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Didn't know that it wasn't called the Blaine shul, i lived on carter and Linwood, one block immediately north, and attended my earliest classes at age 8 years, of the United Hebrew School that were held in the basement "classroom" - there were about 10-15 children around my age. We attended there after public grade school for about a year, and subsequently our class group was relocated to the United Hebrew School's site at Philadelphia and Byron which was Ibelieve a two story building.

We were there for several years, and then the "school" or at least our class was relocated to a "store front location", I believe, a former tavern/bar that was remodeled by United Hebrew Schools and served that area of Detroit. It was located on the west side of Linwood, about 2-3 doors south of the intersection with Taylor. My family subsequently relocated to northwest Detroit in 1952. I then attended united Hebrew schools for the next several years in the classroom / administrative building adjoining congregation Adat Shalom, on Curtis, just west of Livernois.

The Adat Shalom synagogue was a beautiful sanctuary and contemporary building style for the time, understandably differing from the more traditional style of the shul's in the Dexter-Linwood area.
- Max R

Rabbi Stollman was Rabbi here.
- Ruth M

Blaine Shul I was bar-mitzvahed here in 1954, But I remember a long and wide series of steps leading up to the main entrance. It was an orthodox shul with 2 tiers inside, that is, a balcony above the bema that went around, as I remember, the entire shul.
- Ken

Also known as the "Blaine Shul", Mishkan Yisroel (Miskin Israel) is where I was bar mitzvahed in 1947.

The Shuls listed below, were better known by their location than their Hebrew names:

Ben Zion = Humphrey Shul
Beth Emmanuel = Taylor Shul
Miskin Israel = Blaine Shul.

The Tudor building on the Corner of Linwood and Elmhurst was the Yeshiva Hachmay Lublin. The Yeshiva Beth Yehuda was located on the corner of Dexter and Cortland.
- Harold

I had my bar-mitzvah at the Congregation Mishkan Israel in June, 1946. My family lived then at Euclid and Linwood. The congregation eventually moved to 14000 W. 9 Mile Road, Oak Park under the leadership of Rabbi Stollman. The week before I was married in 1961, my future bride and I attended an oifruf at the shul in Oak Park. I have a photo of my father standing in front of the "old" shul at Blaine and Linwood when the building was first opened as a synagogue in the early 1930s.
-- Earl Remer

Mishkan Israel merged with Nusach Ari in 1970's Became Liubavitcher Center in Oak Park on 9 Mile Road. The First Lubavitcher Presence in Michigan
-- Harvey Nussbaum

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I would appreciate information from others about this site. I do not remember it being called by these names. I have three pictures from my parent's wedding in September, 1940, showing what MAY be the interior. They seem to be consistent with some of the architecture. Two pix show a slender balcony. Since I was born in 1943, it's not my place to say whether this is the inside or not. (I would be happy to upload my pix but the button doesn't seem to work.) The marriage license was signed by "I Stollman" which is consistent with Ruth M's note, above.
Thanks everyone!!
Allan K
Napa, CA

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Cong. Mishkan Israel and The Blaine Shul are one and the same. Rabbi Isaac Stollman was the Rabbi of the shul for many years. He also later became the President of Mizrachi Hapoel Hamizrachi of America - The Religious Zionists of America.

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