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RAPHAEL SAADIQ "INSTAND VINTAGE"...Man, did I sleep on this one...BigSexee 3�1�6-21-10��6:33�pm
"Ebony Eyes" by Rick James and Smokey RobinsonDeWalt 9�1�6-21-10��5:13�am
Top Of the PopsAlanH 10�1�6-21-10��4:01�am
Any Brenda and The Tabulations fans out there?ColtonThomas 41�1�6-21-10��12:04�am
Happy Birthday to Lionel Richie!Elegant Soul 4�1�6-20-10��4:52�pm
Another nice 45 up for grabsRobb_K 4�1�6-20-10��2:53�pm
RODGERS & EDWARDS BIGGEST 1980 RELEASES: DIANA & LOVE SOMEBODY TOD...Timmy Funk 16�1�6-20-10��11:51�am
George Clinton gets a new look...JTF1972 37�1�6-20-10��11:18�am
Dramatics in Cult Film tonite on TCMKdubya 18�1�6-20-10��8:07�am
The Chanels on MAGGraham Finch 17�1�6-20-10��2:39�am
Funk Brothersmotown_andy 6�1�6-20-10��12:44�am
Sean Levert's Widow Wins Record LawsuitRTA5225 3�1�6-20-10��12:19�am
Guided photo tour on this sitePshark 6�1�6-19-10��5:41�pm
Do you guys like Jerry Butler's Music? Glenn S 75�2�6-19-10��4:37�pm
Clarence CarterMarv 5�1�6-19-10��11:12�am
Dionne warwick & isaac hayes sing deja vu togetherthe classic master 17�1�6-19-10��5:04�am
Dionne warwick's don't make me over video clip 1967Voosh 10�1�6-18-10��10:35�pm
Michael Jackson's Brother Randy HospitalizedTOPDIVA 16�1�6-18-10��8:32�pm
Visit Michael Jacksons Gravesite (and Turner's Too!)TOPDIVA 21�1�6-18-10��7:42�pm
Bob Reno - From Artie Waynes Blogstephanie 1�1�6-18-10��4:57�pm
Aretha Franklin Wows ApolloMarv 5�1�6-18-10��3:59�pm
Happy Birthday Joe Pep HarrisPshark 6�1�6-18-10��3:26�pm
Dynamics - QuestionRobb_K 5�1�6-18-10��2:33�pm
Joe Jackson blames Katharine for MJ's death.Marv 43�1�6-18-10��2:27�pm
These concert tickets sell fasttsull 5�1�6-18-10��12:13�pm
Big Props To GeeTeeGEETEE8�1�6-18-10��11:55�am
Aretha and Michael Jackson Honored at the Apollo!TOPDIVA 6�1�6-18-10��10:37�am
Luther .Patti Labelle Gladys Knight ( Full Version) TributeThedream 2�1�6-18-10��10:05�am
Barry White + Brownstone = One Great Mix!!Thedream 4�1�6-18-10��9:55�am
Hey....Orlons fansBoynextdoor 1�1�6-17-10��10:12�pm
Dusty in Deutschland DVDjillfoster 4�1�6-17-10��6:32�pm
Thank You!Voosh 6�1�6-17-10��5:39�pm
Want Ads ~ (Short Single Version vs. Long Album Version)Soulster 11�1�6-17-10��5:15�pm
Day Tripper: A One Day Guide to Detroit's Musical Legacytsull 2�1�6-17-10��12:24�pm
PLAYERS ASSOCIATIONJuicefree20 6�1�6-17-10��9:57�am
SWAMP DOGGmichael r. lee shue 3�1�6-17-10��7:41�am
Teddy p. my latest, my greatest inspiration live video clip 1982Marv 6�1�6-17-10��2:15�am
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mike ( TheChancellor Of Soul) BooneChancellor of Soul 14�1�6-16-10��11:44�pm
Happy Birthday to Lamont Dozier!Mark Speck 5�1�6-16-10��8:46�pm
Smokey Robinson Live Performance!tallone 6�1�6-16-10��2:08�pm
Who Is The Singer Or Group On This Songmr_june 5�1�6-16-10��8:58�am
"Nightflight" Tue Jun 15,9P-12M ET:The ORLONS Revisited!!SophSoul 38�1�6-15-10��11:59�pm
