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GREATEST BASS GUITARISTS-SDF STYLEDJ Funk-O-Nots 32�1�8-08-08��2:57�pm
The lost album of Florence BallardPer 2�1�8-08-08��2:57�pm
Looks like Grace knows how to still throw a party!Nosey 2�1�8-08-08��1:47�pm
Sly & Family Stone's 'if you want me to stay'Funkyone D.J. Dollar15�1�8-08-08��12:18�pm
Mitch Ryder Phil 43�1�8-08-08��11:42�am
Falcons on FlickGraham Finch 29�1�8-08-08��11:22�am
Impact Recordmel7�1�8-08-08��11:20�am
How'd that get on the R&B charts? Bob Olhsson 56�1�8-08-08��12:17�am
The Late Great Margaret AllisonDTURNER@GRUDETROIT.U1�1�8-07-08��11:53�pm
Detroit SoulMark Speck 3�1�8-07-08��10:31�pm
Saffire Fans-Check out Gaye's new solo CD!Destruction 2�1�8-07-08��8:32�pm
MARTHA REEVES ON GOLF CHANNEL WED 8/6stubass 4�1�8-07-08��8:04�pm
The Falcons - Good Good Feelings (New CD compilation)kamasu 2�1�8-07-08��7:43�pm
ELTON JOHN WITH BENNIE & THE JETSDestruction 15�1�8-07-08��6:27�pm
New Project From William Mickey Stevenson?EverythingsAlright 1�1�8-07-08��6:22�pm
Retort Coffee House ?douglasm 3�1�8-07-08��5:55�pm
GREATEST KEYBOARDISTS-SDF STYLElamar Hill 18�1�8-07-08��5:54�pm
The Older I get..Chi Drummer 3�1�8-07-08��4:02�pm
Before & After Billboard's Hot 100Hula-Girl 1�1�8-07-08��3:38�pm
Ledisi comes back to The Tonight Show :-)...Kdubya 13�1�8-07-08��2:34�pm
Donald ByrdGEETEE39�1�8-07-08��1:57�pm
Detroit guitarist Donald AustinSteve K 11�1�8-07-08��1:56�pm
Giving It BackKevin Goins - KevGo 11�1�8-07-08��11:57�am
For You Bass Players Or Fans Of Bass PlayersWalt B 16�1�8-07-08��1:02�am
Linda Clifford - New Dance Single "How Long"Rick Gianatos 8�1�8-07-08��12:55�am
Tommy Chong Live Video Chat Today Pshark 3�1�8-06-08��11:12�pm
What The World Needs Now/(Abraham Martin and John) by Tom Clay....Grapevine 7�1�8-06-08��6:44�pm
Celestial Records label scan request....douglasm 1�1�8-06-08��4:51�pm
Changes in the Entertainment Vocabulary (Music)Hula-Girl 3�1�8-06-08��3:00�pm
BARBARA MASON - AUGUST SHOWS !Nosey 8�1�8-06-08��1:53�pm
The saddest song everimnokid 130�4�8-06-08��12:38�pm
McKinley Jackson interviewNSoul12 3�1�8-06-08��12:28�pm
No soul in the Pacific Northleft? The Emerald City Soul Clubtsull 8�1�8-06-08��12:08�pm
MFSB'S LOVE IS THE MESSAGE TURNS 35!B. Graff 21�1�8-06-08��12:01�pm
Where do you guys get your new release information?kamasu 6�1�8-06-08��8:52�am
Alton McClain Scarborough WOW!roddee 2�1�8-05-08��10:54�pm
Is It Safe To Say That Motown Was The Best Record Company EverKevin Goins - KevGo 54�1�8-05-08��10:22�pm
Robert BatemanMark Speck 5�1�8-05-08��7:07�pm
JO STAFFORD - RIPlamar Hill 12�1�8-05-08��6:38�pm
GREATEST GUITARISTS-SDF STYLElamar Hill 36�1�8-05-08��6:18�pm
INFECTIOUS!!!daddyacey 9�1�8-05-08��6:09�pm
2008 African Festival of the Arts-ChicagoNoah 10�1�8-05-08��4:38�pm
Hey Charise and others who LOVE GOSPEL like I do...glencro 23�1�8-05-08��4:11�pm
GREATEST SAX PLAYERS-SDF STYLEJohn Doe 26�1�8-05-08��1:32�pm
The Gospel SoundJSmith 14�1�8-05-08��12:21�pm
Update on Will DowningJSmith 2�1�8-05-08��9:34�am
Mods or Members on Rare Soul ForumJSmith 4�1�8-05-08��8:17�am
Cheech & Chong Reunion TourDestruction 46�1�8-05-08��12:30�am
Uptight in Detroit This WeekEverythingsAlright 1�1�8-04-08��8:17�pm
Tribute to the Temptations on tonight's R&B showcase radio show...Rhythm & Blues Showc1�1�8-04-08��8:12�pm
Stevie Wonder / Betty Wrightpopcorn 19�1�8-04-08��7:18�pm
Any Fans of Jeff Floyd Here?DetroitDar 7�1�8-04-08��6:57�pm
Teegarden & Van Winkle videodouglasm 28�1�8-04-08��6:54�pm
A Question For The Non Artists And Musicians Of SDFKev-Lo 12�1�8-04-08��5:50�pm
TOYS 'R'USsplanky 8�1�8-04-08��4:55�pm
Yeah, WHITEBREAD, but some WHITE BOYS CAN STRAIGHT OUT SING!!!Kevin Goins - KevGo 108�3�8-04-08��11:42�am
Solomon Burke & De DijkRobbert 1�1�8-04-08��8:01�am
More for Marvin Gaye fansLaDia 6�1�8-04-08��7:29�am
Anybody know this at allRobb_K 5�1�8-04-08��6:56�am
Mickey Dentoncarl_p 7�1�8-03-08��9:55�pm
DOORS "TOUCH ME" REMIXED?!?Garo 13�1�8-03-08��12:56�pm
Karen Clark Sheard & Her Echeosabfan 2�1�8-03-08��8:00�am
OMAR CUNNINGHAM - TIME SERVEDJSmith 3�1�8-03-08��5:18�am
KrystolJSmith 12�1�8-03-08��3:04�am
Looking for 2 songs...Need Help...JSmith 2�1�8-03-08��2:39�am
Favorite Lead Singer of The Temptationsdickiemint 47�1�8-03-08��2:28�am
Estelle BennettJimmy Mack 13�1�8-02-08��11:15�pm
Darlene Love Anthologyhotstuff 30�1�8-02-08��8:23�pm
UNCF honors Patti LaBelleabfan 4�1�8-02-08��6:23�pm
Bobby Martin of Philly SoulJSmith 41�1�8-02-08��3:06�pm
How About These?Mark Speck 1�1�8-02-08��2:18�pm
Most Imitated SingersTruth B. Told 9�1�8-02-08��12:50�pm
Good new stuff from Leroy BellHonest Opinions 2�1�8-02-08��11:25�am
What concerts are you hoping to go to this summer?Erik T 17�1�8-02-08��11:14�am
Which age group buys the most music?kamasu 18�1�8-02-08��9:06�am
Ralphael saadiq's oh girl!TexasSoul 16�1�8-01-08��11:32�pm
