Menuladyvanaye 47�1�2-26-10��2:29�pm
Ex-officer guilty in Katrina killings caseSoulster 2�1�2-25-10��11:57�am
Happy Birthday CatChi Drummer 12�1�2-24-10��9:27�pm
Help David With His Election Campaigndouglasm 6�1�2-24-10��7:31�pm
This one is for you Juice! Palin but its good.Juicefree20 3�1�2-23-10��6:28�pm
EMF and Tom JonesGaro 6�1�2-21-10��12:04�pm
Your assistance is requested.....jillfoster 7�1�2-21-10��1:05�am
Motown founder's grandson says he was man in Romney plane confronta...jobeterob 2�1�2-20-10��7:25�pm
Former NYPD Chief gets 4 YearsJuicefree20 2�1�2-19-10��11:42�pm
Ex New York Chief gets 4 yearsallenhouse 1�1�2-18-10��4:44�pm
Susie Q writer Dale Hawkins has died at 73Kevin Goins - KevGo 6�1�2-17-10��6:31�pm
Its A Small WorldPshark 3�1�2-17-10��5:17�pm
All-Star Wkd performances Kev-Lo 5�1�2-17-10��1:28�pm
IS GREED THE PROBLEM IN THIS COUNTRY?Juicefree20 23�1�2-17-10��1:02�pm
Sarah Palin SpeechPshark 42�1�2-16-10��10:52�pm
Doug Fieger passes.....douglasm 10�1�2-16-10��5:16�pm
My Uncle passed away.Linda 20�1�2-16-10��9:04�am
Potty training videostephanie 5�1�2-15-10��5:53�pm
Just became an Uncleladyvanaye 21�1�2-15-10��11:34�am
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRESJOLIE!!!!!GEETEE5�1�2-15-10��12:34�am
This Is Global Warmingjillfoster 17�1�2-14-10��2:12�pm
This Is Total MadnessKevin Goins - KevGo 6�1�2-13-10��5:53�pm
Are You Ready 4 Some FootBallDinelle 202�1�2-13-10��4:25�am
Women's Ski Jumping not allowed at Winter OlympicsMidnite Johnny 3�1�2-12-10��11:11�pm
Can there be a Winter Olympics ...with NO SNOW???Skool dem 12�1�2-12-10��8:10�pm
Honesty Does PayKevin Goins - KevGo 7�1�2-12-10��7:55�pm
WINTER STORMLynn Bruce 64�1�2-12-10��12:55�pm
White House (PBS) Music from Civil Rights Movement "Tonight"...Kdubya 1�1�2-11-10��8:14�pm
Former President Bill Clinton Was Rush To The HospitalMs. M 4�1�2-11-10��5:27�pm
Detroit Mayor begging the court again? Detroit is HURTIN'!DThomas 1�1�2-11-10��1:56�pm
Chicago Folks - Earthquake?Ms. M 25�1�2-10-10��9:59�pm
John McCain AGAIN proves he is a snake in rats clothingRyon6 45�1�2-10-10��8:54�pm
Black History Month - Shooting the Breeze with StephanieKev-Lo 3�1�2-10-10��3:07�pm
Responsible Journalism or Censorship?Dr Groove 4�1�2-09-10��2:08�pm
JOHNNY DANKWORTH RIPGrapevine 3�1�2-08-10��8:30�am
Chi Drummer - Chk it outChi Drummer 3�1�2-07-10��2:40�pm
If You Learn It, Then You Should Have Got an A on it!Ms. M 15�1�2-07-10��2:17�pm
IAN CARMICHAEL RIPGrapevine 1�1�2-06-10��1:47�pm
What Happens to Healthcare tomorrow?marxthespot 120�1�2-06-10��7:54�am
Word Association 12SophSoul 710�1�2-05-10��10:55�pm
Haitians REFUSING food? What the...!!!!!!!Juicefree20 48�1�2-05-10��9:02�pm
Pernell Roberts - RIP...Kevin Goins - KevGo 15�1�2-04-10��9:14�pm
WARKdubya 9�1�2-04-10��2:05�pm
Wesley Snipes acquitted of federal tax fraudGEETEE7�1�2-04-10��10:36�am
Happy Birthday Destructionladyvanaye 23�1�2-04-10��10:15�am
Hey Kids,You Don't Want To Be Like Mr Bungle, Do You?Elegant Soul 3�1�2-03-10��12:32�am
Research steals cancer patients CellsSkool dem 1�1�2-02-10��6:07�pm
President's Question Time Chi Drummer 18�1�2-01-10��9:41�pm
What the HELL!!!!! Chi Drummer 18�1�1-31-10��3:14�pm
Canada Loves Barackjobeterob 15�1�1-31-10��12:02�pm
Americans Held For 'Smuggling' Haiti Kids Skool dem 1�1�1-31-10��8:27�am
Obama Drinking GameElegant Soul 10�1�1-31-10��3:31�am
New Basketball Team...WHITES ONLYSoulster 13�1�1-30-10��6:19�pm
GREAT JOB..!Juicefree20 4�1�1-30-10��8:12�am
To RalphJAI NANCE 23�1�1-30-10��12:45�am
My Cousin Featured in Black Enterprise Magazinestephanie 2�1�1-29-10��12:37�pm
The Earthquake in Haiti.stephanie 51�1�1-29-10��11:02�am
Supreme Court Allows Corporations Unlimited Funding of PoliticiansDr Groove 31�1�1-28-10��11:16�pm
Brother in the Hospital prayers needed.Soulful Chris 23�1�1-28-10��9:31�pm
Zsa Zsa Gabor for first lady of California.Tony Russi 2�1�1-28-10��1:55�pm
Thanks President Obama....Soulful Chris 1�1�1-27-10��9:56�pm
Jury Duty is for Everybody In IL, We mean EVERYBODY!Brian T. 8�1�1-27-10��2:52�am
DANG! 'Palmer Courtlandt' is dead too! RIP James Mitchell!ladyvanaye 3�1�1-26-10��8:41�pm
Craig Ferguson opening funny!Pshark 7�1�1-25-10��10:49�pm
I'm alive and well....Soulful Chris 18�1�1-25-10��5:53�pm
FIREFOX OR EXPLORERmarxthespot 8�1�1-25-10��10:52�am
Speaking of pond scumOla Mae 3�1�1-24-10��9:05�pm
The worst movie remakes of all time.moonbeam 24�1�1-24-10��2:44�pm
She Deserves To Be RememberedRobb_K 13�1�1-24-10��12:45�pm
RIP Jean SimmonsMidnite Johnny 4�1�1-24-10��11:34�am
American Idolstephanie 1�1�1-20-10��4:57�pm
Do You Remember ThisNo Place Like Motown5�1�1-20-10��7:34�am
Carlton before the Fresh Prince (funny)stephanie 1�1�1-19-10��10:04�pm
Anderson Cooper & the EarthQuakeSoulster 22�1�1-19-10��8:27�pm
