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Levi Stubbs Funeral - A PictorialJuicefree20 150�4�6-10-09��1:57�am
Levi Stubbs.Hula-Girl 213�7�10-28-08��8:51�pm
Ron Murphy RIPsevenstarleo 65�2�11-27-08��6:31�pm
Motown MemorialMarv 151�1�8-18-09��11:39�am
DID MOTOWN SABATOGE DAVID RUFFIN'S CAREER?glencro 223�1�6-13-09��7:31�pm
Detroit/Michigan Gospelcarl_p 133�1�2-16-07��12:22�pm
Introduce Yourself (Please).dave thorley 206�2�2-02-10��2:21�am
Detroit '60s Label Experts Needed-Pioneer Records(Detroit Label?)...jcgreen 39�1�6-19-07��6:01�pm
Vandellas Annette and Rozalind. A Tribute.tsaneladi 292�3�12-12-07��9:50�am
The volumesRobb_K 48�1�12-06-05��9:31�pm
A Thousand Words!!TAMLA617 111�2�1-27-09��2:35�pm
Did Ed Wingate release these records?DJ HWY 7 76�1�12-07-09��11:05�pm
Walter JacksonKevin Goins - KevGo 44�1�3-17-06��2:23�am
Choker CampbellLarsC 36�1�3-14-10��9:30�am
Stepp records Detroit circa 1960Grapevine 55�1�12-14-05��9:33�am
Geraldine Hunt on KatronRobb_K 39�1�12-14-05��10:14�pm
ARTIST'S WITH GREAT STAGE ROUTINES DURING THE 1960'stonyjoe 92�1�1-22-08��5:10�pm
Emanuel Lasky~medusa~ 47�1�4-07-06��6:37�am
EJ & THE ECHOESBOSS 23�1�1-16-06��10:13�am
Johnnie Mae Matthews and Timmy Shaw George McGregor 56�1�3-26-07��2:10�pm
DETROIT LABELS - GOSPEL 45sKeith Rylatt 108�1�3-09-06��1:37�pm
Let's hear it for ... (Girls, Guys, Them)marv 474�6�1-10-06��8:26�pm
ARETHA................abfan 25�1�1-26-06��3:30�am
How were Motown's studio sessions arranged?tonyjoe 146�2�1-23-08��10:24�pm
Early Gordy Pre-Motown records and Non-Motown recordsCool Ju 81�1�6-08-05��9:27�pm
JIMMY SCOTT' S DOCUMENTRY NOW ON DVDSoul Sister 97�1�3-10-06��6:37�pm
Tribute to Fortune RecordsS.R. 36�1�3-11-05��12:48�pm
JULY PHOTOS IN THE WORLD OF S.S. & JIMMY SCOTTSoul Sister 92�1�3-10-06��6:35�pm
Marvelettes Pictorial For Katherine ShaffnerCoCo 180�1�1-14-06��2:19�pm
United Sound System Studio Erik T20�1�5-25-04��5:51�am
Photos Of PIR From The Collation Of Weldon A. Mc Dougal IIIMoe 172�3�6-16-05��8:19�pm
Photos from the Collection Weldon A. Mc Dougal IIImarv 268�7�7-18-05��8:34�pm
Rare Chicago Soul ActsRobb_K 351�1�7-14-05��4:29�am
The Importance of Instrumental Rock in Detroit SuzyQ 92�1�3-02-07��5:54�am
The best girl groups of all timeupbeatrecords 152�1�5-09-08��11:41�am
When Did Background Singers Get Shoved So Far In The Back?Rodmann 175�1�3-28-05��6:45�am
Where are they.........mel185�2�7-02-05��8:46�pm
Which Gospel Songs/Groups Fire You Up?SisDetroit 92�1�8-22-05��8:35�pm
Wonder B - 'The Wonder-photo Man' - 2Wonder B 245�2�7-09-04��9:54�am
Darrell Banks Memorial at Gravesite today 7/17/2004~medusa~ 165�7�7-09-05��10:29�pm
PHOTOS BY DVDMIKEKris Peterson 143�1�2-17-07��2:30�pm
More chicago soul.......mel87�1�6-01-05��8:27�pm
Gospel (The Women of, The Men of)SisDetroit 121�3�8-22-05��8:37�pm
Farewell To Rosa Parksbaiao 287�2�11-08-05��9:41�pm
Sound of PhiladelphiaSoulaholic 265�5�10-15-05��9:54�am
Wilson PickettLC 129�3�1-25-06��7:55�pm
THE SUPERLATIVES.unific29 30�1�1-10-06��10:16�pm
Donovan Building [Motown HQ Building]Al Placido 110�3�6-25-06��6:41�pm
The Soulettes......Graham Finch 27�1�1-11-06��2:13�am
Louis currySounds 21�1�4-11-06��12:26�pm
The Big Mack LabelRobb_K 38�1�1-26-06��9:13�pm
Stephanye Records/ New York/Los Angeles Jobette informationRalph Terrana 242�1�1-29-07��9:07�pm
Detroit Doo-WopRalph Terrana 205�1�1-30-07��9:14�am
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