Candi Statoninandoutoflove 15�1�8-01-08��7:03�pm
Ledisi's Christmas Album - Coming Soon :-)...catwoman55 3�1�8-01-08��4:39�pm
The Time On Jay Leno TonightDetroitDar 28�1�8-01-08��2:23�pm
Guitarist Hiram Bullock passed away :-(...oli67 13�1�8-01-08��12:02�pm
Super Supremes Australia....I don't think so. stoned love 8�1�8-01-08��7:56�am
'Changing Times'Robbert 17�1�7-31-08��8:42�pm
The early moments story (pre-Ray, Goodman, and Brown)boba 42�1�7-31-08��8:02�pm 1�1�7-31-08��4:39�pm
Margaret Allison of the Angelic Gospel Singersladyvanaye 3�1�7-31-08��11:33�am
Need some new 'download music' websites...TexasSoul 7�1�7-30-08��11:56�pm
Willie Parker -- who was he reallyNaoya Yamauchi 6�1�7-30-08��8:52�pm
Sex Machine - Sly & Them/Larrydaddyacey 6�1�7-30-08��6:49�pm
Hey guys, I'm new here!Richard Felstead 36�1�7-30-08��6:38�pm
LA Earthquake!MoMotown 3�1�7-30-08��2:29�pm
Ernie Isley - Not One of Rolling Stone's Top 100 Guitarist?GEETEE45�1�7-30-08��11:46�am
I Want T o Make An ApologyGEETEE2�1�7-30-08��11:32�am
Kate Bush - 50 TodayMark Speck 2�1�7-30-08��11:28�am
Rusty Old HaloMark Speck 3�1�7-30-08��11:27�am
Ray Charles - A message from the peopleMark Speck 9�1�7-30-08��1:38�am
A JOE COCKER QUESTION FOR Y'ALL...Kevin Goins - KevGo 7�1�7-30-08��12:03�am
Worlds Fastest Guitar Player-Flight of the Bumble Bee x 3ceasar 2�1�7-29-08��11:26�pm
THE SUMMER OF OUR LIVESKevin Goins - KevGo 27�1�7-29-08��6:06�pm
Barrett Strong / Roger PenzabeneJuicefree20 4�1�7-29-08��4:54�pm
Valerie Simpsonbrianlscott 3�1�7-29-08��3:12�pm
PAT LEWISJohn Lester 2�1�7-29-08��10:23�am
Two to keep an eye onKdubya 5�1�7-29-08��9:32�am
Disco To Go (Brof F) -- Oh No Its Not Juicefree20 14�1�7-29-08��3:04�am
The end of file sharing...?Soulful Detroit 9�1�7-28-08��7:54�pm
Ironic Musical TwistsMotown_Fan 22�1�7-28-08��1:26�pm
MORE MORE MORE Pointers on the way waldo 1�1�7-28-08��11:11�am
Who Do You Consider The Greatest & Best Multi-Track Singer....stephanie 58�1�7-27-08��10:45�pm
Errol BrownJuicefree20 10�1�7-27-08��9:55�pm
Pete Rivera in the Dstephanie 3�1�7-27-08��9:47�pm
TEMPTATIONS CLOUD NINE TURNS 40!Timmy Funk 21�1�7-27-08��3:12�pm
The Ten Cheesiest Singers Of All-TimePshark 125�4�7-27-08��2:34�pm
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DR. FUNKENSTEIN!!!cOzmic 17�1�7-27-08��1:54�pm
Whitney Houston back to "pitch-perfect" vocal shape after voice les...cOzmic 21�1�7-27-08��10:03�am
DR. JOHN'S RIGHT PLACE WRONG TIME TURNS 35!Kevin Goins - KevGo 8�1�7-27-08��2:09�am
Little Willie Johnladyvanaye 5�1�7-26-08��10:12�pm
Who's your sexiest male vocalist in music history? ladyvanaye 8�1�7-26-08��8:41�pm
HAVE I BEEN IN A PERMANENT TYPE NOD...Timmy Funk 2�1�7-26-08��8:01�pm
Looking for a Chi-Lites AlbumKevin Goins - KevGo 31�1�7-26-08��12:08�pm
10 REASONS WHY I LOVED (AND STILL LOVE) THE FACES lleitner1 12�1�7-26-08��8:45�am
Phil Spectormike s 4�1�7-26-08��5:56�am
Oh, Wonder B...(or any other vinyl collector...)daddyacey 54�1�7-26-08��3:33�am
A Jackie Wilson questionKevin Goins - KevGo 12�1�7-26-08��12:20�am
Your first meeting and/or autographSatipe 25�1�7-25-08��6:57�pm
Tommy Keithsoulwally 12�1�7-25-08��4:44�am
Unscramble The The Following Songs/Namecopley 8�1�7-25-08��4:28�am
Treat for us Dramatics fans...ladyvanaye 12�1�7-25-08��12:27�am
The EbonysJuicefree20 17�1�7-24-08��5:34�pm
Stand Up or Electric Bass.....Cam 5�1�7-24-08��2:36�pm
So what do we think of Eli 'Paperboy' Reed ?catwoman55 5�1�7-24-08��2:29�pm
Artistqueenybee07 14�1�7-24-08��10:36�am
Blown opportunity on an autograph/meetingmoonbeam 11�1�7-24-08��7:44�am
Joe Jeffrey / Joe SfaffordKevin Goins - KevGo 10�1�7-24-08��5:00�am
What Year Did These Songs Come OutJuicefree20 6�1�7-24-08��1:22�am
Old and Grouchy About Navy Pier and Pining for ChicagoFestCam 14�1�7-23-08��7:59�pm
The "Soul" ChildrenTony Russi 26�1�7-23-08��8:02�am
THERE'S THAT BEAT! New Issue Out Soonceasar 6�1�7-22-08��11:06�pm
Isley Brothers Questionjust7numbers 4�1�7-22-08��6:32�pm
VanityJuicefree20 33�1�7-22-08��4:41�am
Natalie Cole says she has hepatitis Cstubass 33�1�7-22-08��1:50�am
Rare Earth Collection at Hip-O SelectPshark 16�1�7-22-08��1:47�am
Chaka Khan Thinks Obama/Politicians PuppetsTTFB 15�1�7-21-08��11:23�pm
Who Was The Biggest Soul And R&B Icon Between These ThreeThedream 10�1�7-21-08��9:12�pm
The Trammps with Jimmy Ellis on radio 9PM Monday (Jul. 21)Rhythm & Blues Showc1�1�7-21-08��1:03�pm
Crenshaw at ShubasRalph Terrana 9�1�7-21-08��11:51�am
Soulchoonz Presents; LORI DOW �Love Changes�JSmith 2�1�7-21-08��11:16�am
The Saru LabelJSmith 15�1�7-21-08��10:38�am
Otis Leavill tracksmike s 46�1�7-21-08��7:25�am
Had to share this Chaka & ChickDJ Funk-O-Nots 3�1�7-20-08��5:08�pm
Jill Scott performing live with a string section!Walt B 1�1�7-20-08��3:12�am
Chris Clark-CC Rides again on Weed Records?Kevin Goins - KevGo 21�1�7-20-08��3:02�am
James Brown's Possessions AuctionedWonder B 4�1�7-19-08��9:47�pm