Happy Birthday:Junior Walker -born Autry DeWalt Mixon, Jr., June 14...Midnite Johnny 7�1�6-15-10��10:06�pm
Larry Graham On Letterman Tomorrow NightMark Speck 4�1�6-15-10��9:50�pm
Dwindling shelf life of 21st century divasfunkcity 9�1�6-15-10��9:45�pm
Marvin gaye hits medley 1969 video clipstephanie 4�1�6-15-10��9:45�pm
Frenchie Davis: Soul meets rockMarv 4�1�6-15-10��9:40�pm
R&B Showcase radio show Tonight Mon 9-Mid Guest Bobby Elitsull 3�1�6-15-10��12:30�pm
Cleggy Weekender: Spencer & Percy WigginsJSmith 10�1�6-15-10��6:20�am
Motown Engineer Jane Clark's husband killed by hit and run driverMaria 4�1�6-14-10��10:03�pm
Upcoming NY Showmichael r. lee shue 4�1�6-14-10��9:47�pm
Whatever Happen To The Other Members Of The ClassicIVGaro 6�1�6-14-10��7:47�pm
ANITA BAKER HITS BAD NOTE DURING ANTHEMPhillysdad 18�1�6-14-10��6:09�pm
Ali Woodson - Right up there with David and Denniskamasu 5�1�6-14-10��1:54�pm
Album Sales Slip To All Time Lowtsull 62�2�6-14-10��1:50�pm
Happy Birthday Tom Jones - 70TOPDIVA 20�1�6-14-10��12:25�pm
Motown Legends Pay Tribute to Michael Jackson!TOPDIVA 7�1�6-14-10��12:18�pm
Big Record Saledaddyacey 10�1�6-14-10��4:21�am
Stevie Wonder, Jay Z, others shine at Bonaroojonc 2�1�6-13-10��9:58�pm
Ollie Woodson FansTOPDIVA 6�1�6-13-10��9:53�pm
27th Annual Chicago Blues FestGEETEE3�1�6-13-10��8:31�pm
The Hymes Sisters Walking Around the Towncarl_p 12�1�6-13-10��3:47�pm
Temptations ali woodson passed away todayTOPDIVA 171�5�6-13-10��3:31�pm
Frank LynchMark Speck 1�1�6-13-10��2:05�pm
Whatever happen to the fine young cannibals?splanky 23�1�6-13-10��1:59�pm
Seu Jorge GEETEE14�1�6-12-10��11:36�pm
The Famous Flamesladyvanaye 9�1�6-12-10��9:46�am
CHRISPIAN ST. PETERS - RIPMike Sku 9�1�6-12-10��9:26�am
Motown Rules as Friars Toast Smokey RobinsonMarv 17�1�6-12-10��9:17�am
JAMES BROWN BOOK: THE HARDEST WORKING MANMark Speck 2�1�6-12-10��2:02�am
RIP - Anita Humes of Anita Humes and the Essex (1961)Mark Speck 13�1�6-12-10��1:56�am
Michael Jackson anniversary cruise....BigSexee 1�1�6-11-10��10:21�pm
The PoppiesKevin Goins - KevGo 2�1�6-11-10��6:22�pm
Peter Rivera Interview with TRONRalph Terrana 2�1�6-11-10��2:44�pm
Dionne Warwick EP Cover mrlonleyheart 1�1�6-11-10��11:33�am
Essential three. 0sReese 2�1�6-11-10��9:49�am
Denise LaSalle tracks (3 down and 8 to go!)kamasu 4�1�6-11-10��9:01�am
Chubby & the Turnpikes (Tavares)kamasu 41�1�6-11-10��8:37�am
Reo label (Canada)JSmith 3�1�6-11-10��2:36�am
Susan Boyle to sing for Popejobeterob 8�1�6-11-10��1:00�am
REA HARRISDegreeOfLove 1�1�6-10-10��6:30�pm
Label Scan and Info Needed On A Chi-Lites Recordchess1458 1�1�6-10-10��4:57�pm
Happy birthday to Levi Stubbsstephanie 8�1�6-10-10��2:00�pm
Another Who Sang This Song Questionmr_june 8�1�6-10-10��1:34�pm
Tobi Lark cancels: Spencer & Percy Wiggins relace her.Heikki 6�1�6-10-10��1:29�pm
CNN: Whitney Houston Booed in EnglandM.O.M PHILLY MUSIC 0130�4�6-10-10��12:32�pm
Whatever happened to David Peaston?Nosey 12�1�6-10-10��11:15�am
Michael's kids at Diana Ross concert.jobeterob 3�1�6-10-10��11:12�am
