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What do you guys think of Noel Gourdinmichael r. lee shue 4�1�1-06-09��6:54�pm
Ikettes questionmel23�1�1-06-09��5:22�pm
A sound collage from the New York Timessplanky 2�1�1-06-09��3:52�pm
New Years eve show at the Motor City CasinoMalcolm T 1�1�1-06-09��3:45�pm
Fun Tempts videoKdubya 7�1�1-06-09��3:42�pm
The Stooges guitarist Ron Asheton found dead at 60popcorn 1�1�1-06-09��3:29�pm
What Would You Like To See Come BackKdubya 22�1�1-06-09��2:41�pm
Eddie RobinsonJSmith 16�1�1-06-09��1:48�pm
The Brooklyn All-StarsJSmith 2�1�1-06-09��10:25�am
What's Lulu up to?Destruction 11�1�1-06-09��9:16�am
Speaking of James Brown & Aretha Franklin (Duet)abfan 1�1�1-06-09��8:43�am
Does anyone have any connects with studios in englanddeborah lynn drapkin4�1�1-06-09��8:29�am
Patti AustinNo Place Like Motown1�1�1-06-09��7:54�am
HAPPY 2009 TO ALLdeborah lynn drapkin8�1�1-05-09��8:43�pm
Why weren't these Tempts hits?Soulful Detriot 28�1�1-05-09��6:53�pm
What do they have in common?Motown_Fan 6�1�1-05-09��5:05�pm
THE DAUGHTERS OF SISTER SLEDGEcbsong 5�1�1-05-09��5:04�pm
UK Vinyl Sales Still RisingThe Valley 10�1�1-05-09��4:47�pm
Gm recordsFRANCIS T 20�1�1-05-09��3:29�pm
Tony Drake on reggae chartsKevin Goins - KevGo 7�1�1-05-09��2:59�pm
The Lord Has Blessed Me With Another One TodayDetroitDar 44�1�1-05-09��1:18�pm
Great book on BaldryJSmith 14�1�1-05-09��10:24�am
Dennis Coffey/KevGo...question for yadennis_coffey 11�1�1-05-09��10:04�am
Soul SatnavKeith Rylatt 1�1�1-05-09��9:46�am
Gut Wrenching Soulcopley 42�1�1-05-09��9:44�am
BETTYE LAVETTE/KENNEDY CENTER HONORS TUESDAY, 12/30 9PM EST ON CBSjillfoster 32�1�1-05-09��2:43�am
Johnny MathisJohn Lester 8�1�1-05-09��1:06�am
Johnny and the Hurricanes - Toledo Article with Dave Yorko!mhc 5�1�1-04-09��11:33�pm
Berlin gala premiere kicks off global Motown 50 celebrationsSkool dem 27�1�1-04-09��10:45�pm
'1001 songs you must hear before you die'...Twirl Records 18�1�1-04-09��8:15�pm
American Arts LabelTwirl Records 20�1�1-04-09��8:07�pm
James Brown-Beat The DevilWonder B 4�1�1-04-09��7:08�pm
Ms MMs. M 2�1�1-04-09��7:06�pm
Sunday interviewMs. M 46�1�1-04-09��7:04�pm
Worst Professional GuitaristPshark 21�1�1-04-09��6:44�pm
Stop making me laugh ..Fav SDF Comedian'sabfan 1�1�1-04-09��5:45�pm
The Number One Songs of 2008splanky 12�1�1-04-09��5:16�pm
Ralph - ImportantRalph Terrana 2�1�1-04-09��2:54�pm
Chaka Khan FUNKED up my Fav Song......(Not good)Timmy Funk 12�1�1-04-09��8:48�am
Bernie Hamilton R.I.P.mike s 6�1�1-04-09��6:24�am
:-):-):-):-):-) END OF YEAR POLL RESULTS PART 1 :-):-):-):-):-)...John Lester 13�1�1-04-09��5:31�am
:-):-):-):-):-) END OF YEAR POLL RESULTS PART 2 :-):-):-):-):-)...NaturalWoman 9�1�1-04-09��3:59�am
Artist Development via the iNetDetroitDar 4�1�1-03-09��8:21�pm
Song Around the World "Stand By Me"snakepit 20�1�1-03-09��9:45�am
Jeff PerryNo Place Like Motown15�1�1-03-09��6:07�am
WHAT ARE U DOING NEW YEARS EVE?Robbert 19�1�1-02-09��10:12�pm
New York's Top 77 Songs of All TimeThe Valley 6�1�1-02-09��6:17�pm
WARNING: Soul Is Back!gkwgwa 7�1�1-02-09��3:00�pm
Robert Ward Picturesjway 3�1�1-02-09��2:57�pm
Piggyback on Listening To Music ActivelyChi Drummer 6�1�1-02-09��2:51�pm
The Battle Of These Two 80's Slow Jams Magic Man- vs- TearsMotown_Fan 4�1�1-02-09��1:30�pm
THE DUKE IS TOPS!!!!Mickey 18�1�1-02-09��1:13�pm
"THE KEPT ONES" BOOK BY BUNNY DEBARGE..A MUST BUY!!NaturalWoman 1�1�1-02-09��3:20�am
Mojo magazinedaddyacey 7�1�1-02-09��1:15�am
Who listens to music actively?daddyacey 59�1�1-02-09��1:04�am
Freddie & The ParliamentsTwirl Records 17�1�1-01-09��11:01�pm
Shirley and the Sweethearts - - Dennis Coffey played?Twirl Records 3�1�1-01-09��10:36�pm
More Dennis Coffey Please.........Twirl Records 8�1�1-01-09��10:35�pm
More Artist PhotosKev-Lo 12�1�1-01-09��7:37�pm
Did Dee Dee Sharp Demo Songs?Tony Russi 3�1�1-01-09��2:29�pm
Memorable New Years Eve ShowsTimmy Funk 7�1�1-01-09��2:18�pm
Another Version (National Anthem)..Marvin Gay 1979abfan 1�1�1-01-09��1:22�pm
Pointer sisters reissueBoynextdoor 16�1�1-01-09��1:17�pm
Aretha franklin x-mas albumMotown_Fan 6�1�1-01-09��10:49�am
Favorite Comedy/Novelty songsMotown_Fan 6�1�1-01-09��10:28�am
LUTHER INGRAM'S IF IT'S ALL THE SAME TO U BABE?Graham Finch 15�1�1-01-09��8:02�am
Chess Records Session MusiciansJSmith 42�1�1-01-09��5:50�am
Just heard that Eartha Kitt passed awayi keep it hid 54�1�12-31-08��10:18�pm
I-Tunes, Rhapsody or WhatStingBeeLee 1�1�12-31-08��5:59�pm
What White Artist Do You Think Was Heavily influenced by soulchess1458 43�1�12-31-08��4:49�pm
Otis Clay InterviewMark Hunter 1�1�12-31-08��1:25�pm
New UK Hit & Run label 45'sJSmith 1�1�12-31-08��12:29�pm
Four Tops and the Grammy Awards - CONGRATSEverythingsAlright 33�1�12-31-08��2:09�am
Today Is Number 48 For MeGEETEE18�1�12-31-08��1:09�am
A Sad Night for Labelle and their fans at the Apollohotstuff 24�1�12-30-08��11:32�pm
Four Tops ms. stephanie 4�1�12-30-08��10:59�pm
End Of Year ObituariesPshark 42�1�12-30-08��9:24�pm
NEW MUSIC FROM JONI SLEDGEglencro 11�1�12-30-08��5:28�pm
The Atlantic Vault FiresTim Stantion 15�1�12-30-08��3:31�pm
Darlene Love on Letterman Showhotstuff 23�1�12-29-08��11:24�pm
Songs and shows that we loved that our kids love (surprisingly!)...Kevin Goins - KevGo 5�1�12-29-08��11:17�pm
A Nancy Wilson ChristmasRobbert 4�1�12-29-08��8:52�pm
Let's Send Up Some Prayers For Ali-Ollie WoodsonRTA5225 32�1�12-29-08��8:50�pm
Delaney Bramlett R.I.P.Mark Speck 15�1�12-29-08��8:15�pm
I BELIEVE IN YOU & ME 4 TOPS VS WHITNEY HOUSTONRhythm & Blues Showc32�1�12-29-08��5:15�pm
Edwin Starr Rarity Question?popcorn 23�1�12-29-08��1:01�pm
Aretha To Sing At Obama InaugurationStingBeeLee 26�1�12-29-08��11:18�am
Helene SmithJohn L 11�1�12-29-08��10:03�am
Has anyone actually heard the new Labelle album?Reese 9�1�12-29-08��8:56�am