Bobby Womack "I Can't Stand It"King Curtis 8�1�7-19-08��2:59�pm
GLENN GOINS TRIBUTE SPECIAL TONIGHT!!! Phil 37�1�7-19-08��2:15�pm
Phyllies Intruders will be appearing in PlainfieldNJ... Thedream 2�1�7-19-08��2:01�pm
THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BEST SOUL ALBUM OF THE YEAR!roger 13�1�7-19-08��10:43�am
The Tymes "Only Your Love" (RCA)roger 10�1�7-19-08��10:18�am
JUST PUT IN MY ADVANCE ORDER...Timmy Funk 1�1�7-19-08��7:50�am
Groups from small countries of the worldBrian T. 5�1�7-19-08��1:23�am
Read about someone named Les Crane passing/Sounded familiarKevin Goins - KevGo 2�1�7-19-08��12:29�am
"Smooth Jazz"Honest Opinions 37�1�7-19-08��12:04�am
Computer question-Hope someone can helpDavidDesper 3�1�7-18-08��6:48�pm
What American Artist Was The Biggest Over Seasmidnightman 44�1�7-18-08��6:03�pm
Any all female groups but with one male vocalist on lead?cOzmic 34�1�7-18-08��4:18�pm
Jerry Butler's 1994 Valley Vue albumJAI NANCE 8�1�7-18-08��12:35�pm
Happy birthday Martha Reevesmidnightman 5�1�7-18-08��10:49�am
Funkadelic Toys (tell me this is for rea!l)daddyacey 14�1�9-11-08��6:35�pm
I Want Some Live SlySteve 2�1�9-11-08��12:26�pm
Nosey's Trip Down Early PhillyMemory LaneTony Russi 5�1�9-11-08��10:11�am
Prayers Needed for Koko's bandGEETEE7�1�9-11-08��2:03�am
Elton John, The Complete Thom Bell Sessionsbrowndog 3�1�9-10-08��10:25�pm
NORMAN WHITFIELDRichard Heaney 72�2�9-10-08��5:40�pm
HALL & OATES SHE'S GONE TURNS 35Truth B. Told 7�1�9-10-08��5:12�pm
Soul vets still making musicReese 6�1�9-10-08��4:20�pm
Howlers in liner notes!!Motown_Fan 6�1�9-10-08��3:27�pm
Barbara Mason & Bunny Sigler LPNSoul12 14�1�9-10-08��2:43�pm
Isaac Hayes- One of his Last Interviews soulseeker 11�1�9-10-08��11:44�am
The Olympics!!Mr Soul 29�1�9-10-08��5:14�am
The Battle Of The Lead Vocalist'sSoulful Detriot 15�1�9-09-08��11:26�pm
PRAYERS FOR BARRETT STRONGKdubya 9�1�9-09-08��10:31�pm
When I See Clips Like This........ladyvanaye 4�1�9-09-08��2:00�pm
Bill 'Bunky' Sheppardsolar_clive 1�1�9-09-08��10:11�am
Sly & The Family Stone -60's Survivors midnightman 17�1�9-08-08��11:23�pm
Voting Against ones own self interestjust7numbers 5�1�9-08-08��11:14�pm
My "While You're Out Looking For Sugar" remixjust7numbers 10�1�9-08-08��11:10�pm
Richard Street appreciation threadtsull 25�1�9-08-08��10:52�pm
Funk Brothers In CanadaErik T 3�1�9-08-08��10:20�pm
A new soul generationMs. M 10�1�9-08-08��11:46�am
Sounds Like The Flirtations album being released on CD legitimatelyCarlo 11�1�9-08-08��10:24�am
The disappearing Tam...soulwally 1�1�9-08-08��7:48�am
Back To Now new Labelle CD available 10/21stoned love 2�1�9-08-08��3:32�am
Kenny Lattimore & Chante Moorestoned love 3�1�9-08-08��3:28�am
Need information on 3 songslleitner1 12�1�9-07-08��9:29�pm
A Few Questions, As I Go Through a Box of 45'sMark Speck 4�1�9-07-08��9:18�pm
Whitney Houston *MIGHT* be on Oprah on Tuesday!man of music 2�1�9-07-08��8:49�pm
P Abdul interviews Natalie Cole -Mon Sep 8 on Entertainment Tonight Motown_Fan 4�1�9-07-08��8:20�pm
TOGETHER BROTHERSclearfromhere 2�1�9-07-08��5:16�pm
Jazmine sullivan's i need u bad!glencro 12�1�9-07-08��4:45�pm
Phyllis Hyman & Angela Bofill (Live)Kevin Goins - KevGo 8�1�9-07-08��2:14�pm
You learn something new everyday!Motown_Fan 3�1�9-07-08��10:06�am
(Cleveland's) Laura GreeneMark Speck 8�1�9-07-08��12:53�am
HAPPY B-DAY SARAH DASH OF LABELLE 8-18-2008CAPTAIN 6�1�9-06-08��11:31�pm
Patti Drew Interviewboba 12�1�9-06-08��9:20�pm
Swami-Kwame/Sung to: "Ding dong the Witch is Dead"DThomas 8�1�9-06-08��2:19�pm
Al Green fans with Itunes...Phil 10�1�9-06-08��12:48�pm
DRAMATICSHeikki 14�1�9-06-08��8:09�am
MOTOWN 50fullundie 12�1�9-06-08��7:43�am
I'M SURE THAT THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE ON THIS BOARD..Timmy Funk 8�1�9-06-08��6:44�am
The Emotions' I Could Never Be Happysoulseeker 5�1�9-06-08��3:08�am
Lee Dorsey on ConstellationJSmith 13�1�9-06-08��1:46�am
Lee AlanMark Speck 7�1�9-06-08��1:21�am
Can Someone Help Me Find Out About A Mystery Song?djmahogany 3�1�9-05-08��9:01�pm
Al Hudson/One Way @ African Festival of Arts (29th Sept/2008) ?...catwoman55 5�1�9-05-08��6:17�pm
I Need Linda Jones Fans Quotes Addressesladyvanaye 2�1�9-05-08��5:16�pm
Darlene Love & Tevin Campbell Brother Love 9�1�9-05-08��4:06�pm
FAIRED OFF BETTER THE SECOND TIME RELEASED...kamasu 20�1�9-05-08��3:32�pm
MUSIC TRIVIAkamasu 17�1�9-05-08��3:02�pm
BMI Honors The Jacksons at Urban Awards in Los AngelesMotown 1�1�9-05-08��11:52�am
The ronettesRandy Russi 26�1�9-05-08��8:40�am
Juice...Juice...Juice...Juicefree20 5�1�9-05-08��4:20�am
Wolfgang's Vault Online Concerts...JSmith 3�1�9-05-08��4:04�am
R. Kelly Ordered To Pay For Kicking Ne-Yo Off Tourkamasu 7�1�9-04-08��6:43�pm
Gotta find these soul trackskamasu 8�1�9-04-08��6:20�pm
History of Teddy PendergrassNosey 10�1�9-04-08��10:55�am
A Touch of Classic Soul magazine - THE COMMODORESNosey 13�1�9-04-08��10:50�am