Greg Perry Vs. Gregg PerryJSmith 10�1�6-10-10��10:03�am
New Dee Dee Sharp CD--2 discskamasu 7�1�6-10-10��9:44�am
Tell me about the group, The Newcomersmichael r. lee shue 8�1�6-10-10��7:48�am
When Youtube Goes Terribly Wrong!!solemannking 9�1�6-10-10��12:49�am
Happy Birthday to Mr. Excitement, Jackie WilsonMark Speck 10�1�6-09-10��11:10�pm
Linda Grinerhitsville_chalky 8�1�6-09-10��7:42�pm
Why Wont He Release Some of those VIDEO CLIPS?!Kevin Goins - KevGo 22�1�6-09-10��6:48�pm
ECTASY, PASSION & PAINKevin Goins - KevGo 12�1�6-09-10��6:42�pm
LABELLE'S "PRESSURE COOKIN" AVAILABLE 5/18/10stephanie 16�1�6-09-10��4:14�pm
It would have been his 76th Birthday today....ladyvanaye 2�1�6-09-10��3:12�pm
Linda Clifford - Runaway love Live - 2007Randy Russi 19�1�6-09-10��9:35�am
The Miracles...I'll Try Something Newtallone 21�1�6-09-10��1:33�am
MY FIRST DIANA ROSS CONCERTtsull 14�1�6-08-10��9:26�pm
Whitney Houston in Milan! TOPDIVA 8�1�6-08-10��8:45�pm
RIP - MARVIN ISLEY!!!!!TOPDIVA 30�1�6-08-10��8:09�pm
Pete Rivera Radio InterviewMarv 2�1�6-08-10��6:27�pm
Gay PoppersJohn Lester 3�1�6-08-10��3:48�pm
Bonnie Pointer Going On Celeb Rehab Show?Marv 32�1�6-08-10��2:23�pm
The good and bad of Soulfuldetroit acting like the obituary pageMarv 89�2�6-08-10��11:18�am
Criminal records?jobeterob 15�1�6-08-10��10:45�am
Mary J. Blige As Nina SimoneTOPDIVA 17�1�6-08-10��7:59�am
19 years ago today, David Ruffin passed awayTOPDIVA 2�1�6-08-10��7:34�am
Happy Birthday to PRINCE ROGERS NELSONthe classic master 6�1�6-08-10��3:07�am
FREE 22-song mix of soul heartbreakers courtesy of Soul Deep SundayDestruction 7�1�6-07-10��11:37�pm
AfricapellaDestruction 7�1�6-07-10��11:25�pm
Sharon Redd Interview From 1971John Lester 4�1�6-07-10��10:34�pm
Al Green's classic album "Call Me"Mark Speck 2�1�6-07-10��9:45�pm
The Magnificent MenKevin Goins - KevGo 14�1�6-07-10��4:37�pm
Erykah Badu with N.E.R.D. & Janelle Monae @ the Chicago Theatercatwoman55 10�1�6-07-10��4:08�pm
Ron Murphy related cdFRANCIS T 37�1�6-07-10��12:21�pm
Whatever became of early posters?edafan 55�1�6-07-10��8:22�am
Does Anyone Know W.H.T. Terri Robinson & Tabitha Brace JSmith 6�1�6-07-10��6:17�am
Carol Williams - First Lady of Salsoulstephanie 1�1�6-06-10��11:15�pm
Bettye LaVette NewsMark Speck 15�1�6-06-10��10:26�pm
Kids and their Musical HeritageDestruction 5�1�6-06-10��6:17�pm
First 45Destruction 59�1�6-06-10��5:48�pm
Another reason not to like 'Best of' liststhe classic master 2�1�6-06-10��5:00�pm
Happy Birthday Timmy Funkthe classic master 23�1�6-06-10��4:44�pm
Kings Go Forth youtube cliptsull 1�1�6-06-10��4:03�pm
Can people play like this anymore?Destruction 15�1�6-06-10��3:46�pm
KENNY LYNCHFrankM 29�1�6-06-10��3:39�pm
Q and A with Dennis CoffeyRalph Terrana 3�1�6-06-10��2:32�pm
Nevermind the Bullocks, April is gladly...tsull 11�1�6-06-10��2:31�pm
Does Sweet Soul get any Classier ??JSmith 1�1�6-06-10��1:29�pm
BETTYE LAVETTE ON SHINDIG - 1965JSmith 6�1�6-06-10��1:08�pm
