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Almost all of the buildings along Michigan Avenue in that area (east of Junction Avenue) have been demolished, permitting westbound Michigan Avenue traffic to spot the old El Moshe Synagogue, which was the first building on the east side of 29th Street (at the alley that ran behind the buildings that used to be on the north side of Michigan Avenue). It is constructed of yellow-colored brick and stands out like a sore thumb, but is still in good
condition because it is being kept up by the church which now occupies the building. Before those buildings on Michigan Avenue were demolished, you could only see the synagogue by driving down 29th Street. If you would like more information about the El Moshe Synagogue, I can furnish you with some interesting stories.
- Harold

More information about the building on 29th and Michigan Avenue click HERE.
-- Mark L

-- Mark L}

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My great Grandfather Raphael Spalter was the Rabbi at El Moshe. I was just talking to my brother about going to see if we can find it. So thanks for the help> if anyone has any info on this Shul please let me know

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