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My father spoke of the Taylor Shul often, telling me that he had taken me to High Holiday services in this building when I was just a toddler. He also described how his mother--my grandmother--would "open it up and close it down" on those days, meaning that she attended services from beginning to end--even on the all-day Yom Kippur service. His father--my grandfather--arrived later and left earlier, I'm told.
This synagogue later merged with another and has been known as Beth Tefilo Emmanuel Tikvah. It moved from Taylor to a storefront on the west side of Wyoming on the corner of Thatcher, just north of Mumford High School, and moved once again to its present hom on the west side of Greenfield between 9 and 10 Mile. For many years Rabbi Leizer Levin, of blessed memory, officiated and I remember hearing his sermons in Yiddish.
- Morrison Z

I am quite certain that this shul was not named "Beth Emmanuel". My grandfather was one of its founding members, but I can't remember the name. I do recall that Chazen Boyarsky was the Cantor in the 30's.I do agree that the shul was known as the Taylor St. Shul.
- Aaron-Florida

If this was known as the Taylor Shul, my Husband and I were married there in l949. I believe the Rabbi was Vogellanter. There are other names as witnesses on our Kutubah if you would wish. Search-ingly yours,
- Nancy

This synagogue was better known as the Taylor Street Shul. It was an Orthodox congregation and served many families who lived in the neighborhood.
- Ruthe

How long ago was this synagogue converted into a church? I ask this because the funeral of Paul Williams of The Temptations was at the Tried Stone Baptist Church in August 1973.
-- AP

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I am told that my Great Grandfather was the Rabbi here at the Taylor Street Shul. His name was Joseph Eisenman. Can anyone confirm this?


Rob Schwartzberg

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It's true. I'm married to a cousin of yours, another descendant of Rabbi Eisenman. If you see this, contact me at

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I have very fond memories of the Taylor Shul. My Bar Mitzvah was held there on September 7, 1946. Rabbi Max Volglanter and Cantor Shulsinger were my teachers. It was an orthodox congregation with the women sitting in the balcony and the men on the main floor. The Hebrew school was in the basement and I attended classe there.

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The name of the Rabbi was Rabbi Max J. Wohlgelernter. He also served as Executive Director of Yeshivath Beth Yehudah for many years until he and his family moved to Israel.

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