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Hello, This shul was called The Tyler Shul by all the people who went there. My grandfather was a member and was at one time a trustee there. In fact I had my Bar Mitzvah at this shul in 1941. His name was David Gold. We all lived on Tyler and I went to McCullogh School. I lived at 2666 Tyler and my grandfather lived two doors down from us. This was almost like a shetl . Aunts and Uncles all lived on Tyler or close by. Hammerstein Drugs used to be on the corner of Tyler and Linwood.and some of us used to work there after school. The Avalon theatre was on the corner of Linwood and Davison and that was the place to go on Saturday.

This was the synagogue my family attended when I was a child. I spent many holidays inside (for a while) then outside playing on the steps and talking with my friends. Seeing this picture brought back many memories. I lived just a few blocks away on Tyler, across the street from the elementary school.
- RK

It was called Adas Yeshurun

Hello. My name is Joe Gross. I had my Bar Mitzvah at the Tyler Shul on December 4, 1943. In the 1930s and 1940s, the rabbi at the Tyler Shul was Mendel Zager, a good friend of my grandfather, Isidor Saperston. I went to McCullough, Durfee and Central and I lived on Clements between Lawton and Wildemere.

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My father, Larry Stevens, celebrated his Bar Mitzvah here in approximately 1942. He, too, went to McCullough, Durfee and Central, graduating in 1948 (he thinks). His family lived on Tyler and then Buena Vista. He remembers the shul as a "crowded little white house" where he was once "whacked" for being a bit too enthusiastic in his attempt to kiss the Torah as it passed by his seat! (As an aside, thanks for this wonderful site; without it, I probably never would have asked my dad about his childhood synagogue.)

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I found this site by accident tonight. I looked for the Tyler Shul and what a surprise to see my grandfather's name in the first memory. I, like Ed, am the granddaughter of David and Rose Gold. They were very active in the Tyle Shul. I always remember my grandmother saying that Grandpa was a first trustee of the shul. My brother, Arthur, had his bar mitzvah at the Tyler Shul in 1955. I remember throwing the candy at him and then going downstairs to eat cholent. What wonderful memories.

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I'm wondering if this is the shul my father's family attended. He once told me that the name of the shul was B'nai Tyler (He couldn't remember the actual name --- this is what he called it). The family name is Wolock (others in the family spell it Wolok). My father also went to McCullough, Durfee, and Central. I would appreciate it if anyone could remember whether Wolocks went here.

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