Happy 81 MLK Jr.Motown_Fan 9�1�1-18-10��2:13�pm
Keisha Cole Dismisses DysfunctionMotown_Fan 4�1�1-18-10��2:07�pm
Driving in Freezing ConditionsMotown_Fan 9�1�1-17-10��11:25�am
Harry Reid Statementmarxthespot 59�1�1-17-10��11:19�am
Rush Limbaugh taken to hospital with chest painsSoulster 92�1�1-16-10��11:54�am
38 seconds of joy!Elegant Soul 2�1�1-16-10��12:23�am
Mr. SUNDAY! has died...GEETEE5�1�1-15-10��8:28�pm
Should NBA Star Gilbert Arenas Be Fined Or Ban From BasketballJuicefree20 25�1�1-15-10��4:56�pm
Eunice Johnson, widow of John H. Johnson, has passed awayKevin Goins - KevGo 3�1�1-12-10��8:40�pm
RIP, Art Clokeystephanie 2�1�1-12-10��5:57�am
RECORDING FROM THE NETmichael r. lee shue 4�1�1-11-10��5:23�pm
My role in the health care debateElegant Soul 6�1�1-11-10��2:50�pm
Michael "mandingo" Steele scares republicans!Soulster 54�1�1-10-10��1:29�pm
Jessica Rabbit Comes AliveGEETEE3�1�1-08-10��10:44�am
Please pray for Gary Colemanjonc 10�1�1-07-10��10:59�pm
Christmas terror- eyewitness accountSkool dem 1�1�1-07-10��9:17�am
Gone in 2009Ola Mae 39�1�1-05-10��11:18�pm
Whatever Happened To...Boynextdoor 4�1�1-05-10��9:12�pm
HAPPY NEW YEARBoynextdoor 31�1�1-05-10��7:20�pm
"Wait Wait Don't Tell Me!"...on NPRChi Drummer 4�1�1-05-10��1:01�am
MSNBC - "The Squeeze"catwoman55 1�1�12-30-09��8:41�pm
THE END OF A DECADEKev-Lo 2�1�12-30-09��5:29�pm
Balloon boy parents get jail time, tough probationjillfoster 10�1�12-30-09��2:22�pm
Anyone help ?DThomas 2�1�12-30-09��1:39�pm
What did you all eat/cook for Christmas dinner?Grapevine 19�1�12-30-09��10:47�am
Obama Grades Himself.Truth B. Told 93�1�12-29-09��7:17�pm
Somethin to brighten your day!jillfoster 1�1�12-29-09��1:29�am
Olbermann ripping Obama a new one on Health Care reformCharise 191�1�12-28-09��11:11�pm
JibJab 2009 in review.....Midnite Johnny 1�1�12-28-09��10:53�am
Coming to Detroit 8th January (from UK) anyone help ?Mr Les UK 1�1�12-28-09��7:35�am
The Final Procedural votejobeterob 13�1�12-28-09��2:28�am
Gene Barry/RIPmoonbeam 21�1�12-26-09��7:16�pm
Sen. Lindsey Graham...complete and utter racist?!?marxthespot 12�1�12-24-09��12:21�pm
Avatar looks like a video gameKdubya 2�1�12-23-09��8:24�pm
ANYBODY GONE GREEN YET?jillfoster 12�1�12-23-09��5:04�pm
Officials: House Democrat will switch to GOPMotown_Fan 2�1�12-23-09��4:58�pm
Report says 225,000 Haiti children work as slaves Tony Russi 3�1�12-23-09��2:40�pm
Guantanamo prison may have to stay open until 2011Tony Russi 2�1�12-23-09��2:35�pm
RIP Connie Hines (Wilbur Post wife on Mr Ed)motownking 3�1�12-23-09��1:01�pm
Anyone buried in the snowstorm?Robb_K 32�1�12-23-09��4:33�am
RIP Alaina Reed Hall simplysupreme 10�1�12-22-09��5:11�pm
The Devil is in the detailsMs. M 4�1�12-21-09��9:33�pm
RIP Alaina Reed Hall "Rose from 227"! Marv 1�1�12-21-09��6:58�pm
RIP, Brittany MurphySophSoul 17�1�12-21-09��2:17�pm
Oral Roberts has passedSoulster 16�1�12-21-09��12:51�am
Obama administration sizes up Iranfunky_fresh 2�1�12-19-09��7:02�pm
I saw Chelsea Clinton this morning...ladyvanaye 18�1�12-19-09��12:52�pm
Darktown Strutters`Motown_Fan 3�1�12-19-09��5:49�am
END OF YEAR MOTOWN 50 POLLGrapevine 2�1�12-19-09��4:36�am
YVONNE KING OF THE KING FAMILY - RIPMotown_Fan 2�1�12-19-09��4:22�am
Word Association 11SophSoul 755�1�12-18-09��1:31�pm
Actress Jennifer Jones Dies at 90.....Mark Speck 6�1�12-17-09��8:34�pm
Obama Again Reminds He's Not Black President ObamaDThomas 34�1�12-17-09��7:54�am
Loss of a incredible woman....Juicefree20 17�1�12-16-09��11:28�pm
JOBETEROBjobeterob 9�1�12-16-09��2:31�pm
Public Option RIPMidnite Johnny 12�1�12-15-09��6:10�pm
AS THE WORLD TURNS - RIPmoonbeam 11�1�12-13-09��2:54�pm
I love the UK - R-Rated144man 2�1�12-12-09��7:10�am
Just Plain Senseless......When Will We Stop ThisT.L. Harris 1�1�12-11-09��4:41�pm
Rev Manning's Last Youtube Rantsolemannking 5�1�12-10-09��9:57�am
Obama - The New War Mongering Presidentjobeterob 96�1�12-10-09��12:09�am
Afghanistan: A military perspective Ms. M 5�1�12-09-09��1:48�pm
Your Show of ShowsMoe 6�1�12-08-09��7:39�pm
Birthday WishesKdubya 18�1�12-08-09��3:08�pm
Probably the most embarrassing day ever! (so far in life)Dinelle 3�1�12-05-09��11:44�pm
Health bill survives first big test � on MedicareMs. M 7�1�12-05-09��9:17�pm
You think YOU'VE got Christmas lights?Brian T. 5�1�12-05-09��5:17�am
Just Got A Call From The NRAPshark 5�1�12-04-09��8:38�pm
Presidential Legislative Comparisons Ms. M 4�1�12-03-09��10:05�pm
Comcast to take control of NBC Universal...........Motown_Fan 5�1�12-03-09��12:49�pm
Can't find Bush in any of these reportsMs. M 7�1�12-02-09��4:49�pm
RIP, Dennis ColeJAI NANCE 5�1�12-01-09��11:23�pm
Willie DynomiteKev-Lo 6�1�12-01-09��11:45�am
Oprah Calling it QuitsKevin Goins - KevGo 42�1�11-29-09��5:33�pm
