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My grandparents were founding members of this Synagogue. This congregation moved to the Curtis-Wyoming area and my brother had his Bar Mitzva there. It then moved to 10mi. & Greenfield where it merged and is called B'nai Israel Beth Yehudah. My Uncle was the president of the synagogue for more than 40 years.
I went to a day school there took both english and hebreww classes

I remember taking my lunch and getting chocolate milk at lunch and for snacks. I remmember taking a dsr bus from 14th and davison the davison bus to dexter then taking the dexter bus to y b y. It those days we were safe to travel.. I was plagued by severe migrane headaches and had to return to longfellow elementary in the 5th grade was it tough to be a religious jew at longfellow. The years that i went to y b y was 1944, 1945, 1946 2-4th and part of the 5th grade , due to my migraine headaches, it was recommended that i just go to longfellow and get a private tutor to train me for my bar mitzvah, my bar mitzvah was at a school which was a store front on linwood about 3 blocks south of the avalon theatre. My bar mitzvah teacher used to come to my house 3 time a week for a half hour for 5.00 a week, and i missed plenty classes as i was a paper boy for the detroit times

I moved to santa barbara and pickford in 1950 after my bar mitzvah, i remember having the first outside catered bar mitvah at a kosher caterer on dexter where they had weddings, i had no friends at my bar mitzvah, only relatives and friends of my parents.

There we joined adas shalom and i remember rabbi seigel, and remember that
i used to volenteer as a usher from 15 years old to 19 years old when i left detroit to attend chiropractic college in davenport iowa and that is my detroit religous experience.
Dr. Bernard

"My parents were married in this synagogue in 1937. My mother thinks the name of the congregation was Temple Beth Yehuda. She is not sure, so she is looking for a copy of the wedding invitation to check on the name. She says it was an orthodox congregation, that also contained a Mikvah (ritual bath)." Later he adds, "I just received a phone call from my mother saying she had found her wedding invitation which states the name of the synagogue as Congregation Beth Yehuda, Pingree at Woodrow Wilson."
- Sheldon

This was the site of Beth Yehuda from 1932 - 1944.
- Ruthe

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My Grandparents, Jacob & Channa Levin were founding members of this Shul. They came to Detroit from Poland.
My parents were married in this Shul in 1939. My mother used the Mikva, located in the basement of the Shul.
My cousins and I attended services here regularly. We had great fun especially on Simcha Torah when we were given a flag, an apple, a candle(inserted into the apple) and then the candle was lit.
After the Shul moved to Wyoming my brother and several of my cousins had their Bar Mitzvahs there.
Next, the Shul moved to 10Mi.&Greenfield. My Uncle, Meyer Levin was the president of the Shul for more than 40 years.
My sons, Harold & Michael Nodler both had their Bar Mitzvahs in this Shul.
My Family built a lifetime of memories in this Shul beginning on Pingree and going all the way to 10 Mi. & Greenfield

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