Barbara BrownDestruction 8�1�6-06-10��12:42�pm
Original Album Series Box CD setsTimmy Funk 11�1�6-06-10��9:15�am
Suriname SoulJSmith 3�1�6-06-10��8:01�am
Vintage Vinyl and 180-Gram VinylGannon 7�1�6-06-10��5:00�am
Let's Start The Dance! - The Scene!!!Marv 1�1�6-06-10��12:55�am
Michael Jackson's boyfriend comes forwardJuicefree20 17�1�6-05-10��8:58�pm
Whitney Wastes Sly Stone!Juicefree20 18�1�6-05-10��8:10�pm
JEANNIE REYNOLDSLaBrenda 7�1�6-05-10��5:55�pm
UNSUNG - Barkays Tonight at 9:00pmDestruction 18�1�6-05-10��2:14�pm
Whatever Happen To The Dynamicsjway 4�1�6-05-10��2:08�pm
Dionne WarwickElegant Soul 11�1�6-05-10��2:04�pm
Detroit and Memphis rule...Destruction 4�1�6-05-10��1:45�pm
Songs you like but against your personal beliefs Destruction 45�1�6-05-10��1:41�pm
Legendary Coach Wooden Reportedly Near Deathjonc 17�1�6-05-10��12:54�pm
Jackson Children Could be Billionaires: Joe & Siblings get nothingTOPDIVA 3�1�6-05-10��9:15�am
Who Did It BetterColtonThomas 13�1�6-05-10��4:05�am
My audio interview with former Detroit recording artist Jock MitchellJSmith 6�1�6-04-10��4:49�pm
Rue McClanahan of the Golden Girls Passes AwayElegant Soul 6�1�6-04-10��12:34�pm
Jessie James -- Changinstevep 2�1�6-04-10��12:01�pm
Prestatyn Soul Weekender web site (UK)JSmith 3�1�6-04-10��11:23�am
Happy Birthday Curtis Lee MayfieldKev-Lo 4�1�6-04-10��10:49�am
ALL THINGS SOUL TRAINPshark 125�4�6-03-10��11:08�pm
Go Go Legend Little Benny passed awayWonder B 7�1�6-03-10��8:27�pm
Rolling Stone Top 500 songsjobeterob 12�1�6-03-10��7:36�pm
GREATEST FEMALE VOCALISTS-SDF STYLEboolaboola 21�1�6-03-10��7:15�pm
Does anyone remember Jock Mitchell's Rose Room nightclub?SpinningSoul 3�1�6-03-10��5:06�pm
What were/are your thoughts about this performance!loveblind 8�1�6-03-10��4:20�pm
Happy birthday to Curtis Mayfield!GEETEE3�1�6-03-10��2:14�pm
FATBACK BAND still givin up the Funk! Funkyone D.J. Dollar2�1�6-03-10��12:33�pm
Dennis Hopper died. TD 24�1�6-02-10��10:26�pm
GREATEST MALE VOCALISTS-SDF STYLEboolaboola 26�1�6-02-10��9:46�pm
C.C.M. Johnny Bristol releasesP.J. 1�1�6-02-10��3:56�pm
Rolling Stone Top 500 songsRobb_K 4�1�6-02-10��3:21�pm
Top Female Music Artists of All Time.....Notjobeterob 29�1�6-02-10��2:33�pm
The Ones - "You Haven't Seen My Love" - scan of 45 label?carl_p 3�1�6-02-10��9:45�am
Weldon, Question About "This Can't Be True"Nosey 6�1�6-02-10��8:10�am
ROY Cmichael r. lee shue 1�1�6-02-10��7:50�am
Maggie's Got, Maggie's Got, Maggie's GOT SOOOOUL!copley 2�1�6-01-10��8:45�pm
Jackson5 will release a live cd at the forum 6/2/70GEETEE3�1�6-01-10��6:45�pm
TEMPTATIONS TREAT HER LIKE A LADY - 1984RTA5225 9�1�6-01-10��2:16�pm
Cleo Laine144man 4�1�6-01-10��1:59�pm
Please Keep Al, Reggie, Billy & Stu In Your PrayersNYSister 5�1�6-01-10��11:58�am
Gary Coleman R.I.P.waldo 40�1�6-01-10��10:09�am
Very Rare Dramatics Performance!Kdubya 19�1�6-01-10��6:12�am
One For RobbJSmith 5�1�6-01-10��5:25�am
Ali Ollie Woodson Radio Tribute Tonight (Monday) 9PMJuicefree20 2�1�5-31-10��9:34�pm