Can someone upload a song for me by Otis Williams & The Distants Kevin K 1�1�12-29-08��8:11�am
JAZMINE SULLIVAN - "Switch" - MARVELETTES sample!EverythingsAlright 7�1�12-29-08��6:52�am
A prayer request for The Count and his familycount 33�1�12-28-08��10:58�pm
Clyde mcphatter's crying won't hurt you know?Mark Speck 12�1�12-28-08��10:11�pm
Great Christmas songs that radio doesn't playkarralyn 49�1�12-28-08��8:38�pm
Who Had To Work Today (day after Christmas)?Erik T 24�1�12-28-08��1:17�pm
Christmas songs you never get tired ofMotown_Fan 39�1�12-28-08��10:19�am
Check this out !!!splanky 9�1�12-28-08��10:07�am
Abe Wilson recording sessionRalph Terrana 5�1�12-28-08��9:21�am
Happy New Year , says Louis Johnson , stay funkyKev-Lo 2�1�12-28-08��8:28�am
Hey, don't miss this....BankHouseDave 1�1�12-28-08��8:28�am
Mel and Tim Keith Rylatt 7�1�12-28-08��6:57�am
William Bell, part 2 (1970-2008)Heikki 10�1�12-28-08��4:53�am
Richard's Christmas Party 12/27/08 3pm US ESTRichard Felstead 5�1�12-27-08��8:21�pm
Departures - This Week's Jet Tributeabfan 2�1�12-27-08��4:06�pm
MARVIN GAYE ON KACE RADIO/1982Mancalledc 3�1�12-27-08��3:51�pm
SOUL CITIES-VH-1 SoulTimmy Funk 9�1�12-27-08��2:49�pm
Zavvi calls in the administrators!The Valley 4�1�12-27-08��12:56�pm
Ah.... the memories of big record salesRichard Felstead 32�1�12-27-08��9:48�am
Remembering A Chicago Soul LegendPhil 42�1�12-27-08��8:46�am
Shirley Alson on ProdicalJSmith 9�1�12-27-08��7:47�am
R&B FOUNDATION AWARDS: FUNKSdennis_coffey 8�1�12-26-08��4:24�pm
Who are some of your favorite artist that never made a xmas song?the classic master 31�1�12-26-08��2:26�pm
What's your New Year's ResolutionsDThomas 6�1�12-26-08��1:35�pm
SAY A PRAYER FOR PAUL SERRANOJohnnieSueBridges 16�1�12-26-08��10:57�am
Jackie DeShannon144man 17�1�12-26-08��10:43�am
Soul music around the worldmichael r. lee shue 27�1�12-26-08��10:02�am
EARTHA KITT RIPBankHouseDave 2�1�12-26-08��4:49�am
Alder Ray Black / Alder Ray MathisJSmith 5�1�12-26-08��3:52�am
Joseph Von Battlemichael r. lee shue 8�1�12-25-08��11:36�pm
HAPPY BIRTHDAY - MERRY CLAYTONMark Speck 3�1�12-25-08��8:56�pm
MOTOWN STATUESmichael r. lee shue 2�1�12-25-08��2:41�pm
MERRY CHRISTMASsplanky 36�1�12-25-08��2:08�pm
Merry Christmas To All Of My Friends At S.D.M.FMs. M 2�1�12-25-08��1:34�pm
Rochelle Fleming, Crystal Waters NYC 12/29Jimmy Mack 1�1�12-25-08��10:17�am
Little Joe BlueJSmith 2�1�12-25-08��9:28�am
James Joseph Brown Jr. aka The Godfather of Soulcatwoman55 13�1�12-24-08��9:44�pm
All Complaints from 2008 go in this file........jobeterob 1�1�12-24-08��12:33�pm
My Anita Baker Chistmas Tribute HOHOHOabfan 1�1�12-24-08��12:05�pm
THREE DEGREES TRIBUTE SITEhere i am 1�1�12-24-08��10:55�am
Metro Detroit Record Show - Jan 4recordguy 1�1�12-24-08��10:26�am
Christmas Tunes that bring out the Grinch In You144man 34�1�12-24-08��9:41�am
Does anyone recognize these lyrics?solemannking 5�1�12-24-08��9:37�am
END OF YEAR POLLGrapevine 29�1�12-24-08��7:13�am
Vinyl Sales Up in Monterey!!!Twirl Records 6�1�12-24-08��3:07�am
Video of one of Del Shannon's last recording sessions...Twirl Records 6�1�12-24-08��3:03�am
Jamie Coe and the Gigolos "Cleopatra"Twirl Records 12�1�12-24-08��2:56�am
Ricky (Dee) DrapkinTwirl Records 11�1�12-24-08��2:52�am
THE FUNK BROTHERS LIVE IN ORLANDOCaleb 3�1�12-23-08��10:59�pm
Looking For A Certain Record,If Anyone Can Help.chess1458 7�1�12-23-08��8:41�am
Michael Jackson in Need of New Lungs? Near death!copley 30�1�12-23-08��6:00�am
Carol woodsFRANCIS T 4�1�12-23-08��4:51�am
Lifetime Grammy for THE FOUR TOPS?Kdubya 2�1�12-22-08��9:28�pm
Jocelyn BrownV8Diva 4�1�12-22-08��8:48�pm
Question about Janet JacksonV8Diva 3�1�12-22-08��8:31�pm
THANKS TO CLAY MCMURRAYKevin Goins - KevGo 17�1�12-22-08��6:11�pm
HOT RODS AND ROCK AND ROLLDThomas 12�1�12-22-08��10:16�am
GET WELL SHOUT OUT TO HARRY BALKstephanie 8�1�12-22-08��9:16�am
Miracles Hour tonightGEETEE4�1�12-21-08��11:04�pm
Dennis YostRTA5225 10�1�12-21-08��4:13�pm
Soul Serenade - Gloria Lynne mrlonleyheart 1�1�12-21-08��1:49�pm
Clay Mcmurraydeborah lynn drapkin1�1�12-21-08��10:27�am
Detroit SpinnersNo Place Like Motown32�1�12-21-08��6:28�am
Harry Ray of The Moments born 12/15/46daddyacey 12�1�12-21-08��2:29�am
CHECK OUT ELDREDGE JACKSONKdubya 2�1�12-20-08��7:29�pm
White Christmas - The DriftersKdubya 19�1�12-20-08��7:24�pm
Cadillac RecordsTwirl Records 86�2�12-20-08��7:08�pm
Just in case you've ever wonderedBob Olhsson 1�1�12-20-08��6:59�pm
Cheryl Lynninandoutoflove 36�1�12-20-08��2:05�pm
To connect with the Drifters thread...Timmy Funk 1�1�12-20-08��10:38�am
BETTYE LAVETTE AT THE KENNEDY CENTER HONORSinandoutoflove 9�1�12-20-08��9:16�am
Sons of Robin Stone & Mickey's MiceKevin Goins - KevGo 3�1�12-20-08��6:48�am
Christmas Songs from Christmas ShowsAngel 1�1�12-19-08��9:44�pm
Nolan Chance R.I.P. ?Robb_K 6�1�12-19-08��6:24�pm
My BS&T's "Sometimes in Winter" extended remixMidnite Johnny 6�1�12-19-08��4:05�pm
Darius Rucker Goes CountryKevin Goins - KevGo 7�1�12-19-08��2:44�pm
James Ingramabfan 4�1�12-19-08��12:31�pm
Whatever Happened To This Rare ArtistColtonThomas 28�1�12-19-08��11:38�am
Good career move vs. bad career moveNosey 5�1�12-19-08��10:27�am
DIANA ROSS' FIRST TWO ALBUMSEverythingsAlright 3�1�12-18-08��9:58�pm
Little Anthony and the ImperialsMr Soul 17�1�12-18-08��8:00�pm
Aretha Franklin will sing@ Barack Obama's inauguration jobeterob 3�1�12-18-08��5:53�pm
Hey, Ledisi fans :-)...catwoman55 22�1�12-18-08��2:28�pm
Ledisi on YouTubecatwoman55 1�1�12-18-08��1:54�pm
SUNSHINE ON A CLOUDY DAYKdubya 6�1�12-18-08��12:15�pm
Happy Birthday Jesse BelvinNosey 12�1�12-18-08��11:20�am
Aretha's Christmas CDkamasu 17�1�12-18-08��9:28�am
Philadelphia Sound DVDJayBS 9�1�12-18-08��1:47�am
Ashford & Simpson - To Release Their First Ever Live DVD & CD Jimmy Mack 4�1�12-17-08��10:32�pm
