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This shul happened to have been the only one in it's neighborhood. It moved to 10 mile in OP where it was demolished to make way for the freeway. A successor minyon under the leadership of Rabbi Goldman currently meets in the Jewish Community Center of OP. My grandfather Bernard Shapiro prayed here from the 1930's until it closed, when he moved to Beth Moses as the next closest shul.
- PK

My father, of blessed memory, was president of this synagogue. I had my bar mitzvah there, in 1949. Another president of the shul was Harry Horowitz, a friend of my fathers, his son, David Horowitz, is a good friend of mine, he can give you more information regarding this shul.

We had a blind cantor, conduct the entire Rosh Hashanah, and Yom Kippur services one High Holiday year. There was a United Hebrew School, two blocks away, on the corner of Parkside, and Midland, a yellow one-story building. My grandfather, Peretz Weinziger, was a Shomer Shabbas, and was a very active member of the shul. It was an orthodox congregation, with separate seating for the men and women, the women were separated from the men with a small white elevated area, on the southern side of the synagogue.

There was a recreational hall down the basement. It did not have a full time rabbi; Rabbi Leo Goldman was the last rabbi of the shul when it was on Muirland and Midland. The shul is still in existence with Rabbi Goldman in Oak Park. My parents had two sefer torahs donated to the shul. Thank you for bringing back many memories of the shul.
- Arbit

The Shaarey Shomayim located on the corner of Midland and Muirland originated in the early thirties. It was some times referred to as the Fenkell Shul. It was a modest wooden structure with the bema in the center. The balcony on one side was for the women. The social hall was in the basement. Many dinners and parties were held there.

My Aunt Lillian Goldman married Al Harrison there in 1934. The sister hood held picnics and parties at Belle Isle and Mt Clemens. My grandfather Peter [Paisha] Goldman was a founding father and shamos. He also read torah and taught bar mitzvah boys. My father Morris Sax was a founding father. Rabbi Moldofsky was the rabbi for many years. Three of his sons were killed in WW2. All of the congregates and rabbi were all from Russia.

The other early members and founding fathers were:
Henry Keyhole, and
The Levine family were prominent Detroiters
Joseph Balberor was president of SS.
Harry Horowitz,
Sam Goldman [my mothers brother]
Barnett Katz [my mothers cousin]
The Gussin family,
Weisner family,
Nayer,[mother in law of Abe Satovsky]and

Two years ago SS was on the bus tour sponsored by Adat Shalom and the
Jewish Historical society. SS is now relocated on Wyoming and 10 mile road
in Oak Park, Michigan

I have lived in the Chicago area for many years although my family is
still in the Detroit area. I do not know when SS was closed and reopened in
Oak Park.
- Doris

This was Rabbi Levine who was head of the VAAD Ha Rabonnim's Shul.
- Ruth M.

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Rabbi Leizer Levin A"H was not the Rabbi of this Shul. He was the Rabbi of Beth Tefilah Emanuel Tikvah which was also known as the Petoskey Shul. It was located on Petoskey near Boston Blvd. Rabbi Levin who was the Yosheiv Rosh (Leader) of the Vaad Ha Rabonim (the Council of Orthodox Rabbis of Detroit). The Shul later moved to the Seven Mile Road area and then to Greenfield Road South of Ten Mile road in Oak Park. Rabbi Levin's grandson, Rabbi Yisroel Menachem Levin has been the Rabbi of the Shul since Rabbi Leizer Levin's death.

The Rabbi of Shaarey Shomayim was and is as stated above Rabbi Leo Y. Goldman.

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reference your above message:
my name is weinziger Hermann (from Israel),and my father's name was weinziger jacob his fatherwas peretz (from Poland).according to your text, it seems to me that we are somehow related to Peretz Weinziger,and i would like to
get in touch with the autor of this letter.

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