ALAN McCARTHERmichael r. lee shue 6�1�5-31-10��9:01�pm
Rare Footage? 60's 70's musicKev-Lo 3�1�5-31-10��8:39�pm
Al GreenMr Soul 14�1�5-31-10��6:22�pm
A waffle with Joe Messina...Ralph Terrana 3�1�5-31-10��2:32�pm
Message for Ms. M!Stranger56 1�1�5-30-10��9:12�pm
June, 1968 Time Mag article on Soul MusicSpinningSoul 1�1�5-30-10��2:41�pm
Virtual or Real Music & Books ???EverythingsAlright 5�1�5-30-10��3:57�am
Why are new releases delayed so much?dave thorley 19�1�5-30-10��2:50�am
Any chance a new guy can get a little help?SpinningSoul 21�1�5-29-10��5:34�pm
Who else thinks American Idol is a big, fat bust this year?BigSexee 142�4�5-28-10��11:42�pm
Patrice "Choc'let" Banks live interview tonite!Marv 2�1�5-28-10��10:18�pm
Crystal's Full Of 'Jive', Lee Goes To The 'Dogs' : )...Juicefree20 1�1�5-28-10��10:01�pm
Funk University...what a great idea.douglasm 4�1�5-28-10��9:54�pm
Sam & the Iridescents (Capitol)Robb_K 2�1�5-28-10��8:18�pm
Happy Birthday to Gladys Knight!Marv 7�1�5-28-10��6:51�pm
Gary Coleman in Critical Conditionpopcorn 11�1�5-28-10��6:45�pm
Dee Dee Sharp photos at PBS SpecialRandy Russi 16�1�5-28-10��2:37�pm
A Song For Patti By LalahMarv 8�1�5-28-10��2:30�pm
DD Sharp photos...Randy Russi 1�1�5-28-10��11:41�am
What format is best for new release ??dave thorley 2�1�5-28-10��10:10�am
Dimitri from Paris - Philly Sound Interviewsdave thorley 3�1�5-28-10��9:55�am
Friends Of DistinctionCharlie Murphy 17�1�5-28-10��4:56�am
Happy Birthday Miles Davis and Pam Grierdaddyacey 11�1�5-28-10��1:59�am
Mothership Missing ?Pshark 6�1�5-27-10��10:14�pm
Detroit legends play free NYC show July 31JSmith 10�1�5-27-10��10:03�pm
The Isley's version of Twist & Shout is 48 years old todayKevin Goins - KevGo 12�1�5-27-10��2:29�pm
Madonna vs Lady Gagaglencro 34�1�5-27-10��8:47�am
JOHN GARY WILLIAMSNosey 8�1�5-27-10��8:29�am
Al Wilson Vs. Al WilsonMark Speck 6�1�5-27-10��12:14�am
Hammered, Keyed, and Hanging on a String (tonight @ 11)Ralph Terrana 4�1�5-26-10��8:51�pm
Who sang this song?#1whitneyfan 13�1�5-26-10��6:47�pm
Happy Birthday Ron IsleyMarv 18�1�5-26-10��6:21�pm
O'Jays Walter Williams Discusses Living With MSMarv 8�1�5-26-10��4:52�pm
Moderator Help Needed144man 7�1�5-26-10��9:35�am
Leading Lady Cho'let of Graham Central Station has a new Book featseven 15�1�5-26-10��8:45�am
Happy 61st Birthday to Clarence Burke Jr.JAI NANCE 6�1�5-26-10��8:10�am
Mega Rare By Area Soul 45 , once in a lifetime recordraresoul85 5�1�5-26-10��8:03�am
Solomon Burke & Willie MitchellJust Soul 8�1�5-26-10��7:49�am
New Rock & Roll Line-up for PBS Specialtom_moulton 20�1�5-26-10��2:07�am
Reminder:Bettye LaVette on Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight 5/24GEETEE5�1�5-25-10��10:52�pm
Who Dat with LJBJSmith 5�1�5-25-10��9:21�pm
The Fifth Dimension Phillysdad 14�1�5-25-10��8:57�pm
Radio-interview with Vernon Sawyer of BLUE MAGICmichael r. lee shue 2�1�5-25-10��8:27�pm
Richard and the Young LionsMickey McIntosh 5�1�5-25-10��6:49�pm