Liz Smith & Taraborelli on Diahann Carroll!NYSister 7�1�12-17-08��9:47�pm
Happy Birthday Eddie KendricksKev-Lo 13�1�12-17-08��6:19�pm
NEED A SONG TITLEPhil 4�1�12-17-08��2:30�pm
SUNSHINE ON A CLOUDY DAYJAI NANCE 1�1�12-17-08��11:26�am
ROSCOE ROBINSONJAI NANCE 11�1�12-17-08��9:25�am
Travis Ricks On Ordell 502 Little Girl Don't You Crychess1458 1�1�12-17-08��8:32�am
Happy Birthday Ronnie McNeirmichael r. lee shue 28�1�12-17-08��7:47�am
"Nightflight" Tue Dec 16, 9P-12M ET: �ABBA � Before During & After�...motownboy 12�1�12-16-08��11:20�pm
The Brother's Johnson On YoutubeChi Drummer 7�1�12-16-08��9:45�pm
Beyonce in Cadillac Recordsmoonbeam 2�1�12-16-08��7:50�pm
Happy birthday/joyce vincentKev-Lo 9�1�12-16-08��7:28�pm
FUNKIN STEW-PHILLY/CHRISTMAS AND JB!funkinstew 1�1�12-16-08��6:31�pm
"The All Winners Jazz Show" Sat 13th 3pm US ESTKevin Goins - KevGo 6�1�12-16-08��4:56�pm
Jake WadeFreddy Sanderson 1�1�12-16-08��1:42�pm
Today's News? Michael Jackson Ill or Same Old Same Old??jobeterob 1�1�12-16-08��12:06�pm
Rose Royce MP3 downloadsRobbert 3�1�12-16-08��11:07�am
The Temptations "A Song For You" on YoutubeDOC T 7�1�12-16-08��10:34�am
NEAL / BOBBY KIMBLEJSmith 14�1�12-16-08��2:04�am
The Philly Sound on PBSColtonThomas 106�3�12-16-08��12:39�am
The Last of Big Maybelle michael r. lee shue 7�1�12-15-08��11:43�pm
Sweet Natalie Cole Back on the RoadMsJoys 38�1�12-15-08��10:03�pm
Jimmy Ruffin & Marcy Levymichael r. lee shue 3�1�12-15-08��10:01�pm
Do you know that Kenmore commercial with that great song? Moe 24�1�12-15-08��9:06�pm
Group heard on NPR: Little Jackietsull 1�1�12-15-08��12:48�pm
"It's Gonna Take A Miracle"Grapevine 44�1�12-15-08��8:17�am
Delfonics "you'll get enough"daddyacey 4�1�12-15-08��4:40�am
Remembering Sam Cookedavidh 18�1�12-14-08��8:19�pm
Paul Miles WCHB interview-"Motown Still Our Town"JohnnieSueBridges 3�1�12-14-08��8:05�pm
Mr.Welfare Man splanky 4�1�12-14-08��1:25�pm
Marion Jarvismichael r. lee shue 6�1�12-14-08��8:25�am
Look In My Eyesjayjay 7�1�12-14-08��7:23�am
Memphis duetmichael r. lee shue 3�1�12-14-08��2:56�am
Williams Brothersmichael r. lee shue 1�1�12-14-08��1:50�am
Roz Ryan co-manages the OJaysTheSupremes 13�1�12-13-08��11:58�pm
Just The Way You Are Today...Barbara Lewismichael r. lee shue 16�1�12-13-08��9:54�pm
Ernie AndrewsMark Speck 4�1�12-13-08��9:26�pm
CHICANO ROCK - DOCUMENTARY ON PBSKevin Goins - KevGo 2�1�12-13-08��5:01�pm
Was VJ's Barbara Green ("Young Boy") Barbara Greene on ATCO release...Robb_K 3�1�12-13-08��3:08�pm
Junior Walker appreciation threadbobkayli 24�1�12-13-08��11:03�am
Keni Burke On You TubeWonder B 7�1�12-13-08��3:59�am
Margie Alexandermichael r. lee shue 1�1�12-13-08��1:18�am
Labelle Review -Back to NowJimmy Mack 7�1�12-12-08��10:51�pm
Tammi Terrell and the SherrysJimmy Mack 7�1�12-12-08��10:45�pm
Joe RenzettiGaro 7�1�12-12-08��10:00�pm
Black Ivory.."I Keep Asking You Questions"GEETEE5�1�12-12-08��1:53�pm
WBLS DISGRACE - FIRE VAUGHAN HARPER & CHAMPAGNEstephanie 34�1�12-12-08��12:56�pm
It was 28 years ago today.......RTA5225 14�1�12-12-08��12:24�pm
What is the exact name......GEETEE2�1�12-12-08��9:26�am
Juice, I know you know this...:-)...ladyvanaye 19�1�12-12-08��9:04�am
Northern Soul - Dean ParrishJSmith 15�1�12-12-08��7:07�am
Donny Hathaway - Unreleased on YoutubeSDF 17�1�12-12-08��1:54�am
Anyone know who sang the dance song, Perfect Disaster?inandoutoflove 1�1�12-12-08��12:08�am
Vocal Group Record Label Question.Carter Recordschess1458 1�1�12-11-08��5:14�pm
Ed WulfrumRalph Terrana 8�1�12-11-08��11:43�am
The Sandpebbles/ C & the Shellsmike s 18�1�12-11-08��7:18�am
Win The Complete Motown No.1'sGrapevine 1�1�12-11-08��3:52�am
Any ideas yet on release dates for Shirley Brown and/or Denise LaSa...DavidDesper 4�1�12-10-08��11:50�pm
Carlo's Supremes Website + Supremes Reunion PetitionRobbert 3�1�12-10-08��9:04�pm
Tempts "I Wish It Would Rain" YouTubeDrewSchultz88 19�1�12-10-08��6:04�pm
Help Identify A SongBcc0756 4�1�12-10-08��3:18�pm
KDubya, GEETEE, Des: Remember When ?GEETEE21�1�12-10-08��3:11�pm
Is it musical or personal?144man 39�1�12-10-08��8:11�am
T.J. LUBINSKY, PBS, special scheduleTJ Lubinsky 3�1�12-09-08��9:41�pm
Interview: Martha ReevesMs. M 19�1�12-09-08��9:26�pm
Jennifer Hudson's Brother-In-Law Arrested In MurdersRTA5225 49�1�12-09-08��9:24�pm
Hitman David FosterKevin Goins - KevGo 19�1�12-09-08��8:55�pm
Carmen Towers Studio / Carmen TheaterTwirl Records 28�1�12-09-08��2:32�am
MOODYMANNDeWalt 1�1�12-08-08��3:13�pm
MJ's BAD VS LL COOL J's BADdancing fool 1�1�12-08-08��1:25�pm
Shorty Long & Chantilly LaceBruce Huston 15�1�12-08-08��11:45�am
The BMG Music ClubKdubya 5�1�1-30-09��7:39�pm
If you could ask Thom Bell Anything ...Kevin Goins - KevGo 52�1�1-30-09��5:07�pm
He Called Me Baby.....Randy Russi 15�1�1-30-09��1:58�pm
Lakeside vs. The Bar-Kayspopcorn 1�1�1-30-09��1:51�pm
Happy Birthday Bobby "Blue" BlandKeith Rylatt 10�1�1-30-09��12:04�pm
Johnny mathis and susan anton- "lost" albums. info/update anyone?...Phillyfan 1�1�1-30-09��10:56�am
Elton Andersonchess1458 4�1�1-30-09��10:25�am
A particular label's signature artistSupremes 1�1�1-30-09��8:12�am
Keep on doin' or grunt?roger 9�1�1-30-09��6:45�am
The Feminine ComplexPhil 4�1�1-30-09��4:55�am
CNN Old Article - What the Jury didn't hear in the Jackson Casejobeterob 1�1�1-30-09��1:50�am
THE ORLONS Show on Nighflight Tues Jan 27, 2009 - 9pm to12am ETSophSoul 75�2�1-30-09��1:43�am
Barry White, Johnny Bristol and that chord progression.funkcity 58�1�1-30-09��12:19�am
The SunlinersColtonThomas 12�1�1-30-09��12:11�am
Would you like to have your name in my new book?Garo 19�1�1-29-09��11:53�pm
George Tindley=By George and Co.?Mark Speck 1�1�1-29-09��10:30�pm
BUT NOBODY PLAYS IT !Mark Speck 7�1�1-29-09��10:15�pm
Happy Birthday James JamersonGEETEE4�1�1-29-09��7:46�pm
Borders Celebrate Motown 50Linda 7�1�1-29-09��6:05�pm