Ms. M, maybe you're right...maybe...Ms. M 14�1�11-29-09��5:08�pm
Just a Joke or two144man 137�1�11-27-09��7:15�pm
Howard Dean-"dems in deep trouble" on Health CareSoulster 20�1�11-27-09��7:05�pm
Be Thankful!Destruction 13�1�11-27-09��3:32�pm
Greetings From Seoul, South Korea!splanky 15�1�11-27-09��7:30�am
Senate Going To Pass Healthcare!! This is a huge stepSoulster 11�1�11-26-09��11:18�am
Kelly Prejean - A Total WingnutSoulster 37�1�11-26-09��11:15�am
Buster Keaton Talking!allenhouse 5�1�11-25-09��1:18�pm
Blaxtube? Do You Trust It?Ms. M 2�1�11-25-09��8:41�am
Lou Dobbs quit CNNmarxthespot 41�1�11-25-09��12:46�am
A children's TV show trivia question.....douglasm 7�1�11-24-09��3:14�pm
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This Star Wars DVD Cover Doesn't Seem Quite RightPshark 3�1�11-21-09��6:34�pm
Should The Accused Fort Hood Killer Get The Death Penalty If He's C...144man 20�1�11-20-09��7:12�pm
Bit of a Scary Interview: Obama says he might not run againMs. M 11�1�11-20-09��1:58�am
Diversity Trumps the Consitution......Soulster 12�1�11-19-09��11:12�pm
PC RELATEDMs. M 7�1�11-19-09��3:58�pm
THE EQUALIZER - ED WOODWARD - RIPRyon6 7�1�11-18-09��5:52�pm
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Aint Politics GrandMs. M 6�1�11-15-09��11:33�am
Kareem Abdul Jabbar has Leukemiasplanky 11�1�11-15-09��8:39�am
NASA finds significant water on moonjillfoster 13�1�11-14-09��1:38�pm
Movie RemakesGrapevine 1�1�11-14-09��5:39�am
Lynn Bruce - you may get your wishMs. M 9�1�11-13-09��2:08�pm
Paging Ms. M.....Ms. M 2�1�11-13-09��1:21�am
Soupy Sales - R.I.P.moonbeam 21�1�11-12-09��11:11�pm
U.S. Economy: Unemployment Rate Jumps to 26-Year High - 10.2%douglasm 18�1�11-12-09��5:53�pm
Majority of Detroit City Council Members To Carry Gunsmotownking 1�1�11-12-09��1:18�pm
Chi or Douglasm - Understanding HCRMs. M 9�1�11-12-09��12:15�pm
CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???????????DenvrMotownLvr 4�1�11-12-09��12:34�am
Justice Dept. Asked For News Site's Visitor ListsSophSoul 15�1�11-11-09��5:45�pm
Say it isn't so, Joe!Soulster 3�1�11-11-09��2:34�pm
Steve Ferguson passes.....RonnoMix 5�1�11-11-09��1:01�pm
Man, those Brazillians sure have their priorities mixed up!Soulster 1�1�11-11-09��12:44�pm
We Were WarnedMs. M 8�1�11-10-09��10:29�pm
Why Does The Media Post So Many Pictures of the Fort Hood killer?Soulster 6�1�11-10-09��7:32�pm
The Amazing Ballantine passes......Elegant Soul 6�1�11-10-09��12:27�pm
Stephanie - A New Info Source Ms. M 3�1�11-10-09��11:50�am
Health Care in the Housestephanie 14�1�11-10-09��9:53�am
Never Jump to Conclusions144man 8�1�11-09-09��8:26�am
Help End World Hunger and receive a free educationKdubya 7�1�11-09-09��12:10�am
CHILLER THEATRE CONVENTION-Halloween 2009Pshark 3�1�11-08-09��5:17�pm
Word Association 10SophSoul 830�1�11-07-09��12:12�pm
Johnny MercerGaro 2�1�11-07-09��12:27�am
Best Editing of a Rick Roll I Have ever seen on YouTubestephanie 1�1�11-06-09��10:41�pm
Massive Shooting At Fort Hood, TexasSoulster 9�1�11-06-09��6:59�pm
MANCHESTER - The Roots of Northern SoulLynn Bruce 2�1�11-06-09��8:18�am
Its Halloween So Be SafePshark 8�1�11-06-09��2:22�am
Obama, Thompson and PatersonSoulster 22�1�11-05-09��7:33�pm
A year ago today, we made historykamasu 8�1�11-05-09��11:23�am
Sweet - One Racist Turkey Resigns!marxthespot 6�1�11-05-09��11:14�am
Tracking the Prrsident's Campaign PromisesMs. M 15�1�11-05-09��3:19�am
Congratulations To The New York YankeesBrian T. 2�1�11-05-09��1:32�am
A Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame question.....Lynn Bruce 19�1�11-04-09��3:11�pm
Here's a headline for you guysSoulster 3�1�11-04-09��8:56�am
WINDOWS 7Soulster 10�1�11-04-09��12:34�am
Douglasm re-elected.....again.....Ms. M 7�1�11-03-09��9:54�pm
Chi DrummerMs. M 3�1�11-03-09��7:14�pm
Worker fired for wearing God buttonSoulster 26�1�11-03-09��5:31�pm
It must be rough to be a right winger these daysSoulster 12�1�11-03-09��5:22�pm
Thank A TEACHER!!Kdubya 8�1�11-03-09��11:18�am
Okay It's New York -vs- Philly! Who will win?Kdubya 14�1�11-03-09��7:39�am
Virginia man arrested for making Coffee naked in his own KITCHEN!Soulster 46�1�11-02-09��8:46�pm
Midnight Johnny's Remix Video VaultMidnite Johnny 24�1�11-02-09��6:48�am
VP Bidens says...Soulster 3�1�10-31-09��6:53�pm
The Fruits of Intervisonism funky_fresh 1�1�10-30-09��11:33�pm
Louisiana Judge refuses to marry interracial coupleDinelle 84�1�10-30-09��4:18�pm
Who hear is bilingual?Dinelle 42�1�10-30-09��4:13�pm
Having Trouble Deciding on a Halloween Costume?DThomas 10�1�10-30-09��2:03�pm
Summary of proposed Health Care Billstephanie 4�1�10-29-09��9:27�pm
Any Constitutional Attorneys in th House?Ms. M 1�1�10-28-09��11:49�pm
Boost Your Brain with the InternetJAI NANCE 7�1�10-28-09��10:42�pm