Three Years Ago TodayJSmith 13�1�9-04-08��8:29�am
WFNK.COM is back up and runningTimmy Funk 1�1�9-04-08��8:21�am
JERRY REED R.I.P.Twirl Records 16�1�9-04-08��2:31�am
Do you remember ? What was the first CD you ever bought ?Soulster 51�1�9-04-08��12:57�am
Where are my Anita Baker Fanstsaneladi 13�1�9-03-08��11:48�pm
Papa was a Rolling Stonejohno 10�1�9-03-08��11:37�pm
Funky (vinyl) Party Inviteboba 5�1�9-03-08��10:49�pm
Dorothy MorrisonBrother Love 32�1�9-03-08��6:37�pm
MICHAEL JACKSON TURNS 50midnightman 34�1�9-03-08��5:45�pm
You got 31:10?...ladyvanaye 2�1�9-03-08��4:58�pm
Barbara Mason in the UKNSoul12 2�1�9-03-08��3:06�pm
Rachelle Ferrell at Bernie Mac's Public Memorial Servicecatwoman55 5�1�9-03-08��3:01�pm
Debbie TaylorJSmith 13�1�9-03-08��1:12�pm
Enchantment/Live In Chicago...almost !JSmith 30�1�9-03-08��1:06�pm
CHICAGO's Fabulous EchoesJSmith 2�1�9-03-08��12:59�pm
The FlirtationsCarlo 48�1�9-03-08��12:27�pm
Rib House and Tera Shirma 4 Ralphstubass 25�1�9-03-08��10:54�am
What is your ring tune?dvdmike 21�1�9-03-08��8:09�am
Little Anthony on Lettermantsaneladi 25�1�9-03-08��4:57�am
Happy Birthday - FANITA JAMESjust7numbers 7�1�9-02-08��10:41�pm
For the FUNKERS - LOUIS JOHNSON speakscOzmic 9�1�9-02-08��2:05�pm
Music changes depending on whether Democrats or Republicans are in ...Frankie B. 15�1�9-02-08��12:39�pm
Gwen Owens: Now Not a Lot of People Know Thissnakepit 11�1�9-02-08��4:29�am
Gilbert Moorer Passesboba 6�1�9-02-08��1:07�am
The new Soul Childrenkamasu 7�1�9-01-08��6:07�pm
Sly's Litlle Girl Funkin'TTFB 17�1�9-01-08��5:38�pm
Tower Of Power "Credit"bobby_king 4�1�9-01-08��4:22�pm
Florence Ballard number of singles sold.Kevin Goins - KevGo 22�1�9-01-08��3:56�pm
Article about Sixto Rodriguezdjdetroit 4�1�9-01-08��10:50�am
Replacement Replacement Drummer DiesTimmy Funk 4�1�9-01-08��10:23�am
MAXWELL TO GO ON TOURdaddyacey 5�1�8-31-08��11:45�pm
THE SOULFUL YEAR OF 1978daddyacey 43�1�8-31-08��11:01�pm
Len Barry's new bookBankHouseDave 5�1�8-31-08��4:23�pm
My World Is Empty......Marsha Huntsplanky 13�1�8-31-08��10:18�am
Wattstax vs. Zaire '74darylb 14�1�8-30-08��11:28�pm
In which posting do I sign up to have username linked to my email a...oli67 2�1�8-30-08��4:42�pm
The Delfonics - Match These - Slow Jams for the PeriodHula-Girl 19�1�8-29-08��9:04�pm
Is there a song you never get tired of?rell123 77�2�8-29-08��6:57�pm
Aaliyah - It Was Seven Years Ago Today :-(...LaDia 5�1�8-29-08��4:29�pm
Baltimore Oriole 78 - Lorez Alexandria mrlonleyheart 1�1�8-29-08��2:44�pm
Song questionmotownmorph 9�1�8-29-08��1:29�pm
Those in detroit, tribute to marvin gaye tonightJTF1972 2�1�8-29-08��12:16�pm
Rhetta HughesJSmith 43�1�8-29-08��2:13�am
Which Tymes CD?Heikki 8�1�8-29-08��1:58�am
Fuller Brothers / Jerry FullerHeikki 15�1�8-29-08��1:52�am
Shirelles in San FranciscoHeikki 10�1�8-29-08��1:34�am
DARLENE LOVE - ANTHOLOGYjust7numbers 5�1�8-29-08��12:03�am
Whatever Happened To Herjust7numbers 15�1�8-28-08��11:59�pm
Monterey Pop -vs- Woodstock Which One Do You Think Was Betterjust7numbers 19�1�8-28-08��11:52�pm
Nancy Ames question......Mark Speck 2�1�8-28-08��10:49�pm
Alton McClain and Destiny CDMartha Reeves and th2�1�8-28-08��10:21�pm
Ernie Isley gets his props in the new issue of Wax PoeticsGEETEE11�1�8-28-08��5:45�pm
TOO MUCH TOO LITTLE TOO LATE TURNS 30!Heikki 5�1�8-28-08��4:33�pm
RAPHAEL SAADIQ FREE CONCERT IN NYC 8/29/2008the classic master 3�1�8-28-08��1:26�pm
:-( Barbara Gilliam Of The Fuzz Passes :-(...mr_june 62�2�8-28-08��11:25�am
Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chartcopley 5�1�8-28-08��6:49�am
Gene Chandler Incidentmr_june 33�1�8-27-08��3:54�pm
I'm Mad as Hell in Chicago No Less !Kdubya 50�1�8-27-08��1:19�pm
"Northern Soul "- article in today's UK Timessnakepit 5�1�8-27-08��11:56�am
Nat King Cole and Box setsSoulful Chris 10�1�8-27-08��10:50�am
ISAAC HAYES - R.I.P.Timmy Funk 6�1�8-26-08��10:17�pm
Dennis Coffey Live CDDennis Coffey 5�1�8-26-08��5:20�pm
THE YOUNGSTERS-TOLD ANOTHER LIEPhil 13�1�8-26-08��4:15�pm
Who sang these songs: So In Love and Cindymr_june 15�1�8-26-08��10:54�am
I HATE YOU! I LOVE YOU!gino_belgium 10�1�8-26-08��10:30�am
This Ebay Seller needs to go to Funk SchoolSoulful Chris 18�1�8-26-08��10:18�am
Somebody please help me ID this.Pshark 4�1�8-26-08��4:27�am
'Kid Funk': Musical Rarities from the 1970sPshark 10�1�8-26-08��4:13�am
STEPHANIE MILLS AND OTHERS ROCKED LA 08- 2008stoned love 4�1�8-25-08��11:58�pm
Regarding the "Soft Pop-Soul" of the early 1960'sjohno 23�1�8-25-08��8:25�pm
Pervis Jackson RIPtsull 22�1�8-25-08��6:48�pm
What do we know about the Essential 3.0 series?Soulster 3�1�8-25-08��2:32�pm
Blue-eyed soulcOzmic 2�1�8-25-08��1:21�pm
Sweet Soul Musickamasu 10�1�8-25-08��10:27�am
Jody and Joe the Grinder RevisitedRalph Terrana 2�1�8-25-08��10:21�am
GREATEST DRUMMERS-SDF STYLEBankHouseDave 50�1�8-25-08��10:12�am