The new mfsb---Carla Benson makes history!stubass 12�1�1-29-09��5:14�pm
In Orbit on Solar Radio- the last Thursday show...solar_clive 1�1�1-29-09��1:25�pm
Which Fictional Chararters In Songs Had Sex Changessimplysupreme 27�1�1-29-09��12:48�pm
Happy birthday, Bankhouse DaveBankHouseDave 43�1�1-29-09��12:30�pm
That awful way of singing, Mariah-PopIdolRalph Terrana 26�1�1-29-09��10:50�am
Essence Music Festival. Line Up July 3-5abfan 1�1�1-29-09��8:08�am
Philadelphia Soul Rarities CD,..number 1 in JapanWeldon A. Mc Dougal 16�1�1-29-09��7:26�am
Happy Birthday Millie!Dew 26�1�1-29-09��6:34�am
LENIS GUESS: Help RequiredJSmith 22�1�1-29-09��3:41�am
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Artist Cameos in Films?....LaBrenda 44�1�1-28-09��7:35�pm
Senate Pushes Back Digital TV Transition To Junejillfoster 10�1�1-28-09��1:37�pm
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Ronnie McNeir 'new' CD release...Ms. M 2�1�1-27-09��6:46�pm
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...where have all the threads gone!!!Ms. M 8�1�1-26-09��1:31�pm
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A Touch of Classic Soul mag - Bobby Womack, Norman Connorstresjolie 2�1�1-26-09��10:45�am
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Not musically, but politically nauseatingMs. M 15�1�1-26-09��12:59�am
Cutest music videomichael r. lee shue 1�1�1-26-09��12:03�am
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Most Overated Singers of all time...Timmy Funk 340�11�1-24-09��10:22�pm
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Groups who never had any real successmichael r. lee shue 34�1�1-24-09��11:46�am
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I BET NOBODY KNOWS THIS!!!!!TAMLA617 5�1�1-24-09��9:48�am
Richard Felstead trying to e-mail you referred by Ms. MRichard Felstead 2�1�1-24-09��3:58�am
CAPITOL should change their name to CRAPITOLdaddyacey 60�2�1-24-09��1:59�am
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Michael Jackson will leave Beatles songs to Paul McCartneyMs. M 21�1�1-20-09��7:14�pm
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees to include Bobby Womack, Little ...allenhouse 30�1�1-20-09��3:12�pm
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Happy Birthday to Helen Scott of The Three DegreesRobbert 10�1�2-13-09��8:40�am
SET THE DVR'S FELLOE SDF'ers...LaDia 9�1�2-13-09��7:16�am
What 70's Natalie cole lps can I find on CD?Soulster 8�1�2-13-09��12:01�am
Gladys Knight sings, aged seven!midnightman 5�1�2-12-09��10:28�pm
Black History Month - 10 Great Style IconsJAI NANCE 10�1�2-12-09��2:53�pm
DID YOU HEAR IT? JAI NANCE 1�1�2-12-09��1:23�pm
Happy Birthday Wendell SawyerMarv 5�1�2-11-09��9:35�pm
LABELLE on cover of JetCommon 4�1�2-11-09��8:49�pm
Any One Watch BET Awards... Mary J Blige HonoredMarv 33�1�2-11-09��6:26�pm
Motown Still Our Townmotown_david 1�1�2-11-09��6:17�pm
Who Made The Baddest Slow Jams: Did you vote?TheVoice 11�1�2-11-09��4:49�pm
Who's Your Favorite Classic R&B Falsetto SingerTheVoice 42�1�2-11-09��4:35�pm
Will it be Luther, Barry, Teddy or Smokey?TheVoice 6�1�2-11-09��2:42�pm
Brit Girls Storm the Grammy'sJSmith 20�1�2-11-09��1:47�pm
Love Train PBS Concert DVD - Commercial ReleaseJayBS 11�1�2-11-09��12:32�pm
Insights Into Georgie Woods, The Guy With The GoodsNosey 7�1�2-11-09��10:38�am
Funky Jazz / Jazzy Funksplanky 21�1�2-11-09��7:20�am
Need soundfiles-David Ruffin's 1st-Little David Bush-Vega1002chess1458 22�1�2-10-09��10:12�pm
MESSAGE TO COLTON FROM KEVGOthe classic master 9�1�2-10-09��9:46�pm
EDDIE FLOYDmichael r. lee shue 14�1�2-10-09��8:16�pm
Petey Greenglencro 8�1�2-10-09��6:26�pm
70'S MOTOWN QUESTIONcopley 2�1�2-10-09��4:31�pm
Duke, Jamie, Smokey and Ne-Yo On Grammy AwardsDr Groove 5�1�2-10-09��10:48�am
New Mel Carter CDMs. M 4�1�2-10-09��10:27�am
Blossom Dearie passes......splanky 7�1�2-10-09��6:48�am
Sydney Justinqueenybee07 1�1�2-09-09��1:48�pm
FAVOURITE PLAYBACKSRichard Felstead 38�1�2-09-09��12:29�pm
Pittsburgh WAMO chart 1966Nosey 14�1�2-09-09��11:59�am
Award Showsqueenybee07 1�1�2-09-09��9:17�am
Rhetta HughesJSmith 2�1�2-09-09��7:45�am
Goerge Clinton has GONE COUNTRY!Timmy Funk 23�1�2-09-09��6:17�am
Wilson Pickett Philly cutJSmith 1�1�2-08-09��7:06�pm
H-E-L-P s.o.s H-E-L-Pmichael r. lee shue 6�1�2-08-09��5:36�pm
Do Anybody Remember The Soul Group Called LoveTAMLA617 8�1�2-08-09��4:16�pm
The Day The Music DiedBankHouseDave 21�1�2-08-09��2:37�pm
Happy Birthday Dinelle!Kevin Goins - KevGo 16�1�2-08-09��2:36�pm
Artists, Pols Rally For Performance Rights Act Marv 2�1�2-08-09��2:29�pm
Johnny Wyattmel4�1�2-08-09��2:19�pm
Happy Birthday Spyder Spyder Turner 36�1�2-08-09��2:14�pm
Joyce VincentBankHouseDave 9�1�2-08-09��11:03�am
"Gonna Take A Miracle" questionMarv 5�1�2-08-09��10:50�am
GREAT WHISPERS VIDEOWANDAful 1�1�2-08-09��9:48�am
Northern /Rare Soul tapes for free- "Just ask me"snakepit 35�1�2-08-09��9:07�am
SOUL TRAINTimmy Funk 6�1�2-08-09��7:23�am
Len Barry BankHouseDave 40�1�2-08-09��5:43�am
Etta James aint feeling BeyonceJuicefree20 113�3�2-08-09��4:37�am
Whatever Happened to Inez Foxx?JSmith 38�1�2-08-09��4:02�am
Lovedouglasm 8�1�2-07-09��7:34�pm
He lives within my Soul - Sharon Cash No Place Like Motown5�1�2-07-09��6:30�pm
A couple REALLY COOL rarities for Ronettes fans...WANDAful 2�1�2-07-09��5:50�pm
Twirl 45 in current UK auctionRobb_K 6�1�2-07-09��3:51�pm
Twirl Records - Don and Juan - Joann Courcy - Dickie GoodmanTwirl Records 9�1�2-07-09��3:15�pm
Bunny Siglerceasar 12�1�2-07-09��1:34�pm
Lux Interior R.I.P.mhc 3�1�2-07-09��1:32�pm
St Louis labels (post 1970)Robb_K 6�1�2-07-09��1:29�pm
Unsung Jazz Hero Flying under the radar in USAJSmith 9�1�2-07-09��10:04�am
La Toya Jackson on Celebrity Big Brotherkamasu 10�1�2-07-09��9:39�am
How bout that Babyface?kamasu 2�1�2-07-09��9:23�am