JESSE JAMES VS JESSE JAMESmichael r. lee shue 3�1�5-25-10��7:52�am
Thee Nite Dreamers Vs. The Night DreamersJSmith 1�1�5-25-10��5:05�am
Who Were Some Of Your inspirational and influentual Historical Iconsoli67 5�1�5-25-10��2:55�am
Jesse Jackson's PUSH EXPO EventsPshark 10�1�5-25-10��12:29�am
Bettye Lavette only $8.99 on AmazonKevin Kiley 2�1�5-24-10��10:45�pm
PRE-FRIENDS OF DISTINCTION ON SHINDIGDavie Gordon 7�1�5-24-10��8:13�pm
The Wrecking Crew film/documentaryEverythingsAlright 3�1�5-24-10��7:08�pm
HAPPY 66TH BIRTHDAY PATTI LABELLE!!!!!!SpinningSoul 9�1�5-24-10��7:00�pm
Fats GainesJSmith 1�1�5-24-10��3:53�pm
Olides Concert in the Washington DC areaNoah 7�1�5-24-10��12:49�pm
Etta JamesMotown_Fan 1�1�5-24-10��12:40�pm
Haight-Ashbury 1966: The Summer Of LoveMotown_Fan 5�1�5-24-10��12:24�pm
'I Wanna Ta-Ta You Baby'...JGW styleJSmith 4�1�5-24-10��11:24�am
Who did it better?copley 13�1�5-23-10��5:36�pm
Jones Girls tracksJSmith 1�1�5-23-10��12:58�pm
Brick appreciation threadladyvanaye 17�1�5-23-10��12:54�pm
JACKSON 5 & CAROL BURNETTKevin Goins - KevGo 2�1�5-23-10��12:04�pm
Eli Paperboy Reed -- Ol Skool Soulmike dutkewych 6�1�5-23-10��11:31�am
5 cd Chaka set,can anyone recomend tracks?Steve 49�1�5-23-10��2:44�am
The Five Stairstepstallone 21�1�5-23-10��1:16�am
Bettye LaVette on NPR: Interview & live "unplugged" videoKevin Kiley 1�1�5-22-10��6:30�pm
"JOYOUS FLAME" Googie And Tom Coppola 1wicked 7�1�5-22-10��11:05�am
Looking for pics of Mitch Ryder & Wheels 66' to their demiseechoesfromthepast 12�1�5-22-10��6:04�am
I NEED YOUR HELP GANG!!BigSexee 16�1�5-21-10��10:27�pm
James Brown Don't Take No MessBigSexee 8�1�5-21-10��10:25�pm
UNITED SOUND STUDIOS - DETROITMarv 22�1�5-21-10��9:08�pm
Bret Michaels Back in the Hospitaldouglasm 7�1�5-21-10��7:56�pm
And why would this be going for this price???Marv 18�1�5-21-10��6:45�pm
What old songs can you listen to over and over the classic master 77�2�5-21-10��6:33�pm
Off to the hospital.......againallenhouse 27�1�5-21-10��4:19�pm
Bettye LaVette Podcast on David Nathan's websiteKevin Kiley 1�1�5-21-10��2:26�pm
SWEET INSPIRATIONS "HOT BUTTERFLY"Boynextdoor 8�1�5-21-10��1:56�pm
Which Sound Did You Love To Most, Motown, Stax, Philly InternationalDTURNER@GRUDETROIT.U34�1�5-20-10��9:37�pm
Worst costumes in the history of soul musicGEETEE28�1�5-20-10��4:23�pm
The madlads don't have to shop around video acapella 1975kamasu 6�1�5-20-10��10:23�am
JAY JOHNSONGEETEE6�1�5-20-10��10:03�am
MIKI HOWARD New Photos and New Interview!glencro 14�1�5-20-10��9:54�am
Happy Birthday James BrownHula-Girl 7�1�5-20-10��9:01�am
Lena Horne Tribute this Friday on TCMPshark 1�1�5-19-10��10:33�pm
GM Recording Studio (East Detroit)Motown_Fan 7�1�5-19-10��3:22�pm
SHIRLEY WAHLSmichael r. lee shue 3�1�5-19-10��7:05�am
Hank Jones RIPsplanky 4�1�5-19-10��4:41�am
Bill Withers filmMarv 26�1�5-18-10��7:31�pm
Exile on Main Street Re-releasedjobeterob 1�1�5-18-10��11:55�am
TWO TONS OF FUN VS. THE WEATHER GIRLSMotown_Fan 18�1�5-18-10��11:08�am