'Spy' arrest in U.S. adds to Israel's woes144man 17�1�10-28-09��12:45�pm
Hotelier tells Hispanic workers to change names & speak English Soulster 3�1�10-27-09��11:23�pm
What's Going On?SophSoul 3�1�10-27-09��5:32�pm
Showdown in ChicagoMs. M 10�1�10-27-09��4:09�pm
M.A.S.H.Ms. M 10�1�10-26-09��10:05�pm
Way To Go New Yorkers!!!!stephanie 2�1�10-26-09��4:53�pm
New laws needed to abolish slavery in the UK 2009!!! Grapevine 1�1�10-26-09��7:55�am
Happy Birthday MoeKdubya 15�1�10-25-09��10:07�pm
man possibly gets jail time for using the F wordSoulster 2�1�10-25-09��9:32�pm
Cheney Was"Incompetent War Fighter"Ms. M 15�1�10-25-09��3:34�pm
Is It Morning in American or has Hope Given Way to Malaise?Ms. M 2�1�10-25-09��2:13�pm
"Hope Springs Eternal"Ms. M 1�1�10-25-09��2:07�pm
HCR - Public Option explained in 70 secondsMs. M 3�1�10-25-09��2:03�pm
Wish I had written itMs. M 4�1�10-25-09��8:53�am
I Like Mike but...Lynn Bruce 10�1�10-25-09��8:40�am
Da da da dum (snap snap)1wicked 11�1�10-24-09��5:48�pm
Myth Understood - Soph SoulSophSoul 4�1�10-23-09��11:51�pm
Rapper Lil Wayne facing jail timeJuicefree20 4�1�10-23-09��1:46�pm
Sam RaimiDestruction 7�1�10-23-09��12:10�pm
Cannabis Reviewer??Destruction 11�1�10-21-09��11:03�pm
Captain Lou Albano - R.I.P.Destruction 11�1�10-21-09��10:16�pm
6 Year-Old Boy Trapped In Balloon In Colorado!SophSoul 26�1�10-21-09��5:19�pm
Miracle Baby!Pshark 3�1�10-20-09��11:32�pm
Anyone on SDF from Scotland?Destruction 16�1�10-20-09��10:30�pm
Midnight Johnny's Left Bank Remix.....stephanie 2�1�10-19-09��6:17�pm
Keeping up the heat! Sharpton threatens to sue LimbaughJuicefree20 6�1�10-19-09��12:04�am
We are #1Grapevine 7�1�10-18-09��2:38�pm
M- Note for Motown Fan :-)...Ms. M 10�1�10-18-09��5:03�am
Time to take another breakMs. M 12�1�10-18-09��5:01�am
Anybody watched the HBO Documenrtary "Outrage?"Ms. M 10�1�10-17-09��6:15�am
Group Drops Rush From Part-Ownership BidMs. M 20�1�10-16-09��10:33�pm
Congratulations to Tom Joyner - SC Pardons his unclesRyon6 1�1�10-16-09��9:12�pm
Modern FamilySoulster 6�1�10-16-09��8:46�pm
AfghanistanMs. M 28�1�10-16-09��7:53�pm
NASA BOMBS the Moon...Moonlings ATTACK EARTH!bradsupremes 23�1�10-16-09��2:30�am
A New Video Hosting Site: BlaxtubeKev-Lo 4�1�10-15-09��3:24�pm
NMYC SundayFunkyone D.J. Dollar2�1�10-15-09��12:18�pm
I read so you don't have to....Ms. M 8�1�10-14-09��10:17�pm
JAI, what do you know about this?...JAI NANCE 4�1�10-14-09��12:37�am
Heaven Help Us AllDThomas 2�1�10-13-09��6:55�pm
Ma Belle Amie (this brother is good!)stephanie 1�1�10-12-09��9:06�pm
Steve Harvey on TBNMsJoys 3�1�10-12-09��8:59�pm
Check out this song....stephanie 6�1�10-12-09��8:55�pm
Widescreen Vs Fullscreen Soulster 15�1�10-12-09��7:01�pm
This is Funny:-)...Ms. M 1�1�10-12-09��3:50�am
Why you should hate wal-MartMs. M 17�1�10-11-09��10:16�pm
What are you eating tonight?Ms. M 14�1�10-11-09��12:45�am
David Letterman: Extorted over sex with staffmarxthespot 45�1�10-09-09��8:45�pm
Remember The Time karralyn 17�1�10-09-09��8:30�pm
"Values Voters" Confab - The Right Wing Gone Wild!!!Soulster 12�1�10-09-09��6:49�pm
A Night in New York .. ( Two Actually )Kevin Goins - KevGo 10�1�10-08-09��8:29�pm
Obama's Olympic defeatjobeterob 15�1�10-07-09��7:17�pm
Maya Angelou Taken to the HospitalColtonThomas 6�1�10-05-09��2:57�am
ATL housewive's former fiance killedstephanie 2�1�10-03-09��6:56�pm
Now aint this something......Midnite Johnny 33�1�10-03-09��12:54�pm
2016 Olympicsbradsupremes 9�1�10-02-09��9:29�pm
Video Professor Infomercial Dude is a Real SCUM! Pshark 1�1�10-02-09��5:17�pm
Made in the USA?Ms. M 11�1�10-02-09��5:24�am
Conan Took A Nasty Fall On His Showjobeterob 9�1�10-01-09��5:07�pm
Detroit: Too Broke To Bury Their Deadjobeterob 1�1�10-01-09��12:36�pm
The real Lucy In The Sky dies....was Lennon's inspirationPshark 2�1�9-30-09��5:15�pm
Mackenzie Phillips reveals incestuous relationshipDThomas 27�1�9-30-09��4:41�pm
CNN catches Fox News in a big lie!Soulster 29�1�9-29-09��10:02�pm
Pastor Prays That Obama Dies & Goes To Hell! Soulster 63�1�9-29-09��9:56�pm
Word Association Part 9jobeterob 735�1�9-29-09��1:42�pm
Signs that I am aging...douglasm 39�1�9-28-09��5:25�pm
Anyone Recognise This City?Chi Drummer 3�1�9-28-09��11:25�am
Ex-Pres Jimmy Carter Calls Joe Wilson's "You Lie" to Obama Racist...Ms. M 42�1�9-25-09��6:34�am
HEY JUICE.....Juicefree20 4�1�9-24-09��5:37�pm
JUICEJuicefree20 7�1�9-24-09��5:36�pm
R.I.P. Patrick SwayzeKevin Goins - KevGo 6�1�9-24-09��2:47�pm
Art Ferrante passes.......Kevin Goins - KevGo 9�1�9-24-09��2:44�pm
Question - Do You Own a Gun or Not and Why?Dr Groove 13�1�9-22-09��8:20�am
Obama On Kanyestephanie 20�1�9-21-09��4:39�pm
Bill Clinton owns Fox News!Lucy 5�1�9-20-09��9:14�pm