Buddy Harman passes.....dvdmike 11�1�8-25-08��8:17�am
Esquires Interviewboba 1�1�8-25-08��1:07�am
Russell Thompkins Jr. & The New Stylistics Were Royalty At B.B. Ki...LFBall 41�1�8-24-08��8:42�pm
MESSAGE FROM KEVIN GOINS - KEVGOKevin Goins - KevGo 10�1�8-24-08��2:48�pm
Foreign Label / Picture Cover ScansJSmith 75�2�8-24-08��12:21�pm
Wouldn't you like to have these?Timmy Funk 33�1�8-24-08��12:07�pm
Isaac Hayesgino_belgium 124�4�8-24-08��9:24�am
BETTYE LAVETTE MUSIC VIDEO DEBUTgino_belgium 8�1�8-24-08��9:22�am
Vinyl LP Production Is On The RiseSoulster 21�1�8-24-08��2:10�am
How is the local live entertainmet in your area ?Mark Hunter 2�1�8-24-08��1:26�am
Ellie's Love Theme / Easy Dayskamasu 6�1�8-23-08��5:02�pm
Lita Roza BankHouseDave 3�1�8-23-08��2:35�pm
Question about Herb Alpert's "Rise"....cOzmic 16�1�8-23-08��8:20�am
Chubby CheckerTony Russi 12�1�8-22-08��9:23�am
Russ and Ralph discussing the Diana ross concert in Central Park......Thedream 16�1�8-22-08��9:21�am
JULIUS CARRY III R.I.P.GEETEE2�1�8-22-08��9:16�am
STEPHANIE MILLS - For the First TimeGrapevine 29�1�8-22-08��8:17�am
NFL Great Gene Upshaw has passedRyon6 3�1�8-21-08��7:23�pm
Constructive Criticism? Is it possible on a message board? We'll s...Ralph Terrana 12�1�8-21-08��1:15�pm
JIMMY GILMER/FIREBALLS SUGAR SHACK TURNS 45!Motown_Fan 17�1�8-21-08��10:46�am
Phil Guy R.I.P.GEETEE5�1�8-21-08��10:21�am
U.S.A. Olympics Keeth Smart.JSmith 5�1�8-21-08��9:23�am
DOTS OR NOT?Robb_K 2�1�8-21-08��7:51�am
Bernie Mac diesJuicefree20 44�1�8-21-08��2:37�am
Lots of soul in NY/NJ this weekendMark Speck 3�1�8-20-08��7:57�pm
An Example Of Early Rap BEFORE Sugarhillman of music 15�1�8-20-08��7:52�pm
Sad Newssolemannking 40�1�8-20-08��4:30�pm
A Touch of Classic Soul magazine - GAMBLE & HUFFmr_june 12�1�8-20-08��12:55�pm
I Don't Care What ANYONE Says...Ms. M 9�1�8-20-08��12:26�pm
Dave Matthews Band sax player LeRoi Moore dies GEETEE4�1�8-20-08��10:26�am
Wedding at Norman of The Tymes HouseJuicefree20 8�1�8-19-08��8:40�pm
Jerry Wexler RIPJuicefree20 43�1�8-19-08��8:20�pm
Jerry Wexler ProducerJuicefree20 5�1�8-19-08��6:58�pm
Is Church of Scientology responsible for Hayes death?Kevin Goins - KevGo 34�1�8-18-08��11:01�pm
Ms. M. Check This Out..........T.L. Harris 3�1�8-18-08��6:06�pm
Lorraine Chandler contact details?pomonkey 1�1�8-18-08��4:11�pm
Elusive Disc is selling new Motown 180 gram vinyl!Soulster 6�1�8-18-08��3:49�pm
African World Festival--DetroitLaDia 5�1�8-18-08��10:36�am
"lost" lynda "wonder woman" carter/george benson albumwaldo 7�1�8-18-08��6:21�am
"lost" susan "golden girl" anton & ew&fire tracks/album...Phillyfan 2�1�8-17-08��11:08�pm
"lost" johnny mathis/chic produced albumPhillyfan 7�1�8-17-08��10:48�pm
Russ and Ralph goofing aroundKdubya 7�1�8-17-08��9:41�pm
Death Of "Drifter" Johnny Terrymfd 12�1�8-17-08��6:17�am
How Is Carol Douglas Doing These Days?Juicefree20 2�1�8-16-08��9:04�pm
The Soul ChildrenMotown_Fan 3�1�8-16-08��4:08�pm
The BlackbyrdsMark Speck 4�1�8-16-08��3:53�pm
Brownsville Station & GeminiRon WCCW 11�1�8-16-08��3:19�pm
Phil Spector retrial begins in OctoberAlanH 1�1�8-16-08��9:49�am
Yone know this atall please.......mel1�1�8-16-08��4:55�am
Happy 50th Birthday MadonnaKev-Lo 8�1�8-15-08��9:26�pm
Need Protection?Moe 16�1�8-15-08��8:41�pm
JUST IN FROM RODNEY HALL AT FAME STUDIOSoli67 7�1�8-15-08��10:08�am
Need help with Al Gardner Groovesville 777 remake of "I'll Get Alon...oli67 11�1�8-15-08��9:26�am
What's the best way to learn drums?? Help...Soulster 23�1�8-15-08��12:50�am
It's been said us classic soul lovers don't buy music ... really?...Soulster 40�1�8-15-08��12:37�am
Rough year for Nancy WilsonDavidDesper 10�1�8-14-08��11:22�pm
Article about "Vintage Soul" in USA Today, 8/13/08Soulster 3�1�8-14-08��9:48�pm
Howard Hewett - Underrated Soul TreasureDenvrMotownLvr 49�1�8-14-08��4:25�pm
Johnny BristolJSmith 16�1�8-14-08��12:28�pm
Good group, good video, good remaketsull 3�1�8-14-08��11:42�am
Barry and Glodean did not divorcemike s 20�1�8-14-08��4:50�am
The Classic ExampleJSmith 33�1�8-14-08��2:15�am
Persuaders featuring Douglas Scott (Brunswick)No Place Like Motown12�1�8-13-08��1:24�pm
Emo Sucks.. Do you think so?Ralph Terrana 12�1�8-13-08��10:11�am
Linda Jones new cd UpdateTerry jones 17�1�8-12-08��9:52�pm
Whatever Happened To The Group The BallardsNaoya Yamauchi 14�1�8-12-08��9:05�pm
My BirthdayMickey McIntosh 11�1�8-12-08��3:55�pm
Interesting new album: Steve Cropper and Felix CavaliereKevin Goins - KevGo 2�1�8-12-08��3:50�pm
FRANKIE KAHRL - R.I.P.puddlejumper 13�1�8-12-08��3:01�pm
Randy Diamond - songwriterRalph Terrana 2�1�8-12-08��9:56�am
A Sylvers Questionwaldo 2�1�8-12-08��9:34�am
Millie Jacksonwaldo 16�1�8-12-08��9:21�am
Remembering Glenn Goinsroger 14�1�8-12-08��6:51�am
THE TYMES IN PITTSBURGHceasar 5�1�8-11-08��10:41�pm
Detroit TV documentarydouglasm 9�1�8-11-08��5:20�pm
Introducing Richard Poindexter & The ULTIMATE Persuaders!Juicefree20 14�1�8-11-08��4:11�pm
