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This synagogue later moved to Hubbel north of Curtis, a small but beautiful structuren, now sold. That building was the last Orthodox Synagogue in the city of Detroit.

It was in a bank on Linwood & Richton - then it became part of the B'nai Jacob on Hubbell S of 8 mile Rd in Detroit. (where a new bldg was built in the early 60's) - w/triple brick construction!!
-Ruth M.

As others have mentioned, the name "Bnai jacob" was later bestowed upon a shul in Northwest Detroit, on Hubbell (between Greenfield & Schaeffer) just a few houses south of 8 Mile. It was the last Orthodox synagogue in Detroit and the northern-most shul in the city. I don't know if that newer shul was truly a successor to this one, or if it was just a financial arrangement so that the names of deceased member would conintue to be memorialized by another congregation.

When it was sold in the mid 70's, the proceeds were donated to a Kollel in Oak Park, MI, whose official name is still Cong. Bnai Jacob.
-- Marc

I had my bar mitzvah at Bnai Jacob because I got thrown out of the regular united Hebrew school. My mother got a tutor to come to the house and Bnai Jacob was his synagogue. So I the nice reformed kid bar mitzvahed in this orthodox synagogue. But it was great and I'll remember it for the rest of my life.
-- Randy Milberg Cinti Ohio

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Before the building on Hubbell, services were held in the basement of our home. The congregation was formed because a number of us would walk to the 7 Mile and Shaeffer area and one individual had a heart attack while walking. Services for holidays were also held in rented quarters on Eight Mile Road before the building on Hubbell.

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This is not the Bnai Jacob shul from Linwood and Richton. The Bnai Jacobb shul from Linwood and Richton you erroneously have listed as Shaarei Zion. I lived three houses away from it for over 15 years and knew it well.

In the later years the Rabbi of the Bnai Jacob Shul from Linwood and Richton was Rabbi Yitzchok Isaac A"H (May his soul rest in peace). He was a great Torah scholar and also a shochet (a ritual slaughterer). He lived on Richton between Wildemere and Dexter. He moved along with the Shul and continued to serve as it's Rabbi when it moved to Hubbell. Rabbi Isaac and his family moved to Lesure. Rabbi Isaac remained Rabbi of the shul until the shul closed at which time he moved to New York to be near his children. He passed away about eleven years ago.

I think two of the members responsible for building the shul on Hubbell was Mr. Sol Nussbaum A"H and Mr. Joseph Borenstein.

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