Charlie Wilson recovers from prostate cancerdaddyacey 4�1�2-07-09��3:31�am
Happy Birthday Bob Marleydaddyacey 2�1�2-07-09��3:28�am
Meet Vannessa Gaston CEO Of The National R&B Music SocietyJuicefree20 62�2�2-07-09��3:06�am
The Truth According To Ruthie Fosterimnokid 4�1�2-06-09��9:43�pm
JOHNNIE TAYLORmichael r. lee shue 25�1�2-06-09��9:14�pm
Speaking of Etta JamesJuicefree20 2�1�2-06-09��4:40�pm
Dickie Wondertheresthatbeat 1�1�2-06-09��12:07�pm
Las Vegas showJSmith 3�1�2-06-09��11:35�am
A Dedication to "The National R&B Music Society Artists"Ralph Terrana 11�1�2-06-09��10:57�am
I wasnt Dreaming..Disco Duck was Really a Song Marv 55�1�2-05-09��9:31�pm
LABELLE'S REUNION SHOW WAS GREAT HERE IN LAhartfordman 7�1�2-05-09��8:35�pm
Who's Right Who's Wrong The Four TopsT.L. Harris 4�1�2-05-09��8:18�pm
Audrey Recordsfunkyplunk 32�1�2-05-09��4:39�pm
RIP Hank CrawfordGEETEE9�1�2-05-09��3:29�pm
New soul starTAMLA617 3�1�2-05-09��2:18�pm
Check Out This Blue Eyed Soul BrotherNosey 4�1�2-05-09��1:28�pm
I thought I Was At My Church for a Sec!ladyvanaye 5�1�2-05-09��12:13�pm
Free Movement and Cornelius Bros.ladyvanaye 15�1�2-05-09��11:42�am
SOLOMON BURKEmichael r. lee shue 3�1�2-05-09��8:24�am
ON AIR LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!bigmurph 136�4�2-05-09��7:47�am
Bobby Thurstonmike s 21�1�2-05-09��5:56�am
Harrambee - Jambo (1975 Power Exchange) JSmith 16�1�2-05-09��4:04�am
Johnny & The Hurricanes "SAX MAN" & 6 albums on ITUNES!...DThomas 6�1�2-04-09��4:58�pm
JOHN MARTYN RIPBankHouseDave 11�1�2-04-09��4:00�pm
Feb 14: Keith Washington, Melisa Morgan & Glenn JonesTheVoice 1�1�2-04-09��3:40�pm
Billboards 10 Best Superbowl Halftime Showsjobeterob 11�1�2-04-09��1:56�pm
US Area Code 281 (phone)JSmith 3�1�2-04-09��1:53�pm
For You Joe Tex FansTony Russi 10�1�2-04-09��1:42�pm
Does anyone remember the Stevie Wonder song "Use to Be"?Kevin Goins - KevGo 7�1�2-04-09��12:02�pm
PURR KITTENS PURRMarv 4�1�2-04-09��11:45�am
Wesley Snipes As The Godfather of Soul?JAI NANCE 51�1�2-04-09��11:15�am
The most unintelligible singers144man 56�1�2-04-09��7:32�am
Does anyone know anything about the group The Dynamics??Phil 8�1�2-04-09��7:32�am
Wow You Mean To Tell Me They Sampled This One ToColtonThomas 27�1�2-04-09��4:35�am
Bobby SquiresTwirl Records 1�1�2-04-09��12:15�am
Any Blues Fans Here At SDF ?Destruction 106�3�2-03-09��10:56�pm
SPIRIT OF 1973Timmy Funk 6�1�2-03-09��9:59�pm
The best new album of 2008?Mike Sku 30�1�2-03-09��7:20�pm
Ralph's radio interview.Ralph Terrana 32�1�2-03-09��6:32�pm
Need Lyrics For Blue Magic-Welcome To The Clubladyvanaye 8�1�2-03-09��5:24�pm
Detroit 1965Grapevine 8�1�2-03-09��3:21�pm
TYRONE DAVISmel46�1�2-03-09��12:52�pm
My Tribute to NBC Universal on YouTubeMidnite Johnny 9�1�2-03-09��10:31�am
Eli 'Paperboy' Reed: US Tour DatesJSmith 1�1�2-03-09��9:54�am
David Perrett on CadetJSmith 1�1�2-03-09��8:24�am
Who Would You Want To Write And Produce Your Songs Past Or Presentinandoutoflove 4�1�2-03-09��2:25�am
FINALLY...I'm Getting a Chance to DJ!!Mark Speck 30�1�2-03-09��12:02�am
Abraham Wilson..."I've Been Waiting For You"smooth 23�1�2-02-09��8:51�pm
Are There Any Robert Cray Fans Here?DetroitDar 8�1�2-02-09��6:57�pm
Maggot Brain-FunkadelicTimmy Funk 30�1�2-02-09��6:30�pm
A NEW CLASSIC SOUL STATION bigmurph 6�1�2-02-09��3:02�pm
IN ORBIT - New Day, New time on Solar RadioDetroitDar 4�1�2-02-09��2:59�pm
Family Tree (Philly soul)JSmith 4�1�2-02-09��1:44�pm
Nathaniel Mayer - The Twilights on Fortune RecordsGraham Finch 5�1�2-02-09��11:14�am
Sunny Hawkins (Hidden Beach CD)No Place Like Motown4�1�2-02-09��6:42�am
Willie Ewing / Chex RecordsRobb_K 28�1�2-02-09��4:07�am
ON AIR IN 10 MINUTESbigmurph 3�1�2-01-09��8:32�pm
On Air Now Juicefree20 30�1�2-01-09��8:06�pm
Happy Birthday Rick James!LaDia 7�1�2-01-09��7:27�pm
Kelly Rowland Kicks Matthew Knowles to the Curb!stephanie 6�1�2-01-09��7:16�pm
Aretha's Hat to the SmithsonianKdubya 2�1�2-01-09��5:17�pm
Going to Sharon Jones concert on Saturday!John L 4�1�2-01-09��3:24�pm
A Rare Soul QuestionGrapevine 5�1�2-01-09��3:15�pm
Shed some light on Jesse JamesJester 9�1�2-01-09��2:17�pm
Perigents on malteseRobb_K 5�1�2-01-09��1:55�pm
Kiki Dee from the Sixtiessoulwally 10�1�2-01-09��1:08�pm
B.B. King on Soundstage - PBSKdubya 8�1�2-01-09��11:42�am
Musician who's played in the most bands UK/USABankHouseDave 2�1�2-01-09��5:33�am
Willie Hamilton - I'm So Glad You're Mine b/w Hangin' Around (Conto...Graham Finch 8�1�2-01-09��3:06�am
Classic soul lovers 70's soul & rare gemsbigmurph 16�1�2-01-09��1:40�am
WHO'S GOING TO SEE LABELLE HERE IN LA 1-29-2009 ?simplysupreme 8�1�2-01-09��12:17�am
Do record companies use Market Research Ms. M 19�1�1-31-09��11:39�pm
My New Favorite Song: "Candy" by The AstorsMr Soul 19�1�1-31-09��4:55�pm
ADRIAN this for you!TAMLA617 8�1�1-31-09��1:22�pm
OMAR CUNNINGHAMmichael r. lee shue 5�1�1-31-09��11:08�am
UK does MotownKeith Rylatt 7�1�1-31-09��7:40�am
Duke Fakir and Obie Benson DaughterElegant Soul 31�1�1-31-09��1:27�am
John Gary Williamsmichael r. lee shue 12�1�1-30-09��10:37�pm
Skynyrd Keyboardist Passes AwayMark Speck 15�1�1-30-09��10:02�pm
Ian Carr passesjshook 2�1�2-27-09��8:42�pm
Jennifer sang beautifully at the superbowlGEETEE39�1�2-27-09��5:34�pm
"In Orbit" moves to Sunday GEETEE2�1�2-27-09��5:18�pm
Im on the air...............GEETEE84�2�2-27-09��4:35�pm
SOUL - Complete Episode Online!!GEETEE48�1�2-27-09��3:17�pm
HDH's "There's No Stopping Us Now"Robbert 5�1�2-27-09��10:29�am
Who has, or had the longest recording contract with a record company?Robbert 29�1�2-27-09��10:26�am
Garland Green in Brooklyn satNoah 6�1�2-27-09��9:58�am
Roddie Joy - He's So Easy to LoveJuicefree20 5�1�2-27-09��9:25�am
RICK JAMES DVD COMING OUT MARCH 24TH!LaDia 4�1�2-27-09��8:58�am
Holland Dozier 'Why Cant We Lovers'mike s 24�1�2-27-09��4:52�am
JIMMY JONESHeikki 7�1�2-27-09��2:38�am
