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The Shamas of the shul in the late 40's - early 50's was a gentleman by the
name of Mr. Landgarten who lived on Highland - about 2500. He was the finest of
people, inviting my brother and me into his Succah and spending time with us.
I'll never forget his many kindnesses.
- Joel S.
Thanks for this great website. The Beth Abraham congregation originally met in my great-great-grandfather Mendel Kessler's house on Winder Street in the early 1890s. I can locate the address for you, but I'm quite sure the building was destroyed.
- Bruce F

I beleive this was the last Orthodox venue of the the 'galitzianer shul'.
- PK

I have a written history of Beth Abraham prepared for the 100th anniversary celebration. As part of the yearlong events in 1992, a tour of the synagogues of Beth Abraham was taken including a walk through of the Linwood Shul and also the building on Seven Mile and Greenlawn.

While at the Linwood shul, the Beth Abraham visitors participated, with their hosts, in a service. The church gave the synagogue a gift of three stained glass stars of David that had been removed during a recent remodeling of the church. We were then guest of the church to a fully kosher reception afterward. The stars were taken back to the Maple Road synagogue and a few months later a visit by hundreds of members of the St Andrews AME to unveil the newly installed "antique" stars of David. I have photos and a video of the events.
- Risha

I attended church (Sunday school) there in the late 60's.... I was about 7 or so and the neighborhood was very nice then...nice enough for me and my brother to walk there by ourselves... I was Mary in the Christmas pageant...
- SJ

I believe this was the last Orthodox venue of the 'galitzianer shul'.
- PK

I never attended this "shul," but was married in the sanctuary that replaced it at Seven Mile Rd. and Roselawn (across Roselawn from U of D High). The congregation now resides on Maple in West Bloomfield.
- Alan

Beth Abraham moved from Linwood to W. Seven Mile and Roselawn near U of D High School in the mid-50s. At this time, the Jewish community was moving rapidly to the Livernois, Wyoming, Curtis Rd., Seven Mile area. The Dexter-Davison Market moved to Curtis-Wyoming, retaining its name.

I attended AZA meetings at the new Beth Abraham, in 1957-59. AZA was the boy's youth group of B'Nai Brith. It was part of BBYO, a youth group for Jewish kids. At the time, Mumford High School was heavily Jewish.
- Arnie

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Posted on Saturday, February 04, 2006 - 11:28 pm

I remember going to this shul in the ealy 50's. We lived down the street on Fullerton. I remember going their for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. I sta in the balcony with my parents and grandparents.
I had my bar mitzvah reception at the one on seven mile and Rosewood in 1963.

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Posted on Sunday, October 01, 2006 - 5:57 pm

My grandfather was one of the early members of Beth Abraham Synagogue on Linwood. (He may even have been one of the founders.) My brothers had their bar mitzvahs there. I left Detroit almost 50 years ago and cannot believe that there is only one synagogue left. It seems like there used to be a different synagogue every 6 blocks.

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Posted on Tuesday, April 22, 2008 - 2:53 pm

As the Linwood area was changing and the Jewish community was moving Northwest The Young Israel, whoose building was on Dexter and Fullerton, bought this shul as a last ditch effort to try and hold down the neighborhood. Unfortunately it didn't work and the neighborhood was abandoned with its' shules.

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Posted on Thursday, February 11, 2010 - 7:15 pm

Our family went there; in fact we lived a door away on Linwood above the sweater shop.

Synagogue had a Sunday school, Chanukah carnivals, etc. In addition to main sanctuary there was a smaller one in the basement. Women sat in balcony in main sanctuary. Isidore Halpern was rabbi. I believe this synagogue is now part of Beth Ahm (Abraham, Hillel, Moses). After services the sidewalk outside was full of people.

South on Linwood, next door was Mrs. Cooper's grocery store where most goods were on shelves behind the counter, where they would figure the bill with a pencil and paper bag and produce would be weighed on an analog scale.

Then came my parents' store, Loma Knit Works. They made school and varsity sweaters and in 1958 relocated to Wyoming Ave. near Mumford H.S.

Next door was Hammerstein Drug Store, now Linwood Liquor Store. They had a soda fountain and they would sell you individual flash bulbs for your camera if you wanted, rather than the whole pack. Hammerstein later moved to 9 Mile rd. near Coolidge in Oak Park.

Going north there was George's Market and a bakery. Then there was on the corner Benj. Rich real estate whose tag line was Get Rich With Benj. Rich.

Kids doing shopping errands would leave their bikes out in front - unlocked. If bikes didn't have bells, bikers would should out "Peep Peep" to warn you. Mothers doing shopping would often leave their baby buggies out front while they were inside shopping.

McCulloch was the elementary school and many kids would walk home and watch Soupy Sales while having lunch.

It was a different world, a different time.

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