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This shul was obviously a former Stoliner Shul established by and comprised of Stoliner chassidim who came to Detroit in the early 1900s and others in the area who chose to daven there. Bais Ahraon V'Israel is the name of Stoliner shules, named after two of the Stoliner Rebbes. You have a picture of the Stoliner Shul at 2567 Elmhurst and Linwood which you refer to as Aaron Israel. I grew up in that shul as a child. I still remember every nook and crany of the building. My parents and grandparents used to speak about the former Stoliner shules in the older neighborhoods that had preceeded the Elmhurst shul.

You have done a marvelous job of helping us reminisce the old Jewish shules and educating those of us who are too young to remember the earlier ones. Thank you so much it's a beautiful trip down memory lane.

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