PAT & ANDREKevin Goins - KevGo 8�1�5-17-10��9:40�pm
LWJ's son is a chip off the old block!ColtonThomas 5�1�5-17-10��9:36�pm
Ronnie James Dio-R.I.P.Kevin Goins - KevGo 4�1�5-17-10��9:30�pm
Bob Giraldidvus7 1�1�5-17-10��5:19�pm
DetroitYes! PicnicMarv 25�1�5-17-10��3:27�pm
DIANA ROSS's TRIBUTE TO MICHAEL JACKSON.Ola Mae 5�1�5-17-10��1:06�pm
Little David Bush (early David Ruffin record)Robb_K 48�1�5-16-10��11:08�pm
The FascinationsKev-Lo 34�1�5-16-10��6:05�pm
Meeting with The ManhattansKevin Kiley 16�1�5-16-10��12:43�pm
Laughing recordsKevin Kiley 35�1�5-16-10��1:03�am
Prayers NeededLucy 37�1�5-15-10��1:27�pm
The Chi-Lites 50th Year......................Thedream 12�1�5-15-10��9:47�am
Ron Banks QuestionGEETEE6�1�5-14-10��4:14�pm
Happy Birthday Stevland Hardaway JudkinsTimmy Funk 7�1�5-14-10��1:53�pm
May day babiesKev-Lo 7�1�5-14-10��8:05�am
Incognito Live In London: The 30th Anniversary Concertsplanky 5�1�5-14-10��5:06�am
NIGHTSmichael r. lee shue 5�1�5-13-10��9:19�pm
SOUL CHILDRENsolar_clive 8�1�5-13-10��7:26�am
DYNAMIC SOUL MACHINEmichael r. lee shue 6�1�5-13-10��12:09�am
Lil' Wayne is in Big Trouble!Marv 1�1�5-12-10��8:54�pm
Bunny Sigler,..Philadelphia BurningWeldon A. Mc Dougal 8�1�5-12-10��8:02�pm
Gatorade Evolution SongKdubya 10�1�5-12-10��10:54�am
Was Lionel Richie Better With The Commodores Or SoloTimmy Funk 73�2�5-12-10��2:45�am
Song Number 20..."Forgiven"Ralph Terrana 9�1�5-11-10��11:28�pm
Test Your Funk KnowledgeChi Drummer 6�1�5-11-10��8:38�pm
Land of 1,000 DancesMarv 30�1�5-11-10��5:24�pm
George Roundtree Question!!Juicefree20 7�1�5-11-10��4:46�pm
Upcoming detroit visithitsville_chalky 15�1�5-11-10��3:09�pm
Motown Legends Gospel Choir kamasu 4�1�5-11-10��10:46�am
Rare Velvelettes Footage from 1966 - Cal, Sandy & AnnetteJohn Lester 33�1�5-10-10��7:28�pm
Who still loves there soul r n b on vinyl?Sotosound 33�1�5-10-10��4:29�pm
Bobbettes 2009!!! Mr LeeGlenn S 17�1�5-10-10��2:40�pm
The Ochio Players on WestboundJSmith 1�1�5-10-10��12:55�pm
Dead Wax on VinylWonder B 3�1�5-10-10��11:10�am
Theresa Lindsay I'LL BET YOUAdrian 7�1�5-10-10��9:27�am
Soulful Detroit's Greatest HitsRobb_K 11�1�5-10-10��3:40�am
Answer to what every happen too the Dynamics?jway 8�1�5-09-10��11:10�pm
The honey and the bees we got to stay together live video 1970Elegant Soul 10�1�5-09-10��10:42�pm
Clear Channel Patentpopcorn 1�1�5-09-10��7:42�pm
2 90's super groups pay tribute to the 60's super groupsthe classic master 3�1�5-09-10��4:28�pm
"THIS CAN'T BE TRUE" IN STEREOKevin Goins - KevGo 24�1�5-09-10��4:12�pm
So I Can Love YouKevin Goins - KevGo 4�1�5-09-10��12:44�pm
Looking For An Mp3 If Anyone Can HelpRobb_K 3�1�5-09-10��12:28�pm
Live Four Tops -- "Ain't No Woman (Like the one I've got)"...ColtonThomas 5�1�5-08-10��8:46�pm
Metro Detroit Record Show - May 16recordguy 2�1�5-08-10��12:59�pm
Happy Birthday JT...Marv 7�1�5-08-10��9:41�am
Rare Mary Wells & Smokey Robinson Footagesoulwally 2�1�5-08-10��8:46�am