Ann Arbor Soul ClubMark Speck 3�1�2-26-09��9:28�pm
Which King Curtis CD Should I Purchase daddyacey 8�1�2-26-09��5:50�pm
An Evening With Eartha KittGEETEE5�1�2-26-09��1:52�pm
Patti LaBelle calls fan rudeJAI NANCE 30�1�2-26-09��10:08�am
Duke Ellington to be featured on new U.S. Quartermidnightman 4�1�2-26-09��2:55�am
Magic City acetate ??JSmith 56�1�2-26-09��1:35�am
Patti Nona and Sarah on the VIEW ColtonThomas 4�1�2-25-09��11:04�pm
ELO Bassist R.I.P.Chicago Tommy 6�1�2-25-09��9:09�pm
Cholly Atkins working with The O'Jays (YouTube)tsull 25�1�2-25-09��5:21�pm
Hey Chicago...GEETEE11�1�2-25-09��5:07�pm
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOTOWNMarv 127�4�2-25-09��3:02�pm
Do You Remember This?JSmith 7�1�2-25-09��11:42�am
A new bass singer for the Spinnerssoulwally 5�1�2-25-09��7:34�am
Reid, Inc.Boynextdoor 10�1�2-25-09��5:57�am
Memories - Some R&B belters of yesteryear:Bruce Huston 1�1�2-25-09��2:48�am
Patti Labelle Voice Breaks Glass (Prank)abfan 1�1�2-24-09��10:13�pm
Marvin Gaye Produced by Gloria Jones?Mark Speck 9�1�2-24-09��9:50�pm
Anyone know anything about "Rhythm Online" download site??TAMLA617 6�1�2-24-09��1:30�pm
THE BEST DEAL YOU EVER DID?TAMLA617 27�1�2-24-09��1:27�pm
The Independents and Jesse Jackson? Wha? Soulful Chris 33�1�2-24-09��9:41�am
JOE SIMONNo Place Like Motown6�1�2-24-09��5:49�am
Philly cuts on TKNo Place Like Motown11�1�2-24-09��5:27�am
Even RIAA says never handed over datamidnightman 9�1�2-24-09��4:03�am
What's up with Motown's music rights?The Valley 6�1�2-24-09��2:31�am
Estelle BennettElegant Soul 4�1�2-23-09��9:37�pm
Rock Flowers dolls (1971)Kevin Goins - KevGo 6�1�2-23-09��7:32�pm
Abraham Wilson...Ohhh Baby...VideoRalph Terrana 28�1�2-23-09��6:50�pm
LInda Jonesladyvanaye 6�1�2-23-09��9:25�am
BLACK MAN...Kev-Lo 9�1�2-23-09��5:47�am
INTRUDERS CLIPWANDAful 4�1�2-22-09��5:05�pm
Caesar Valentinojazzmessenger 7�1�2-22-09��2:57�pm
60's sound is making a come backdrlorne 36�1�2-22-09��1:10�pm
Do Anybody Remember These Rare Soul Jamschess1458 6�1�2-22-09��9:14�am
For You Leroy Hutson FansGEETEE8�1�2-22-09��7:25�am
SOL BOBROV R.I.P.stephanie 3�1�2-22-09��4:00�am
Greg Perryboba 1�1�2-22-09��12:27�am
Mary Wilson's Advice To RihannaRobbert 7�1�2-21-09��9:11�pm
Morris Broadnax RIP!Grapevine 14�1�2-21-09��3:37�pm
Happy Birthday Smokey Robinsonchess1458 14�1�2-21-09��8:45�am
Nona Hendryx.....Baby GO GOMartha Reeves and th9�1�2-20-09��11:47�pm
MARVELETTES BOX SETMartha Reeves and th27�1�2-20-09��10:02�pm
Glodean JamesWonder B 22�1�2-20-09��8:38�pm
What is called, cause I want it!Chi Drummer 4�1�2-20-09��5:10�pm
HAS ESTELLE BENETTE PASSED??Antceleb12 98�3�2-20-09��12:47�pm
CHAIRMEN OF THE BOARD DVDHeikki 2�1�2-20-09��12:01�pm
Metro Detroit Record Show - March 1, 2009recordguy 1�1�2-20-09��9:43�am
The Originals toursoulwally 8�1�2-20-09��8:03�am
Aretha Franklin...Lets do it againTexasSoul 8�1�2-20-09��7:47�am
NAACP Image Awards on Fox - 8:00 ESTdivalish 10�1�2-20-09��6:54�am
The Spinners Story, Part IHeikki 18�1�2-20-09��12:58�am
Label Scan Needed.The Fanandoschess1458 1�1�2-19-09��11:11�pm
Snooks Eaglin R.I.P.GEETEE3�1�2-19-09��4:49�pm
The Jimi Hendrix estate.....againmr_june 5�1�2-19-09��11:03�am
Louie Bellson R.I.P.Dr Groove 17�1�2-19-09��10:44�am
Heartbreaking Story Of Estelle Bennett's live from NY TimesTony Russi 17�1�2-19-09��7:52�am
Who Is Your Top Five That Stood The Test Of TimeNo Place Like Motown15�1�2-19-09��6:26�am
THE PIPS MINUS GLADYSSoulful Detriot 17�1�2-18-09��8:06�pm
NYC Salsa band leader Joe Cuba has passed away today.Nosey 34�1�2-18-09��4:32�pm
The Hymes Sistersjglefler 20�1�2-18-09��10:11�am
Question about the Ronettes' "Paradise"Randy Russi 12�1�2-18-09��8:53�am
Chuck Mangione's band members dies in plane crashcopley 14�1�2-18-09��7:58�am
CLASSICSOUL1075.COM WITH BIGMURPH INFObigmurph 27�1�2-18-09��7:30�am
Happy Birthday Mr. 21Phil 5�1�2-18-09��5:41�am
They Still Sound Great And Look GoodRobbert 2�1�2-17-09��8:16�pm
"Nightflight" Tue Feb 17,9P ET: Rare Laura Nyro SeriesMidnite Johnny 1�1�2-17-09��3:42�pm
Sirus XM Eyes Fixed And DialatedMs. M 30�1�2-17-09��3:34�pm
Visit from spain to detroit March 6 & 7Superdupersupremes 4�1�2-17-09��12:08�pm
The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show exactly 45 years ago tonight (2...Reese 9�1�2-17-09��9:25�am
GENE CHANDLERmichael r. lee shue 17�1�2-17-09��8:37�am
Sheila D. Hart's Book - 'The Fonic Zone Memoirs ' Out Nowmoonbeam 4�1�2-17-09��7:37�am
Teena Marie and The Time...amargi 1�1�2-17-09��4:39�am
EWF's "I Am" albumSoulster 9�1�3-23-09��8:49�pm
What's The Oldest Song You Have In Your CollectionErik T 22�1�3-23-09��3:23�pm
ANTHONEY WRIGHT - NEW CD!Brother Love 3�1�3-23-09��12:55�pm
FILE SHARINGSoulster 11�1�3-23-09��10:10�am
Mary J. Blige to Appear in Tyler Perry Moviedaddyacey 6�1�3-23-09��3:20�am
Don Pleads no contestmidnightman 9�1�3-23-09��2:55�am
Another Death /Chicago Radio DJ Richard PegueGEETEE70�2�3-23-09��12:34�am
Say Happy B-Day To Mr Stylistics, Russell Thompkins Jr 03/21/Destruction 20�1�3-22-09��11:26�pm
Does anyone here remember a dance show called teen time?chess1458 32�1�3-22-09��8:33�pm
Geetee and all u other chi town kids, this is for u!GEETEE8�1�3-22-09��8:01�pm
The Lowrider Band -the band formally known as WARPshark 11�1�3-22-09��6:05�pm
Jerry Butler - I Need To Belong (To Someone)Marv 21�1�3-22-09��5:35�pm
Malaco Records- One Of The Most Underrated Labels of All-TimeMark Speck 6�1�3-22-09��5:33�pm
You're The Guy - Argie And The Arketteschess1458 4�1�3-22-09��5:17�pm
Jerry FriedmanCaleb 2�1�3-22-09��4:03�pm
LEN BLAND ON LUCKY PRIDEKeith Rylatt 5�1�3-22-09��10:52�am
Flashback ProjectBankHouseDave 1�1�3-22-09��8:41�am
Herbert Milburn And The LeSabreschess1458 1�1�3-21-09��10:58�pm
Natasha Richardson (1963-2009)chess1458 19�1�3-21-09��10:52�pm
What's On Your PLAYLIST ??Redstripe 5�1�3-21-09��9:31�pm
