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I believe my Great, Great Grandfather either founded Beth Moses, or was its president. His name was Hyman Lerner, and he died in 1928.

Do you have any information on Hyman Lerner?
-- Stephen Black

I had a large, fun, Sweet 16 dance party there. My husband and I were married there. Rabbi Schnipper, a young New York Rabbi, became our newest modern Rabbi for this more religious, conservative synagogue. He is now retired from Beth Abraham Hillel Moses on Maple in West Bloomfield. My grandfather, Ben Feldman (from Russia), was one of the original founders of the Beth Moses on 7 mile and Evergreen. My mother, Rose J. Silver (may she rest in peace) worked on the board and the cemetery association at both synagogues, along with her brother, Dr. Raymond Feldman.The newer synagogue on Maple was where my 2 daughters had their Bat Mitzvah with Rabbi Schnipper. He also spoke at my mother's funeral service.
-- Karen & Sy Cherny

I had a bar mitzvah at Beth Moses in the late '60's. It was a conservative congregation, lead by a Rabbi Schnipper at that time. My understanding is that it later merged with Beth Abraham in the suburbs. So I think the congregation basically disappeared into what is now Beth Abraham Hillel and Moses (Sounds like a law firm, huh?) or Beth AHM. Anyways, that's what I've been told.
-- Steve Merritt

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This shul was know as the Romanian Shul. Like many other shuls it was created by a lansmanshaf (which mean a group of people who came from a common city or country in Europe or Asia). The original site was on 12th street. The rabbi at Linwood and Oakman Ct. was Rabbi Gershon Frankel. It was at this location in the 50's. At that time it was orthodox. I had my bar mitzvah there in 1958. .

In the late 50's or early 60's it moved to 7 mile and Evergreen where Rabbi Scnipper became the rabbi. Later it merged with Beth Abraham Hillel and moved to West Bloomfield.


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When I was6-8 years old, we lived on Tuxedo and 12th Streets and my father George Silverman was a big worker at Beth Moses. We would walk to shul on the Jewish holidays. My dad would drive at the beginning of the holiday and leave his car and at the end of the holiday we could drive home.

In 1951 I was married at the Beth Moses on Linwood and Oakman which I didn't want but my dad said he has to have my wedding in that shul because of his work he did there. My mother called the florist and when I walked out of the KITCHEN into the sanctuary, I couldn't beleive how beautiful the shul looked. I am glad I was able to please my dad!
Maida Silverman Zuckerman

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As a young child we attended Beth Moses on Owen Street or sometimes referred to as a continuation of Clairmount st. I loved running up and down the steep steps in front.What fun! Men and women sat separately.
My father was president on Owen St. and also when they moved to Linwood near Oakman Blvd.
Maida, I remember your father George Silverman and your Mom. When I go to the Beth Moses cemetery to visit my family Yuster, I will always stop at the Silverman site.

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Posted on Wednesday, July 23, 2008 - 10:18 pm

my brother and I attended Beth Moses in the late 60s early 70s (i was bar mitzvah'd there in 1973)
I remember Rabbi Schnipper; he must be in his 70s now.

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I will be 60 in November 2009. Rabbi A. Irving Schnipper, who some of you have mentioned, is rabbi emeritus of Cong. Beth Ahm, successor to Cong. Beth Moses and two other Conservstive congregations that merged. Rabbi Schnipper was chosen for one of Eight Over 80 awards from Jewish Home & Aging Services. He is alive and doing well in West Bloomfield.

I went to Sunday School at the Beth Moses branch of United Hebrew Schools on W. Seven Mile and Chapel streets. My Sunday school teacher, Mr. Allan (Geli) Gelfond, who later was my colleague at the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit. The first time I worked for JFMD, we were on Madison downtown, next to the Detroit Athletic Club, and the name was still Jewish Welfare Federation of Metropolitan Detroit. (The Madison building is now home to the Barden Companies and visible when seated for a Detroit Tigers game in Comerica Park!) My Hebrew teacher was Mr. Menashe, who had an accent. He was disappointed that my friend Joan Penner and I were not sufficiently studious in his class. I regret that now!

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