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I think this is the building that is on Linwood where Highland dead ends into it. If so, my grandfather was the chazen here in the 1930s. It was an Orthodox shul and my family continued to attend services there through 1953, when we moved from the neighborhood. Shortly afterwards, it was sold to a church. In the 1930s, it stood next to a Piggly Wiggly Supermarket and in family lore it was always referred to, highly irreverently, as the Piggly Wiggly Shul


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This is not the Shul which is referred to above on Linwood where Highland dead ends. I remember that Shul too but I forgot the name of it.

This Shul is the Bnai Jacob shul from Linwood corner Richton. You have erroneously listed this Shul as Shaarei Zion. I lived three houses away from it for over 15 years and knew it well.

I think the nik name Piggly Wiggly Shul should be removed as it is disrespectful.

This Shul exited without a rabbi for many years.

In the later years the Rabbi of the Bnai Jacob Shul from Linwood and Richton was Rabbi Yitzchok Isaac A"H (May his soul rest in peace). He was a great Torah scholar and also a shochet (a ritual slaughterer). He lived on Richton between Wildemere and Dexter. He moved along with the Shul and continued to serve as it's Rabbi when it moved to Hubbell. Rabbi Isaac and his family moved to Lesure. Rabbi Isaac remained Rabbi of the shul until the shul closed at which time he moved to New York to be near his children. He passed away about eleven years ago.

I think two of the active members responsible for building the shul on Hubbell were Mr. Sol Nussbaum A"H and Mr. Joseph Borenstein A"H.

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