Latoya Jackson co hosts the view while Elizabeth is goneMidnite Johnny 19�1�9-19-09��5:12�am
Pigs at the beachallenhouse 3�1�9-19-09��12:32�am
Mary TraversKevin Goins - KevGo 9�1�9-18-09��8:30�pm
Acorn Tapesstephanie 7�1�9-18-09��7:14�pm
Laugh In's Henry Gibson Passes144man 10�1�9-18-09��9:44�am
Calling Douglasm...douglasm 2�1�9-17-09��7:54�pm
5 Bags Of Chow For Each Michael Vick KapowRonnoMix 3�1�9-16-09��9:11�pm
Paging Midnight Johnny.....Midnite Johnny 2�1�9-16-09��8:19�pm
Right Wing "Pushback" Re: Obama's Address to School Kids 9/8/09...Soulster 51�1�9-16-09��7:31�pm
Good GodHula-Girl 4�1�9-16-09��5:59�pm
Ranger molests Yogi Bear? Pshark 4�1�9-15-09��11:28�pm
Utter Brilliance - Donald OConnor and Gene Kellydavyh 5�1�9-15-09��6:55�am
OBAMA'S HEALTH CARE SPEECHSoulster 40�1�9-15-09��3:22�am
My Top 100 MoviesMark Speck 38�1�9-13-09��1:01�pm
Stranger Slaps Cryin' Child at WalmartDThomas 13�1�9-11-09��12:26�pm
Giuliani mulls New York governor bid: reportMarv 13�1�9-10-09��6:56�pm
Article on Health InsuranceSteve K 17�1�9-10-09��2:06�pm
Don't Text and DriveDThomas 9�1�9-08-09��12:56�pm
Youtube -vs- FacebookPhil 9�1�9-07-09��2:13�pm
Happy Labor Day Weekend!MsJoys 6�1�9-06-09��5:07�pm
Sgt. Rock, Fantastic Mickey & Minniesplanky 15�1�9-06-09��8:22�am
Michael VickMidnite Johnny 108�1�9-05-09��9:20�am
The end of Reading RainbowKevin Goins - KevGo 4�1�9-04-09��8:32�pm
Sarah Palin:No, I don't want the retarded baby...Pshark 1�1�9-03-09��1:35�pm
A question for bloggers on the forum.....DThomas 2�1�9-03-09��9:32�am
Guy singing Amazing Grace at a FuneralLynn Bruce 4�1�9-02-09��11:08�am
Advertisers Ditching Glenn BeckSoulster 18�1�8-29-09��1:15�pm
First Lady Called"Ghetto Girl" Charise 13�1�8-28-09��10:32�pm
Koni' I Have Your Ticketallenhouse 1�1�8-28-09��5:50�pm
HEY LUCY!!!Lucy 5�1�8-27-09��8:33�pm
Good news for Obama Administration regarding Katrinastephanie 1�1�8-27-09��5:19�pm
Ted Kennedy Has Lost The Battlestephanie 19�1�8-27-09��4:35�pm
No Jesse Owens, no AmericaKdubya 2�1�8-27-09��6:54�am
Dominick Dunne Deadabfan 3�1�8-27-09��2:33�am
Real Housewives of Atlantatresjolie 4�1�8-26-09��3:28�pm
Best article on slavery by a non black I have seen.Dr Groove 2�1�8-25-09��10:14�pm
We (the imperical we) have a bit of a problem......douglasm 19�1�8-25-09��6:13�pm
Lethal Doses found in MJstephanie 12�1�8-25-09��4:23�pm
Asking For Prayers For My MomKev-Lo 26�1�8-25-09��4:02�pm
Would You Or Have You Atended Your High School ReunionJAI NANCE 27�1�8-21-09��11:22�pm
Representitive Barney Frankstephanie 8�1�8-21-09��4:04�pm
Word Association Part 8SophSoul 868�1�8-21-09��5:39�am
Cooley High- Actress Cynthia DavisNosey 10�1�8-20-09��8:46�am
The great Donald O ConnorMoe 3�1�8-19-09��9:46�pm
Cops In Texas Taze A 72 Year Old WomanSoulster 21�1�8-19-09��2:00�pm
Good Times Trivia Questionsimplysupreme 8�1�8-18-09��5:06�pm
Judges considering releasing OJ SimpsonMarv 17�1�8-17-09��7:50�pm
Some Catholics in Louisville forgiving of PitinoMarv 5�1�8-17-09��7:49�pm
Meeting your favorite artistsKdubya 20�1�8-17-09��2:48�pm
The Look Of Lovedouglasm 3�1�8-16-09��8:01�pm
REVEREND IKE PASSED.tresjolie 46�1�8-16-09��1:01�pm
Naomi Sims R.I.P.moonbeam 10�1�8-15-09��10:18�pm
The Waters Of March (�guas de Mar�o)Midnite Johnny 3�1�8-15-09��7:38�pm
Thoughts on WoodstockMarv 16�1�8-14-09��4:01�pm
John Hughes - R.I.P.Motown_Fan 8�1�8-10-09��10:00�pm
Oscar G. Mayer Dies At Age 95Kev-Lo 6�1�8-10-09��6:23�am
Happy Birthday President Obamaceasar 11�1�8-09-09��1:50�am
Gone...But I Shall Return!!Mark Speck 21�1�8-08-09��10:07�pm
LolcatGrapevine 1�1�8-08-09��3:56�am
Barack Obama sings Your love is lifting me higher!Nosey 2�1�8-07-09��12:42�pm
Journalist Released From N KoreaMs. M 20�1�8-06-09��7:15�pm
Abdul quits American IdolMoe 14�1�8-06-09��3:19�pm
Thoughts on the swine flu outbreakBankHouseDave 28�1�8-05-09��5:08�pm
Hottest Day Ever in Vancouverdouglasm 7�1�8-05-09��5:01�pm
Harvard Professor arrested for breaking into his own homeSoulster 260�1�8-03-09��8:17�pm
And the replacement for Guiding Light is.......douglasm 8�1�8-03-09��7:25�pm
Mega churches vs the old storefront churchSoulster 22�1�8-03-09��1:04�pm
Fox News/Glenn Beck ( White Racists) Call Obama Racist on TVSoulster 25�1�8-03-09��1:02�pm
...for cat loversBankHouseDave 7�1�8-02-09��11:09�am
American Intelligence kills bloke with beardBankHouseDave 9�1�8-01-09��6:34�pm
Last British WWI Vet DiesBankHouseDave 7�1�7-31-09��6:50�pm
Boston KKKop's Emailstephanie 18�1�7-31-09��4:26�pm
Incident At A Swim Club In The Philadelphia SuburbsMarv 22�1�7-31-09��9:50�am
Arturo Gatti - R.I.P.ceasar 9�1�7-31-09��4:47�am
Black teenage boy doused with gas and set on fireMarv 13�1�7-30-09��12:27�pm
Unique YouTube Comment on Sarah Palin's "Resignation" as Gov. of ...Kdubya 7�1�7-30-09��7:20�am
