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I went here from around 1937 till the early 40's and then again as a member of Boy Scout Troop 23 (Nate Trager's troop). Most of the time the kids would hang out in the basement while their parents and grand-parents would be davening upstairs. However, there were times I had to sit next to my Zaida who would always be showing me the current place we were reading in the seder (I do that with my family today!) even though I could read Hebrew since I was five.

My cousins lived on Lawrence about a block from the shul so I hung out there most of the high holidays. Fedora hats, new suits (at Rice & Ashe downtown) and other things are still in my memories of the Dexter experience. I went to MacCollough, Rosevelt and Winterhalter (yes, all three - we moved a lot during the late depression years) then Durfee and Cass Tech, and attended Hebrew School at MacCollough, Rose Tzadik Cohen (on Lawton when it was first built in 37 or 38), the UHS on Tuxedo, and then the Yeshiva on Dexter and Cortland.
- Mitch R

In early 1950s, a group of girls walked from the Sturtevant/Petosky area to B'nai Moshe for Saturday services. They had the best Kiddush afterward us girls decided since Rock & Rye pop was served!

This building was the second location for B'nai Moshe. I believe the first was at Garfield and Beaubien where the VA Hospital now stands. The congregation, which was founded by Hungarian Jews in 1911, moved to the building you have shown in 1929. I believe the school wing was added sometime later. The congregation at that time was Orthodox, so women sat in the balcony upstairs. In 1960, facing an exodus of its members to the suburbs, the congregation sold this building and moved to a new facility at 14390 Ten Mile in Oak Park. Facing yet another exodus, the congregation sold the Oak Park building in 1990 and in 1992 moved into its current building at 6800 Drake Road in West Bloomfield.

United Hebrew Schools operated the school bldg. next door and North of the synagogue. It was built in the early-50s, and later was operating as a DPS. I am not sure what the school's usage is today.

I attended Hebrew School here from 1951-54. They had an extensive after-school program Mon.-Thurs. with a fleet of buses to deliver students from public schools to Hebrew school. The buses took you home about 6 pm.

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I attended the United Hebrew School next door to the Bnai Moshe. Mr. Lockover was the school's principal. I remember studying my haftorah with Mr. Shector.

The bus picked me up every day except fri from Roosevelt elem. school on the corner of Linwood and Burlingame and delivered meto the hebrew school. This process began for me at age nine and continued until I was 13 yrs. old. Four years four days a week and summer hebrew school to get ready for my bar mitzvah.

I think the kids of today have it a lot easier. I use to love the choclate milk and the tam tam crackers they gave us. Don't forget the sour pickles you could buy for 5 cents from the market directly across the street from the UHS.

I am glad my mom made me go to hebrew school. I am glad I had a bar mitzvah. It gave me a feeling for being jewish and taught me the wonderful culture of being jewish.I look back at all this with fond and thankful memories.

Howard Golding 61 yrs. old

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Bnai Moshe was my shul also. My father came from the Garfield shul. I remember going to Central Hish for hebrew after school until the school wing was built. Then we had 4;00 and 5:30 shifts. The bus pickups began at the corner of Linwood and Elmhurst and shifted to in front of Roosevelt. The steps leading up to the shul were incredibly long then, but now they are very short.
My teachers were Mrt. Schecter, and Mr Mathis. We controlled the pre bar-mitzvah sessions On Shabbos in the Ressman Hall and had post bar-mitzvah sessions in the small chapedl behind the main sanctuary.
Wold love the hear from some of my old friends. Have already met Rabbi Joel Roth and am friends with Mark Eichner. Cal Weiss died in a few weeks ago. But if anyone reads this, please contact me.

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I went to Hebrew School at B'Nai Moshe in the mid 50s. Morris Lachover was head of school; Abraham Shechter was my teacher and maftir coach. We used the big shul to practice. I, too, remember buying pickles and 7-layer cake from the store across the street. It was walking distance to my house although we all took the bus. My heart aches for what has happened to the city.

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