SOME OF THE GREATS FROM RADIO'S PAST!Marv 12�1�3-21-09��4:14�pm
Who Was The Biggest Between James Brown And The Temptationsthe classic master 32�1�3-21-09��1:01�pm
Check out this video I just uploaded...Phil 9�1�3-21-09��12:43�pm
ThrillerJay 3�1�3-21-09��3:20�am
Abyone know some of these classic tv music shows from the 60's and ...the classic master 8�1�3-21-09��1:49�am
Dec 26, 2008 - The 1st Annual National R&B Music Society Gala ShowTime 34�1�3-20-09��10:28�pm
Was there another tv show called soul in philly?Marv 16�1�3-20-09��10:16�pm
I HEARD ITDestruction 8�1�3-20-09��9:43�pm
RIP John Cephas of Cephas and WigginsDestruction 3�1�3-20-09��9:39�pm
THE STORY OF DARYL HALL & THE TEMPTONES!the classic master 1�1�3-20-09��4:52�pm
I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THE GODFATHER!the classic master 3�1�3-20-09��1:56�pm
JAMES BROWN'S FUNKY DRUMMER VIDIEO CLIP!the classic master 1�1�3-20-09��1:37�pm
ChiffonsRandy Russi 10�1�3-20-09��8:57�am
Ortheia Barnes (Michigan Satellite)JSmith 3�1�3-20-09��4:31�am
IKE & TINABrother Love 12�1�3-20-09��1:55�am
Good soul blogjdwheat 2�1�3-20-09��1:33�am
CARL HALLBrother Love 19�1�3-20-09��1:11�am
Band Of Gold - The Invictus Storymotown01 1�1�3-19-09��6:16�pm
James Clevelandglencro 21�1�3-19-09��4:56�pm
Jerry Butler & Jobetekrh68 13�1�3-19-09��3:08�pm
WILL EASLEY Heikki 3�1�3-19-09��2:12�pm
The Tempts kept recording, why didn't the Tops?Spyder Turner 33�1�3-19-09��12:34�pm
You Don't Know What You've Got......Kevin Goins - KevGo 10�1�3-19-09��12:03�pm
Martha Reeves vs. Frank Beckmannwilly 8�1�3-19-09��10:39�am
Upcoming London (UK) Soul NightsJSmith 1�1�3-19-09��10:16�am
Soultripusa in chicago this weekendJSmith 19�1�3-19-09��3:12�am
Public Enemy scheduled to play with the Roots on Jimmy Fallon tonightcatwoman55 11�1�3-19-09��1:42�am
SIDNEY PINCHBACKmichael r. lee shue 11�1�3-18-09��9:49�pm
Let Freedom Sing: The Music of the Civil Rights MovementKdubya 6�1�3-18-09��3:20�pm
Remembering Tammi TerrellDinelle 29�1�3-18-09��2:21�pm
Should artists play ALL instruments on their albums?GEETEE15�1�3-18-09��2:04�pm
Earth Wind and FireGEETEE7�1�3-18-09��1:46�pm
Prestatyn Weekender PhotosBUNNERSOUL 44�1�3-18-09��1:14�pm
If Micheal Were Smart........Chi Drummer 7�1�3-18-09��12:35�pm
CLYDE BROWNJSmith 6�1�3-18-09��9:14�am
Lou WilsonJSmith 4�1�3-18-09��9:11�am
Tony & TyroneJSmith 8�1�3-18-09��5:01�am
60's soulful Garage jdwheat 25�1�3-18-09��1:06�am
Who's Bigger Michael Jackson or the Beatles?Rhythm & Blues Showc87�2�3-17-09��11:00�pm
Cherries and BananasPshark 27�1�3-17-09��8:36�pm
What Is Acceptable On Soulful Detroit?Marv 24�1�3-17-09��7:57�pm
ANNE BROWN, WHO WAS GERSHWIN'S BESS, DIES AT 96Charise 2�1�3-17-09��7:50�pm
Richard Street and his 'Temptations'John Lester 6�1�3-17-09��6:36�pm
Nothing But A Man (1964) / MotownEverythingsAlright 17�1�3-17-09��6:23�pm
The Girlfriends.Robb_K 8�1�3-17-09��4:25�pm
Stevie Wonder,.. If you really loved meDinelle 9�1�3-17-09��3:10�pm
Sound inc labelcarl_p 19�1�3-17-09��11:55�am
WHERE IS BOBBY VEE?Twirl Records 6�1�3-17-09��3:39�am
The Cool Gent @ AfriwareGEETEE10�1�3-16-09��8:16�pm
WILSON PICKETT - DON'T KNOCK MY LOVEPhil 23�1�3-16-09��7:35�pm
Ralph offlineRalph Terrana 36�1�3-16-09��7:29�pm
Wilmer & the Dukes (in Detroit)Kevin Goins - KevGo 7�1�3-16-09��5:48�pm
Alan W. Livingston dies, signed Beatles to CapitolKevin Goins - KevGo 9�1�3-16-09��5:45�pm
Are Any Members Of This Doo Wop Group Still Aroundtom_moulton 7�1�3-16-09��5:07�pm
THE DELLS - STAR SPANGLED BANNERBrother Love 1�1�3-16-09��2:55�pm
R.I.P Altovise DavisMotown_Fan 14�1�3-16-09��1:29�pm
Bobby Pattersonandyd 3�1�3-16-09��9:23�am
Suspicionruffinready 2�1�3-16-09��7:49�am
Musicians want radio stations to pay them to play songs on radioMs. M 75�2�3-16-09��3:36�am
1969 40th Year AnniversaryChi Drummer 32�1�3-15-09��6:17�pm
Raphael Saadiq interview on NPRPhil 3�1�3-15-09��4:29�pm
"Doing It To Death" at Soul TrainMoe 5�1�3-15-09��4:01�pm
Final Decisions and the Tempos?boba 8�1�3-15-09��3:49�pm
IN ORBIT today- CHESS RECORDS SPECIALsolar_clive 1�1�3-15-09��2:23�pm
R.I.P. Guitar Great David Williamspopcorn 9�1�3-15-09��2:15�pm
Cry To MeJohn Lester 2�1�3-15-09��1:16�pm
Black Punk Band from Detroit in 76?,,Chi Drummer 5�1�3-15-09��12:55�pm
Forgotten Oldieschess1458 17�1�3-15-09��11:46�am
BO DIDDLEY ?ColtonThomas 13�1�3-15-09��4:59�am
Sly Stone�s Birthday jam session!daddyacey 4�1�3-15-09��12:06�am
The Four Tops Strike Again......RTA5225 11�1�3-14-09��9:30�pm
Anita HumesMarv 5�1�3-14-09��7:04�pm
My 500th PostT.L. Harris 3�1�3-14-09��5:31�pm
THE CLAY COLE SHOW EPISODE LIST!Mickey McIntosh 5�1�3-14-09��2:02�pm
Shaun Murphy (Stoney) is a free agentRalph Terrana 22�1�3-14-09��1:46�pm
Play Connect Al Green's CD'ssplanky 6�1�3-14-09��10:15�am
FONTELLA BASS LP QUESTIONmike s 14�1�3-14-09��8:14�am
Bootsy Collins=Will Collins?Mark Speck 4�1�3-13-09��11:03�pm
United Sound Studios FirePshark 2�1�3-13-09��5:35�pm
Jesse Belvin Kevin Goins - KevGo 17�1�3-13-09��2:27�pm
ISLAND RECORDS TURNS 50!!Kevin Goins - KevGo 4�1�3-13-09��2:21�pm
The Temptations-Happy PeopleGEETEE7�1�3-13-09��1:41�pm
Peter Tork UpdateMark Speck 4�1�3-13-09��11:51�am
The Way They WereReese 11�1�3-13-09��9:12�am
"Sweet Dreams" by Tommy McClainRon WCCW 5�1�3-12-09��9:33�pm
Chicago Soul (any info please on these artists/groups)boba 24�1�3-12-09��7:49�pm
"The Last Hurricane" The brief tale of the Last One Standing Ralph Terrana 10�1�3-12-09��3:51�pm
My Extended Remix #106: The Three Degrees: "You're The Fool"...jayjay 16�1�3-12-09��1:45�pm
The Weight By Jackie DeShannon..Back Up Singer??brooklyn_soul_king 1�1�3-12-09��1:24�pm
Penny Carterroger 4�1�3-12-09��6:24�am
Houston Outlaws - Who Were They?boba 19�1�3-12-09��1:12�am
Detroit DJ Dick JacquesColtonThomas 3�1�3-11-09��10:25�pm
WHERE ARE YOU - BOBBY HEBBMark Speck 6�1�3-11-09��9:14�pm