Goodbye King Willie...I hope you stay gone Kdubya 2�1�7-29-09��11:37�pm
Dr Murray gave MJ Propofol after 12m the day he diedMotown_Fan 16�1�7-29-09��6:58�pm
Gates & Crowley Are Distant RelativesMidnite Johnny 9�1�7-29-09��1:16�pm
Former champ Vernon Forrest killedMarv 12�1�7-27-09��10:31�pm
40 Years Ago Today ..we set out for The Moon!Moe 10�1�7-27-09��6:31�pm
I dont know how Im finding the strengh to do this ...stephanie 57�1�7-27-09��9:40�am
Tiny & Toya on BETallenhouse 32�1�7-26-09��12:22�pm
Pigs at the beachMarv 11�1�7-25-09��6:26�pm
New High School Final ExamJAI NANCE 8�1�7-23-09��10:49�pm
Gidget the Chihuahua passses......Elegant Soul 5�1�7-23-09��6:36�pm
A HolesKris Peterson 23�1�7-23-09��2:14�pm
Pelosi shuts down resolution for Michael Jacksonjobeterob 209�1�7-22-09��1:35�am
Walter Cronkite Has Died GEETEE8�1�7-21-09��12:52�pm
July 20, 1969.....GEETEE5�1�7-21-09��12:46�pm 1�1�7-20-09��5:23�pm
Is it Me?Kevin Goins - KevGo 27�1�7-17-09��4:50�pm
What You Talkin' 'Bout Willis? everett552 21�1�7-17-09��10:37�am
Hey New York Soulful Detroiter's Do You Remember 32 Years This Day...the classic master 6�1�7-15-09��5:26�am
The Worst Act You've Had The Displeasure To SeeGrapevine 1�1�7-14-09��7:00�pm
Interesting DVD on 911 Timelinedivalish 1�1�7-12-09��7:24�pm
Great MINDS! :-)...Ms. M 19�1�7-12-09��8:43�am
Deezer?Grapevine 1�1�7-11-09��5:42�am
Www.connectionsnyc.comladyvanaye 1�1�7-09-09��6:33�pm
Retired Oiler/Titan Steve McNair found dead kamasu 31�1�7-09-09��12:07�pm
Palin Calls It QuitsSoulster 31�1�7-08-09��1:14�pm
Boxer Alexis Arguello dead @ 57Destruction 11�1�7-07-09��10:52�am
What Do You think?kamasu 9�1�7-06-09��12:07�pm
RICHARD F Playlists STARPOINT RADIO.comRichard Felstead 327�1�7-06-09��7:27�am
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R.I.P Allen Klein (Sam Cooke,Beatles,Stones manager)Mark Speck 4�1�7-05-09��1:05�pm
Gale Storm-My Little Margie Star R.I.P.kamasu 14�1�7-04-09��8:27�pm
Just WHO(M) is Still Here From 'Old Hollywood'?kamasu 28�1�7-04-09��8:20�pm
Mollie Sugden (aka Mrs Slocombe) - RIP tallone 6�1�7-04-09��6:59�pm
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Updates on Two Northern Soul SingersMark Speck 3�1�7-01-09��9:55�pm
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Conservatives, hypocrites and.... family values????Soulster 10�1�6-30-09��3:36�pm
Billy Mays Infomercial King - Dead at 50 RIP Juicefree20 24�1�6-30-09��7:02�am
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Ed Wolfroms Motown contribution.... the direct box !!Marv 20�1�6-26-09��10:20�pm
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Actor Johnny Palermo Dies In Car Crashladyvanaye 2�1�6-25-09��12:05�pm
Comic Relief..Martin Phony Braxton,, Anita Fakerladyvanaye 2�1�6-25-09��11:29�am
TV Legend Ed McMahon DiesDinelle 4�1�6-25-09��10:32�am
Obama on youtube (cartoon)Dr Groove 3�1�6-24-09��1:46�pm
My Soulful Myspace page!ColtonThomas 11�1�6-24-09��1:41�pm
Deaf and mute Chinese dancers. Beautiful ! Pshark 2�1�6-22-09��5:45�pm
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Dr. Tiller MURDEREDSoulster 17�1�6-11-09��6:32�pm
Two U.S. Journalists Get 12 Years Term In North Koreastubass 9�1�6-11-09��1:40�pm
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Nutcases Don't Go Away...Soulster 7�1�6-08-09��9:19�am
Rick Sanchez rips Bill O'Reilly for false claimSoulster 5�1�6-07-09��7:49�pm
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RIP, Marilyn ChambersTimmy Funk 25�1�6-07-09��7:46�am
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1960s Detroit - Looks Like It Was A Lot of FunLaDia 26�1�6-01-09��5:51�am
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TPDS Finally On DVDMickey McIntosh 1�1�5-29-09��3:56�pm
Any other New Yorkers here about this?...Marv 11�1�5-29-09��3:05�pm
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R.I.P Chuck Daily (1930-2009)Destruction 6�1�5-14-09��6:13�pm
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Great Britian has BANNED hate-monger Michael Savage!Timmy Funk 17�1�5-09-09��8:24�pm
A favor asked, and a question......douglasm 1�1�5-09-09��8:08�pm
Dom DeLuise Dead at 75Marv 17�1�5-09-09��1:04�am
Would 911 Had Happened If Obama was President Thenfunky_fresh 5�1�5-09-09��12:18�am
Who Needs Teeth......$40.000 Dental ImplantsRobb_K 7�1�5-08-09��1:13�am
RepublicansSoulster 46�1�5-07-09��2:12�pm
Great American Songbook/SingersRichard Felstead 7�1�5-07-09��10:39�am
How would you Fix Our Broken Prison SystemSoulster 40�1�5-06-09��1:44�pm
Destruction, Grapevine, whoever else...Destruction 3�1�5-05-09��7:28�pm
Friend FAILS to get his wife PregnantCharise 13�1�5-05-09��1:21�am
Clement Freud RIPBankHouseDave 9�1�5-04-09��12:37�pm
Duke Ellington-110th Anniversary...splanky 5�1�5-04-09��8:33�am