Lamont Dozier144man 8�1�8-11-08��3:51�pm
It's A ShameKevin Goins - KevGo 41�1�8-11-08��2:13�pm
Bill Withers appears on stage in BrooklynKevin Goins - KevGo 3�1�8-11-08��1:43�pm
Did Walter Gibbons ever sign his records?B. Graff 6�1�8-11-08��10:49�am
Song ID Needed!oli67 8�1�8-11-08��8:40�am
Rondo Records -- LouisvilleJSmith 2�1�8-11-08��3:06�am
On the RadioEverythingsAlright 15�1�8-11-08��2:09�am
Kae Williams Jr. passed awayWeldon A. Mc Dougal 24�1�8-11-08��12:00�am
WIGO RADIO 1340 JULY 31, 1967 Top 30Kev-Lo 2�1�8-10-08��4:41�pm
Manu Dibangosplanky 7�1�8-10-08��12:22�pm
A lil Church this Sunday Morningabfan 1�1�8-10-08��11:06�am
Mitty Collier�s Backround singers - The Gems???mrlonleyheart 1�1�8-10-08��8:16�am
Billboard Hot 100's artists with most number-ones changed144man 20�1�8-10-08��7:47�am
People Get Ready - Any good covers?imnokid 21�1�8-09-08��10:29�pm
How many of you guys like prog rock?Erik T 21�1�8-09-08��2:14�pm
Russ and Ralph discussing the making of "Is Anybody Out There"..vid...nathan 10�1�8-09-08��9:50�am
Lead singer question ... Four Tops songT.L. Harris 6�1�8-09-08��9:15�am
Love Potion #9johno 7�1�8-09-08��4:26�am
Studio musician questionmhc 3�1�8-08-08��7:55�pm
JUST GOT THAT JAMES BROWN DVDDestruction 7�1�8-08-08��6:14�pm
Russ and Ralph discussing Billy Preston..videoRalph Terrana 12�1�8-08-08��4:05�pm
Ronnie McNeir/Greg Perryqueenybee07 3�1�10-02-08��9:51�am
The Very Best of Garland Greenmike s 9�1�10-02-08��7:23�am
Photos for Soulful DetroitJohnnieSueBridges 7�1�10-01-08��10:42�pm
THE FOUR TOPS/TEMPTATIONS......AWESOME SHOW!!!!!!!!!Kdubya 16�1�10-01-08��10:26�pm
Wayne Knights & The Branded MenRon WCCW 1�1�10-01-08��10:25�pm
Jimmy GIlford is back!!!Graham Finch 2�1�10-01-08��8:16�pm
Gawd Fedder: HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT A SDF CONVENTION ?tsull 35�1�10-01-08��5:40�pm
HEATWAVE CENTRAL HEATING LP TURNS 30!Kevin Goins - KevGo 6�1�10-01-08��3:46�pm
CLASSIC ISSAC HAYES ARTICLEkamasu 8�1�10-01-08��3:38�pm
Who Ruled And dominated the 60's Between Motown And The BeatlesKevin Goins - KevGo 38�1�10-01-08��1:30�pm
We Three Ltd (from Philly)boba 3�1�10-01-08��6:08�am
North South East & West (Chicago)GEETEE10�1�10-01-08��6:05�am
Doni burdick - candle (soul king)Keith Rylatt 9�1�10-01-08��5:59�am
Bobbie Smith and the Dream GirlsMark Speck 15�1�10-01-08��12:08�am
See you all SundayDetroitDar 12�1�9-30-08��8:15�pm
Rock and Roll Hall of Famekarralyn 1�1�9-30-08��7:42�pm
Linda Jones "Soul Talkin" Released Sept. 16, 2008Terry jones 22�1�9-30-08��6:16�pm
Connie Haines is Deadarjayvee 7�1�9-30-08��6:04�pm
A Generic Motown Song?Nosey 20�1�9-30-08��3:57�pm
"Days Go By" Wilson Pickett/Bobby Bennettdvdmike 13�1�9-30-08��3:40�pm
Spring 45 questionJSmith 1�1�9-30-08��6:43�am
Sad News Popcorn WylieTwirl Records 36�1�9-30-08��3:36�am
Storm Records - Anyone Know About this label?Twirl Records 26�1�9-30-08��3:32�am
Twirl Records Revival!Twirl Records 35�1�9-30-08��3:30�am
The EthicsJSmith 9�1�9-30-08��2:14�am
Janelle Monae? Anybody seen her yet?GEETEE3�1�9-30-08��2:08�am
Roz Ryan " You' re my only temptation "Mark Speck 8�1�9-29-08��11:32�pm
Patti LaBelle & Ledisi sang If Only You Knewabfan 2�1�9-29-08��8:34�pm
Ronnie Spector in UKcopley 14�1�9-29-08��8:04�pm
Ok so Clay AIken is Gay Is he gonna sell 1 millioncopley 115�3�9-29-08��7:25�pm
Leon RussellDThomas 7�1�9-29-08��1:51�pm
Thank you Soulful Detroit...for EVERYTHING.Phil 20�1�9-29-08��12:31�pm
Photos/T ShirtsGrapevine 2�1�9-29-08��11:09�am
New Orleans comes to Londonsolar_clive 3�1�9-29-08��8:48�am
Soul Train UpdateTimmy Funk 24�1�9-29-08��7:24�am
Joe Meek documentary to play the Raindance Film Festivalclearfromhere 8�1�9-28-08��8:45�pm
Soulful Detroit Hall Of Fame...The Fuzzmoonbeam 16�1�9-28-08��7:26�pm
Sparkle Ladiessoulseeker 9�1�9-28-08��5:25�pm
A Touch Of Classic Soul Brings You The R&B Foundation Pioneers Awar...soulseeker 23�1�9-28-08��4:39�pm
Tony Fields (from Battle Creek)JSmith 1�1�9-28-08��10:58�am
ANSWER THIS 62cdiii 7�1�9-27-08��8:40�pm
How did your Race...reflect your musical tastes?Frankie B. 29�1�9-27-08��3:56�pm
What do you think is the future for Music?Kevin Goins - KevGo 34�1�9-27-08��11:49�am
Sam Moore on the Weekend TODAY SHOW...NBC TVladyvanaye 4�1�9-27-08��8:53�am
Dr Buzzard's Original Savannah BandMartha Reeves and th42�1�9-27-08��6:10�am
Politicians are strugglin, they're wandering what to do...Pshark 1�1�9-27-08��1:04�am
Russ and Ralph remember Norman. Videomotesartsound 23�1�9-26-08��6:48�pm
We're A WinnerDr Groove 12�1�9-26-08��5:32�pm
Maurice Watts Interviews Blue Magic Tonight On Lovezone247.comJuicefree20 1�1�9-26-08��5:28�pm
1967 Riot in DetroitBob Olhsson 9�1�9-26-08��4:36�pm
For Those of You Who Keep Getting Cranky Over Here...DetroitDar 9�1�9-26-08��3:38�pm
Phyllis Hyman Archive EbonyJet InterviewKevin Goins - KevGo 11�1�9-26-08��3:14�pm
