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Just recently while I was riding my bike down 9 mile Rd in Oak Park. I saw the synagogue Nusach Hari. This is their second synagogue since they moved out of Detroit in 1958.

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This was my Zaide's schul which I occasionally attended. I had my "other" Bar Bitzvah there. My first was at reform Temple Israel. But, being the only grandson, I couldn't disappoint Zaide Levine, so I learned a second one. It was good for me.

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We are trying to locate information about family
member buried at Nasach Hari Cemetery, and their descendants. Israel Wade, Grave # F-077, died on 6/17/1948; Lena Wade, Grave #F-110, died on 6/2/1950. Also listed, but without dates of death, Harold Wade,assigned to F-111, and Seymour Wade, to I-002.
My name is Leon Harris, 11030 Presbyterian DR., Suite 2005, Indianapolis, IN 46236, PH:317-823-6841, ext 2005. E-mail, <>.
Thank you for any help you can provide. My mother, Celia Wade Harris, was their neice, while Lazar Wade was my grandfather.

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