My Chocolate CItyMarv 5�1�5-03-09��9:12�pm
Las Vegas Entertainer of the Year Danny Gans Has Passed stephanie 2�1�5-03-09��10:30�am
A Movie Questionjohno 2�1�5-02-09��7:52�pm
Obama relieves criminals of torture responsibility!!!jobeterob 25�1�4-30-09��6:31�pm
NAFTA FluJAI NANCE 6�1�4-30-09��10:43�am
Obama seeks to Change Crack SentencesTimmy Funk 7�1�4-30-09��6:09�am
Recession= Death Murder and MayhamJAI NANCE 5�1�4-29-09��9:01�am
Star Of Maude & Golen Girls, Bea Arthur has diedJAI NANCE 15�1�4-28-09��3:48�pm
Black Dynamite - film releasecatwoman55 1�1�4-27-09��10:24�pm
Jill Scott on the No. 1 Ladies' Detective AgencyBankHouseDave 12�1�4-25-09��4:37�pm
Miles' All Blues is 50 years old today....splanky 3�1�4-25-09��8:05�am
Jesus in a sonogram!!!JAI NANCE 2�1�4-24-09��12:12�pm
Youtuber Kills Victim & Self!Soulster 4�1�4-24-09��10:00�am
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Where were all these Deals before the Recession!!!!JAI NANCE 5�1�4-21-09��12:50�pm
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Britain's Got Talent 2009Chi Drummer 8�1�4-19-09��12:07�pm
Colonoscopy Journal.....written by Dave BarryJAI NANCE 16�1�4-18-09��10:28�am
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What's On YOUR PC?Soulster 12�1�4-14-09��5:01�pm
Happy Easter SDFjobeterob 14�1�4-12-09��7:57�pm
Today's Big DayJAI NANCE 4�1�4-11-09��12:57�pm
Another ONE!!:-):-)...Charise 17�1�4-11-09��5:04�am
Pops Winans RIPMsJoys 8�1�4-10-09��8:12�pm
NCAA Basketball TournamentMs. M 48�1�4-09-09��2:26�am
The end of an era.... Guiding Light cancelled after 72 years on the...JAI NANCE 24�1�4-08-09��11:31�am
TV shows where the star sung the theme song?stephanie 29�1�4-08-09��9:19�am
WELL IM PISSED ABOUT THIS...Mark Speck 7�1�4-07-09��8:20�pm
What Is Happening To This World??Kevin Goins - KevGo 7�1�4-07-09��3:19�pm
HELP!! A computer posting questiondouglasm 1�1�4-06-09��7:48�pm
Remembering A Fallen Hero 1-15-29 to 4-4-68Kdubya 4�1�4-05-09��3:04�pm
One Of The Few Times I Have Ever been Embarassed By My CityMark Speck 23�1�4-04-09��11:50�pm
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What do you like on your sandwich?Robb_K 79�1�4-03-09��7:50�pm
Tres, Kris P, and other fans of Reality TVkamasu 25�1�4-03-09��9:25�am
Word Association Part 5douglasm 719�1�4-01-09��5:04�pm
Techie Help Again!Mark Speck 14�1�3-30-09��8:24�pm
Bebe Winans Charged With Domestic Assaultjobeterob 22�1�3-30-09��2:06�am
Don Imus says he has cancerMark Speck 5�1�3-29-09��11:36�pm
$$$$ TOSSED OUT OF CAR DURING POLICE CHASESoulster 5�1�3-29-09��10:41�am
Don't Forget To Spring Ahead Tonightmarxthespot 17�1�3-28-09��3:53�pm
Lucy's GrandsonKevin Goins - KevGo 13�1�3-27-09��2:58�pm
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George Kell passes......Robb_K 5�1�3-25-09��11:44�pm
Do Anybody Remember This T.V. Show Theme SongMs. M 8�1�3-25-09��4:42�pm
Dummies in America?JAI NANCE 15�1�3-25-09��9:42�am
Your Thoughts On Obama's Spec. Olym. CommentDestruction 18�1�3-24-09��9:39�am
Laura Ingraham steps over the racial lineSoulster 9�1�3-24-09��9:23�am
...Octuplets by In Vitro, Dad @ age 13, etc.....Why do we "care?"...LaDia 49�1�3-22-09��5:16�am
Happy Birthday Barbie, where's Ken these days?ColtonThomas 15�1�3-20-09��4:09�pm
Hey, Ms. M....Chi Drummer 6�1�3-20-09��10:17�am
Natasha Richardson passed away at 45Moe 8�1�3-19-09��2:50�pm
Will Ferrell As Wcatwoman55 3�1�3-18-09��4:07�pm
Steve Harvey Phone PRANK CALLS!!Kev-Lo 14�1�3-18-09��11:03�am
AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MELEEPshark 1�1�3-18-09��1:54�am
Actor Ron Silver PassesKevin Goins - KevGo 9�1�3-17-09��6:56�pm
President Obama on the Tonight Show this ThursdayGEETEE2�1�3-16-09��9:22�pm
Oregon Considers Growing & Selling MarijuanaSophSoul 22�1�3-16-09��8:21�pm
Lawmakers live on food-stamp budgetMs. M 24�1�3-16-09��7:07�pm
Take a look at this!Juicefree20 5�1�3-16-09��6:18�pm
Jon Stewart interview with CNBC's Jim Cramer...Cramer CAVES!Ms. M 4�1�3-16-09��10:59�am
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Give It Your Best Shotstephanie 3�1�3-12-09��5:08�pm
The Times Are Changing ????Ms. M 1�1�3-11-09��4:51�pm
Unsold cars around the WorldRedstripe 3�1�3-11-09��2:03�pm
The End of the American EmpireJAI NANCE 17�1�3-11-09��9:29�am
DL Hughley with a guest that is "Too Human"Ms. M 7�1�3-09-09��11:29�pm
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Go Away Steel????marxthespot 16�1�3-09-09��9:54�am
You want to laugh your ASS off? Literally?Midnite Johnny 9�1�3-09-09��9:35�am
Why do Men Kill themselves and the Whole famliyMidnite Johnny 5�1�3-08-09��11:08�pm
This should bring a good night's sleep - snarkMs. M 2�1�3-08-09��10:35�pm
Octomom is Offered A Million $ To Appear In XXX FilmLaDia 3�1�3-08-09��8:11�pm
How is your weather?LaDia 1�1�3-08-09��8:08�pm