GWEN GUTHRIE - PORTRAITeverettinct 4�1�9-26-08��1:12�pm
Margaret Phelpssnakepit 5�1�9-26-08��11:54�am
The Ethicsmuzicmuse44 1�1�9-25-08��10:45�pm
KDubya - I heard something today on internet radio...ladyvanaye 10�1�9-25-08��7:20�pm
Favorite Jazz Artist and Songmoonbeam 19�1�9-25-08��7:08�pm
Great news: Bobby Womack and Little Anthony R&R HOF nominees for in...Mickey McIntosh 19�1�9-25-08��5:30�pm
The Secret History of Chicago Music boba 23�1�9-25-08��3:07�pm
Hank Ballard - The Twist (1959)midnightman 8�1�9-25-08��2:04�pm
Remembering Jim Croce, 35 years laterFrankie B. 9�1�9-25-08��12:14�pm
Jennifer Hudson to wed reality TV starKris Peterson 16�1�9-25-08��10:40�am
The different Soul Train themes...mr_june 17�1�9-25-08��10:36�am
Detroit Jazz FestivalRandy Russi 15�1�9-25-08��9:57�am
Happy Birthday DEE DEE SHARPRandy Russi 20�1�9-25-08��9:36�am
Slick Rick James VS Don (You Can't Afford Me) CorneliusPshark 10�1�9-24-08��11:50�pm
Nappy Brown R.I.P.imnokid 11�1�9-24-08��1:27�pm
Three more songs needed on MP3Manny 8�1�9-24-08��6:24�am
Help researching Tony ClarkeGraham Finch 30�1�9-24-08��2:03�am
Drummer Earl Palmer passes awaymhc 5�1�9-24-08��12:36�am
Curtis Mayfield and The EsquiresMark Speck 14�1�9-23-08��11:39�pm
Shirelles Blvd. in Passaic NJmarybrewster 3�1�9-23-08��10:20�pm
Discounted tickets for Ben E. King/Darlene Love show in NYJimmy Mack 4�1�9-23-08��10:12�pm
JERRY WALLACE of ROYAL HOLIDAYS - RIPRalph Terrana 2�1�9-23-08��6:45�pm
What happened to 3�1�9-23-08��2:48�pm
Who In the Music Business Would You Most Want to See A Documentary On?LaDia 53�1�9-23-08��6:47�am
Theresa Andersson "Birds Fly Away"Frankie B. 1�1�9-22-08��7:36�pm
Booker T. & MG's come to HollandRobbert 1�1�9-22-08��7:03�pm
Annette Funicello?Randy Russi 26�1�9-22-08��10:10�am
Shirelles Blvd. in Passaic NJRandy Russi 1�1�9-22-08��9:10�am
MORE SAD NEWS - EARL PALMER HAS DIEDCatdaddy 10�1�9-21-08��9:28�pm
Freda Payne --- Happy BirthdayKev-Lo 5�1�9-21-08��8:17�pm
Artist to Artist : The Helen Scott ShowJimmy Mack 4�1�9-21-08��3:12�pm
It was like old times for music buyingRalph Terrana 10�1�9-21-08��1:12�pm
Marginal (the Belgian bootleg label)Ysl 33�1�9-21-08��10:21�am
Don and JuanTwirl Records 1�1�9-20-08��9:14�pm
Nice Manhattans disc release!!!!!!!Motown_Fan 11�1�9-20-08��6:22�pm
Courtesy Of TheDreamPshark 15�1�9-20-08��3:07�pm
Natalie Cole will not be promoting her great new CDsoulseeker 24�1�9-20-08��2:31�pm
Ledisi's Christmas Album - Coming Soon :-)...abfan 4�1�9-20-08��12:10�pm
Sepember 18, 1970 38 Years Ago Todaycdiii 20�1�9-20-08��9:14�am
MItty Collier on Youtubeboba 3�1�9-19-08��11:19�pm
Aquarian Dream - Yet another Reason To Love YoutubeJuicefree20 1�1�9-19-08��8:05�pm
Did anyone hear Buddy Guy sing the National Anthem about a week ago?Lynn Bruce 8�1�9-19-08��7:15�pm
Jam Bands-Sit ins-Blues, Jazz etc. Do they still exist?GEETEE12�1�9-19-08��3:54�pm
Teena Marie, Chaka Khan honored with Pioneer Award Juicefree20 42�1�9-19-08��2:29�pm
Sunliners Question For RalphDThomas 6�1�9-19-08��1:46�pm
You've got to see...gino_belgium 1�1�9-19-08��7:14�am
P-SHARK, CHI, AND ALL MAGGOTS...Chi Drummer 14�1�9-18-08��6:24�pm
Tribute concert featuring Dionne, Melba, Jean, Freddie and moreDavidDesper 4�1�9-18-08��5:00�pm
Welcome all new membersRalph Terrana 13�1�9-18-08��4:46�pm
George Clinton's Tour Of DutyPshark 1�1�9-18-08��3:54�pm
Plans in the works to celebrate Motown's 50thDThomas 1�1�9-18-08��1:39�pm
Me & Them Guys & Ben E. KingJuicefree20 6�1�9-18-08��1:01�pm
Weldon A. Mc Dougal III was in London this week endWeldon A. Mc Dougal 34�1�9-18-08��10:33�am
Any George Clinton Fans Here?Timmy Funk 13�1�9-17-08��11:52�pm
Dedicated to the ones'I Dont Love'/'The DyvaNaye SDF 'Plah' Award.....ladyvanaye 23�1�9-17-08��9:42�pm
Was Anyone Else Aware Of This?????boba 6�1�9-17-08��7:45�pm
TTD'S WISHING WELL #1 TWENTY YEARS AGO!Motown_Fan 4�1�9-17-08��4:24�pm
Michael Jackson - King of the popsMr. Music 1�1�9-17-08��1:09�pm
Stevie on Sesame StreetLaDia 4�1�9-17-08��12:36�pm
Solange is The Supremes!Nosey 3�1�9-17-08��12:29�pm
My YouTube Tribute to Anita Bakerabfan 1�1�9-17-08��11:06�am
What song gives you goosebumps? You know what I'm talking about..ckbronte 44�1�9-17-08��10:04�am
LEON SYLVERSJSmith 2�1�9-17-08��2:27�am
INGRAM 'Would You Like To Fly' & 'Night Stalkers' on CD...Honest Opinions 12�1�9-17-08��2:04�am
Mickey Denton and Jamie CoeTwirl Records 16�1�9-17-08��1:31�am
Biden at Economic Roundtablestephanie 2�1�9-16-08��11:06�pm
THAT SANGIN RONNIE DYSONstephanie 17�1�9-16-08��10:00�pm
Did Elvis Like Black People???soulseeker 56�1�9-16-08��7:49�pm
PBSKdubya 6�1�9-16-08��7:38�pm
BBC radio interview.JSmith 2�1�9-16-08��6:34�pm
Funked Up Wednesday's - Classic 60's & 70's SoulLuke 1�1�9-16-08��4:47�pm
Gamble & Huff Interview on Tavis Smiley ShowJuicefree20 7�1�9-16-08��7:12�am
Is Jim Gallert out there???Brian T. 1�1�9-16-08��3:32�am