Marvin gaye's by the time i get to phoenix video clip1069splanky 21�1�5-08-10��7:56�am
Clarence Burke's return to the stageDJ Funk-O-Nots 24�1�5-08-10��3:36�am
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY To The SD Mothers And All Of The Mothers Out ThereMarv 7�1�5-07-10��9:11�pm
Mega rare Female vocal Soul recordraresoul85 3�1�5-07-10��3:19�pm
60, The best kept secretMr Soul 26�1�5-07-10��2:55�pm
New album from Hearts of Stone memberNoah 1�1�5-07-10��10:12�am
Only 4 Motown Artists Made Money?jobeterob 13�1�5-07-10��1:59�am
Mike Valvanos' ContoursRobb_K 2�1�5-06-10��11:16�pm
Temptations Live Album!EverythingsAlright 7�1�5-06-10��5:57�pm
Damita jo and brook bentonhonest man 6�1�5-06-10��4:35�pm
Patti Austin/Tuck & Patti ConcertMarc taylor 8�1�5-06-10��4:15�pm
New Temptations CDKdubya 11�1�5-06-10��11:45�am
Ten local authors signing at the Book-A-Thon this SaturdayJohnnieSueBridges 3�1�5-06-10��11:16�am
For Shirelles fansRandy Russi 28�1�5-06-10��8:49�am
Millie small's my boy lollipop video clip 1964Kevin Goins - KevGo 6�1�5-05-10��10:31�pm
Betty Everett - "Innocent Bystanders"arjayvee 4�1�5-05-10��10:47�am
Marlon Wayans is set to play Richard Pryor - WOW !!!ladyvanaye 7�1�5-05-10��10:32�am
Happy Birthday Tyrone Davis...splanky 5�1�5-05-10��4:56�am
President Obama to visit Velvelettes hometown in Kalamazoo#1whitneyfan 3�1�5-04-10��6:48�pm
Original Impressions Arthur and Richard Brooks with Dozie MelvinMarv 15�1�5-04-10��6:27�pm
Chiffons (Shindig) Nobody Knows whats Going On In My Mind!Tony Russi 14�1�5-04-10��4:17�pm
Can you guess who this is?Randy Russi 2�1�5-04-10��2:43�pm
Talented group: "Kings Go Forth"tom_moulton 3�1�5-04-10��1:49�pm
Rose Royce on Unsung TV1- Tonight at 9:00pmWonder B 25�1�5-03-10��8:57�pm
Reparata and the Delrons Footage!Robbert 8�1�5-03-10��8:43�pm
Eclipse Master Class With Eddie KramerGEETEE5�1�5-03-10��7:57�pm
"Luther" albums ever to be released on cd?caliluv 10�1�5-03-10��3:20�pm
For those in LA Patti Labelle and Ashford and Simpson are half price.jonc 1�1�5-03-10��1:04�pm
Hal Jackson's 1949 WLIB Radio ThemeChancellor of Soul 13�1�5-02-10��1:52�pm
Stuck In The Middle (of Florida)JSmith 11�1�5-02-10��12:57�pm
R.I..P. TO GURU OF GANG STARRMarv 22�1�5-01-10��8:07�pm
The differences between the two Johnnie/Johnny Taylorstom_moulton 4�1�5-01-10��4:27�pm
House Of The FoxBlastofunk 1�1�5-01-10��4:06�pm
Classic Master - 'ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY'the classic master 21�1�5-01-10��1:49�pm
FOREVER- MAJOR LANCEKevin Goins - KevGo 2�1�5-01-10��11:20�am
Happy Birthday Sir DukeGEETEE4�1�4-30-10��3:00�pm
Smokin'Jester 23�1�4-30-10��12:22�am
The (Young) Rascals Reunite for Charity BenefitRTA5225 10�1�4-29-10��11:33�pm
Frigid Pink's "House of the Rising Sun" recorded at Ralph's Tera S...Mickey McIntosh 8�1�4-29-10��6:25�pm
Katherine Jackson Boots Some GrandchildrenNosey 22�1�4-29-10��9:14�am
Where's Susan?John Lester 19�1�4-29-10��3:41�am
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