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Another synagogue which is not on your list is the congregation Beth Tikvah. It was commonly referred to as the "Petoskey shul". It was located on Petoskey between west Chicago and Boston. Rabbi Lazar Levine was the shul's spiritual leader. He later went on to become the head of the Vaad Varabonim (Council of
Orthodox Rabbis). The Petoskey shul is today a black church. I drove past it a couple of years ago.
-- Sidney Kogan

Thanks Sidney, as you can see it is now added to the site.
-- Lowell

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I lived up the street from this synagogue on Sturtevant Ave. My friends and I would horse around on their playground, and usually get thrown out by the Sexton.

I would be curious if you have come across the Petosky Street Schul. It was located on Petosky Street near Chicago Blvd. I celebrated my Bar Mitzvah there. It was a small Orthodox congregation and my paternal grandfather was the Sexton for many years. It was housed in a small building that had balconies for the women to sit separately. The interior of the building had a beautifully painted and Decorated ceiling. A very pretty little place.

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