The Mayberry Movement - Who Were They?ady_croasdell 18�1�3-11-09��5:23�pm
Jagged EdgeTwirl Records 9�1�3-11-09��2:44�pm
THE UNDERRATED IMPRESSIONS?JSmith 4�1�3-11-09��11:32�am
Whats the deal with Chris Brown and Rihanna?Motown_Fan 215�7�3-11-09��9:26�am
James Carr questionMotown_Fan 17�1�3-11-09��8:59�am
YouTube stands by UK video block Marv 10�1�3-10-09��10:57�pm
Brainstorm/Belita WoodsDr Groove 28�1�3-10-09��10:11�pm
Russ Terrana mixing Abe Wilson's new song, "Something So Wrong"...Ralph Terrana 17�1�3-10-09��7:47�pm
Why is this Bigot and Racist still on the air?Ms. M 47�1�3-10-09��5:02�pm
CANDI STATONmotown_david 4�1�3-10-09��6:54�am
BMG Music Service is being discontinued as of June 30, 2009.Marv 2�1�3-10-09��2:15�am
Mickey Denton / Michael DentonTwirl Records 29�1�3-10-09��1:36�am
Feeding Off The Love Of The Land by Stevie Wonder (With Strings)...Ms. M 1�1�3-10-09��1:27�am
Clyde Mcphatter questionTwirl Records 16�1�3-10-09��1:20�am
Gladys KnightMsJoys 6�1�3-09-09��8:49�pm
Five Crowns on De Besth'-Northwest Indiana-or Cleveland GroupRobb_K 4�1�3-09-09��8:08�pm
A Barry White QuestionKev-Lo 1�1�3-09-09��5:08�pm
I need expert advice on how to push ideas for a scriptjrlo 12�1�3-09-09��3:34�pm
Bettye & A Canadian FanErik T 4�1�3-09-09��2:38�pm
Vicki Sue RobinsonRandy Russi 4�1�3-09-09��1:50�pm
WJLB studio - Bill SilbertGraham Finch 1�1�3-09-09��10:18�am
Joey Dee/the Soul SurvivorsRandy Russi 1�1�3-09-09��9:51�am
Shrine studio sessionsWANDAful 1�1�3-09-09��9:34�am
Please can someone help me with a northern songroger 8�1�3-09-09��9:08�am
Estelle Bennett funeralRandy Russi 5�1�3-09-09��8:42�am
Some creative YouTubing: Ruffin's voice on MJtsull 1�1�3-09-09��1:23�am
Peter Tork of the Monkees has rare form of cancerceasar 19�1�3-08-09��9:00�pm
D. WARWICK & J. MATHIS FRIENDS IN LOVEsplanky 5�1�3-08-09��1:55�pm
March Is National Women's History Monthsplanky 9�1�3-08-09��10:17�am
Any JT Taylor fans out there?CAPTAIN 26�1�3-08-09��10:06�am
New CD Sharon Nelson,.....Prince sisterWeldon A. Mc Dougal 6�1�3-08-09��9:23�am
YET ANOTHER FUNK ANTHEM TURNS 30!Timmy Funk 48�1�3-08-09��8:51�am
Bloodstone - Who Has the Last LaughJSmith 31�1�3-08-09��6:26�am
Uvee Hayes New CD (Southern Soul + Otis Clay)JSmith 2�1�3-08-09��3:51�am
Lonnie Shields and The Hunter BrothersMark Hunter 1�1�3-07-09��11:42�pm
Looking through the Window (live) Jackson FiveKevin Goins - KevGo 5�1�3-07-09��8:10�pm
Any major record stores left in Manhattan after Virgin?Kevin Goins - KevGo 43�1�3-07-09��4:25�pm
Chris Montez - Call MeMotown_Fan 14�1�3-07-09��10:26�am
Connie Stevenssplanky 15�1�3-07-09��9:18�am
R.I.P. Zach ZacheryKev-Lo 12�1�3-06-09��10:54�pm
JIMMY FALLON'S HOUSE BAND: THE ROOTSKevin Goins - KevGo 16�1�3-06-09��1:18�pm
THE SEA AND SHE-THE NEW ROTARY CONNECTIONKevin Goins - KevGo 6�1�3-06-09��12:48�pm
Pameline & Richard �Popcorn� Wylie Lars Nilsson 10�1�3-06-09��10:32�am
Jacko late arriving to announce upcoming tourJAI NANCE 12�1�3-06-09��9:26�am
Clay McMurraymel8�1�3-06-09��12:14�am
Bobby Vintonstephanie 22�1�3-05-09��8:34�pm
Bill Butterball CraneMarv 22�1�3-05-09��8:12�pm
Henry Shed �Something drastically wrong� CreamDavie Gordon 8�1�3-05-09��9:46�am
Selectadisc to closesoulwally 1�1�3-05-09��5:31�am
Sandra Feva-Savoir Faire reissueDavidDesper 6�1�3-05-09��12:16�am
BARBARA LEWISmichael r. lee shue 7�1�3-04-09��10:22�pm
Good Stuff Coming From Ace RecordsSuperLou 9�1�3-04-09��6:08�pm
WHATEVER HURTS YOU-THE MAD LADSmoonbeam 16�1�3-04-09��5:56�pm
The Bettye LaVette Storyjdwheat 28�1�3-04-09��12:31�pm
Bobbie Humphrey Questionmr_june 8�1�3-04-09��12:24�pm
Little Anthony & The Imperialsstephanie 2�1�3-04-09��11:38�am
For Cookies fans out thereRandy Russi 31�1�3-04-09��10:13�am
Ebo "I'd rather be by myself"Nosey 5�1�3-04-09��8:55�am
The 2nd AMRN Musician Flea MarketCOOLBREEZETW 1�1�3-04-09��12:08�am
Jane Mansfield & Jimi Hendrix!!Pshark 7�1�3-03-09��11:56�pm
Garland Green Did A Good Show Last Nightmoonbeam 8�1�3-03-09��6:17�pm
David Ebo - I'd Rather Be By MyselfJayBS 13�1�3-03-09��12:31�pm
Sam and DaveRandy Russi 8�1�3-03-09��10:04�am
KISS-KISS..ALL IS FORGIVEN?The Valley 8�1�3-03-09��2:51�am
Oil in my lamp questiontom_moulton 8�1�3-02-09��11:33�pm
Happy Birthday Larwence Albert Paytonbradsupremes 7�1�3-02-09��10:32�pm
Lyman Woodard RIPFunkyone D.J. Dollar13�1�3-02-09��7:34�pm
Aretha Franklin - Groovin'copley 4�1�3-02-09��7:04�pm
Put Your Records OnGrapevine 22�1�3-02-09��6:34�pm
The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame: Legends vs. Hip HopTimmy Funk 84�2�3-02-09��5:00�pm
Anyone else here like Swing Out Sister?MzO 29�1�3-02-09��2:53�pm
Soul -vs- Soul Traindaddyacey 5�1�3-02-09��2:35�pm
How to over-produce a recordLynn Bruce 22�1�3-02-09��2:28�pm
P-FUNK CLOSES BLACK FUTURE MONTHTimmy Funk 1�1�3-02-09��12:42�pm
Richard Felstead's Show On The Air NowRichard Felstead 10�1�3-02-09��6:46�am
Gangsta Ed Keepin It Realpopcorn 1�1�3-02-09��4:06�am
Mojo magazine feb issue Motown special and free CDThe Valley 17�1�3-02-09��3:31�am
Songs on the last 10 year with that old time feelingjillfoster 5�1�3-02-09��3:09�am
Don't cry at the party questionhonest man 4�1�3-01-09��2:03�pm
Everyone please pray for SUSAYERichard Felstead 44�1�3-01-09��8:58�am
WHAT HAPPEN TO THE OTHER MEMBERS OF THE O'JAYS?Soulful Detriot 25�1�3-01-09��4:19�am
TO HARD TO COME BYShowTime 1�1�2-28-09��11:18�pm
YouTube is Removing, Banning and Muted Tons of Stuffabfan 79�2�2-28-09��7:33�pm
Pre-Motown Unreleased Track by Brenda HollowayBrother Love 7�1�2-28-09��6:15�pm
Any Rodger Collins fans out there?Pshark 1�1�2-28-09��2:59�pm
Bobby Womack/Bill Withers questionPhil 5�1�2-28-09��5:20�am
For a little while.......ColtonThomas 7�1�2-28-09��1:37�am
Does anyone know about Soul Singer Lloyd Brown?Twirl Records 1�1�2-28-09��1:08�am
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