Abe Vigoda Gets Released Pshark 1�1�3-08-09��1:31�pm
Majority Rule, Minority RightsMs. M 4�1�3-08-09��12:50�am
Did You Know 3.0 - Shift HappensGEETEE7�1�3-07-09��10:43�pm
ANYONE HERE GOING TO STEVE HARY'S HOODIE AWARDS THIS SUMMER IN LAS...the classic master 1�1�3-07-09��6:06�pm
Whatever Happen To Phillip Michael ThomasKevin Goins - KevGo 49�1�3-07-09��4:37�pm
GroovyMark Speck 7�1�3-06-09��11:51�pm
Ms M, the 40h President of the United States was Black!....Ms. M 16�1�3-06-09��8:41�pm
Have you used Google Earth &Google MapSteve K 17�1�3-06-09��4:44�pm
THE MOUSE STORY WITH A MORAL (Long, but....)Redstripe 4�1�3-06-09��1:54�am
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Zombie BankRichard Felstead 2�1�3-05-09��8:02�pm
Man Lucky To Be Alivestephanie 4�1�3-05-09��12:11�pm
Mike Huckabee Show isnt to Shabby!!!!marxthespot 34�1�3-04-09��9:56�pm
Obama Overhauls Contracting ProcessMs. M 2�1�3-04-09��4:16�pm
...and you thought the economy was your only worryMs. M 3�1�3-04-09��3:49�pm
This Is The House That George BuiltRedstripe 9�1�3-04-09��12:52�pm
NY Post cartoon links Obama to dead chimp..Sharpton Decries Pshark 68�1�3-04-09��2:02�am
Governor Bobby Jindalmoonbeam 22�1�3-03-09��6:32�pm
"The Clean Up Woman"tresjolie 4�1�3-03-09��6:21�pm
Eddie Murphy To Star In Richard Pryor BiopicMoe 12�1�3-03-09��5:53�pm
The Real Slumdog MillionareNosey 5�1�3-03-09��2:41�pm
Anyone here ever read Jet ?Kdubya 26�1�3-03-09��8:42�am
4 charged in assisted suicide ring,the final exitdaddyacey 10�1�3-02-09��11:31�pm
Question for RalphRalph Terrana 17�1�3-02-09��6:23�pm
Broadcaster Paul Harvey passes onChi Drummer 8�1�3-02-09��12:45�pm
Have you had your Packzi for Fat Tuesday?Moe 18�1�3-01-09��2:00�pm
Jet Magazine- Back Issuessplanky 2�1�3-01-09��9:57�am
Tax increase, Repubs ready to fight, Obama says "SO AM I!"Ms. M 14�1�3-01-09��2:17�am
Chris Brown and Rhianna back togetherstephanie 1�1�2-28-09��4:49�pm
A couple sad little, unrelated obits.......again.......BankHouseDave 5�1�2-28-09��12:27�pm
Double Amputee gets mermaid tail Garo 5�1�2-27-09��7:22�pm
Former Chicago Bull Player Norman Van Lier R.I.P.Kdubya 10�1�2-27-09��1:37�pm
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A Octu- Mom Parody !!!!!! Hilariousabfan 1�1�2-26-09��2:56�pm
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SCHOOL -- 1958 vs. 2008 Robb_K 11�1�2-25-09��6:28�am
Whatcha think of Windows Vista ?Ms. M 39�1�2-24-09��12:48�pm
Baseball Fever? You BetchaChi Drummer 9�1�2-24-09��11:51�am
Lying to tell the truth - for deep thinkers only:-)...Chi Drummer 5�1�2-24-09��11:00�am
LLusion DAT!!!...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TRESJOLIE!!! :-):-):-)...Kdubya 46�1�2-24-09��12:44�am
Me and Bill O'Reily Agree on 1 thing Ms. M 17�1�2-23-09��9:48�pm
"South Central" series marathon on TV-One tonightcatwoman55 9�1�2-23-09��4:02�pm
Understanding the Credit Crisis - AnimationMs. M 3�1�2-23-09��3:55�pm
What is alll the Talk about a Socialist Society ?abfan 29�1�2-23-09��3:52�pm
Ralph....hey!!! Ralph Terrana 4�1�2-23-09��11:29�am
Happy Birthday CatKev-Lo 17�1�2-22-09��10:25�pm
ABFAN, THIS ONE'S FOR YOU!Timmy Funk 3�1�2-22-09��8:33�pm
Word Up AssociationGaro 2142�3�2-22-09��7:23�pm
Hostility since Obama's election, stimulus packagejillfoster 10�1�2-22-09��11:42�am
U.S. President Barack Obama's first official foreign visit is to Ca...Redstripe 1�1�2-21-09��10:22�pm
Joy Behar interviews Ann Coulter on Larry King...NO...this is not a...Midnite Johnny 1�1�2-21-09��4:40�pm
DenverMotown - I found the missing moneyMs. M 3�1�2-21-09��6:20�am
Military Questions - Need Help With AnswersMs. M 1�1�2-21-09��1:29�am
Birthday SHOUTS.....:-):-)...Mark Speck 3�1�2-19-09��8:18�pm
TV Executive Accused of Beheading Wife... WTHSoulster 8�1�2-19-09��5:38�pm
M.I.A.Nosey 12�1�2-19-09��4:05�pm
GORDON IS A MORONGrapevine 1�1�2-18-09��7:05�pm
Follow the money - M 5�1�2-18-09��10:43�am
The Great Iraq Swindle Mickey McIntosh 16�1�2-18-09��10:40�am
Republicans in Congress Still Full of Bullsh*t....Ms. M 22�1�2-17-09��11:33�pm
Banker gives employees 60 million dollars!Robb_K 3�1�2-17-09��8:24�pm
New RNC Chairman, Michael SteeleMs. M 43�1�2-17-09��7:55�pm
Will Louisian turn down money?Ms. M 1�1�2-17-09��4:54�pm
Laissez-faire...Ms. M 20�1�2-17-09��4:29�pm
A drink to rival Pepsi, Coca-Cola and 7-Up?Ed Golick 4�1�2-17-09��12:46�pm
70's TV for Grown Upsmoonbeam 2�1�2-17-09��7:41�am
The history of pop music -- in 4 chordsDThomas 5�1�2-16-09��7:53�pm
Boy becomes a dad at 13!michael r. lee shue 12�1�2-16-09��11:23�am
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Women Drivers - Ouch!Ms. M 23�1�2-15-09��12:12�am
Recovery Bill - FinalMs. M 25�1�2-14-09��10:44�pm
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