This is Very SadMs. M 25�1�9-15-08��9:28�pm
Janis Joplin144man 31�1�9-15-08��6:18�pm
TL Harris birthdayT.L. Harris 17�1�9-15-08��6:13�pm
World's largest record collectionMotown_Fan 22�1�9-15-08��3:11�pm
Guy Sebastiansoulseeker 3�1�9-15-08��2:57�pm
Hugh masakela's song "riot"moonbeam 17�1�9-15-08��2:00�pm
Two Songs: Same MusicReese 16�1�9-15-08��1:17�pm
'The Last Waltz'...bobby_king 19�1�9-15-08��12:58�pm
TSOP = NSJSmith 15�1�9-15-08��11:22�am
ZTSV matrix clarificationReginaldB 1�1�9-15-08��1:37�am
Bobby Whitesideboba 2�1�9-14-08��5:14�pm
Robert Mosley - "Goodbye My Lover Goodbye"Mark Speck 9�1�9-14-08��1:31�pm
PERVIS JACKSON RIPTimmy Funk 34�1�9-14-08��12:52�pm
Peggy TurnerMarcel 1�1�9-14-08��11:13�am
I need the title for Jerry Butler Brenda Lee Eager Songsplanky 15�1�9-14-08��8:17�am
DAMN! NOW CLAYMark Hunter 37�1�9-14-08��3:45�am
Barrence Eugene Carter, September 12, 1944 � July 4, 2003)ladyvanaye 9�1�9-14-08��12:51�am
Pioneer Awards in Philadelphia gives the Funk Brothers their dueMilli Vanilli 1�1�9-13-08��3:17�pm
WEE You Can Fly On My AeroplanePhil 12�1�9-13-08��12:43�pm
Cover of "Just Look What You've Done"JSmith 7�1�9-13-08��10:43�am
PHOTOS FROM R & B PIONEERS FOUNDATIONS 20th ANNIV. GALAabfan 14�1�9-13-08��10:35�am
Man, do I love the smell of Acetates!Timmy Funk 15�1�9-13-08��8:21�am
Natalie Cole on The ViewReese 16�1�9-13-08��7:55�am
Here's a blast from your past! Enjoy!daddyacey 17�1�9-13-08��5:34�am
James Brown At The Apollo DVD QuestionRandy Russi 3�1�9-12-08��12:29�pm
Evie Sandscopley 20�1�9-12-08��4:47�am
Can anyone identify this song?just7numbers 11�1�9-12-08��3:12�am
Cool article in todays InquirerTwirl Records 3�1�9-12-08��2:11�am
Joe South & Co. what's this clip from?Kevin Goins - KevGo 15�1�9-12-08��1:01�am
Need suggestions for Al Wilson CDKevin Goins - KevGo 5�1�9-12-08��12:57�am
Motor City Casino songPogo 1�1�9-11-08��11:37�pm
Motown and Etta James tributes on Fashion RocksSkool dem 3�1�9-11-08��9:19�pm
For Moonbeammoonbeam 3�1�9-11-08��9:08�pm
Well, the Bootsy/JB tribute has been cancelled again!Timmy Funk 9�1�9-11-08��8:51�pm
MESSAGE TO FORUM MEMBERSbobkayli 72�2�8-10-08��5:15�pm
Motown Still Our Town Song ProjectRobbert 2�1�10-30-08��6:30�pm
BARABRA MASON?tom_moulton 10�1�10-30-08��4:08�pm
JAMES BROWN & ARETHA FRANKLIN DUETRaymond Ennifer 2�1�10-30-08��3:28�pm
A Sweet Story About Levi's TransisitonJayBS 5�1�10-30-08��2:48�pm
Battle of the B-Boys Obama vs McCain!GEETEE2�1�10-30-08��2:45�pm
Jimi Hendrix Tribute ConcertGEETEE4�1�10-30-08��9:18�am
4 Tops Main Street People album coverdancing fool 5�1�10-30-08��7:38�am
The MasqueradersHeikki 17�1�10-30-08��2:17�am
Abdul Fakir... would any one dare to call him an "Arab"Wonder B 25�1�10-30-08��1:35�am
Happy Birthday Telma!davidh 9�1�10-29-08��8:10�pm
Levi Stubbs ViewingMsMotown2 12�1�10-29-08��8:02�pm
Has Everyone Voted? Vote Early If You Can!Boynextdoor 14�1�10-29-08��7:33�pm
My tribute to Levi & The Topsmoonbeam 13�1�10-29-08��5:54�pm
THREE DOG NIGHT HAD IT RIGHT....Kevin Goins - KevGo 7�1�10-29-08��5:54�pm
Birthday Wishes today, Oct. 29thRandy Russi 1�1�10-29-08��2:34�pm
David Ruffin & Eddie Kendrick - InterviewSoulful Detriot 9�1�10-29-08��1:15�pm
Let's Welcome Ms Dee Dee Sharp who posted yesterdayJuicefree20 27�1�10-29-08��11:18�am
Band Of Gold - The Invictus Story (Television Special)Woodward 12�1�10-29-08��8:51�am
El DeBarge sentenced to two years in prison for cocaine possessionLaDia 3�1�10-29-08��8:49�am
White Boys CAN Dance!144man 11�1�10-29-08��5:48�am
Booker T. and MGs enter Musicians Hall of Fame!!!ColtonThomas 1�1�10-29-08��3:45�am
Zigaboo Modeliste - ObamagrooveDenvrMotownLvr 3�1�10-29-08��1:11�am
"Nightflight" Tue Oct 28, 9P-12M ET/USA: JERY PLUNK is BACK!Midnite Johnny 12�1�10-28-08��10:22�pm
GEORGE CLINTON MEETS GEORGE S. CLINTONMark Speck 3�1�10-28-08��9:08�pm
Staple Singers - This Time AroundMark Speck 2�1�10-28-08��9:04�pm
Motown Forever BoardsHula-Girl 3�1�10-28-08��8:36�pm
TSOP Tribute on PBScatwoman55 10�1�10-28-08��2:43�pm
Four Tops and some super horns!Stranger56 7�1�10-28-08��12:37�pm
Portrait's 'Abbey Road' acetateJSmith 1�1�10-28-08��12:15�pm
Anyone know of Lester Tipton?JSmith 21�1�10-28-08��12:05�pm
Joe Renzetti -- Cameo Parkway Session GuitaristJSmith 5�1�10-28-08��11:59�am
Aretha Franklin, appears on 'The View' on Monday abfan 21�1�10-28-08��9:48�am
Labelle into top 40midnightman 29�1�10-28-08��1:58�am
What's Happened To Just 7 Numbers?jobeterob 73�2�10-28-08��1:18�am
Dee Dee WarwickKevin Goins - KevGo 60�2�10-28-08��12:21�am
Levi Stubbs Funeraljobeterob 18�1�10-27-08��11:03�pm
At Levi's FuneralRTA5225 2�1�10-27-08��10:31�pm
Happy Birthday Bootsy CollinsKev-Lo 10�1�10-27-08��7:12�pm
Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother found shot to deathcatwoman55 50�1�10-27-08��5:22�pm
More for Dramatics fansHeikki 6�1�10-27-08��1:34�pm
Billy Preston's ENCOURAGING WORDS -- which CD to buy?clearfromhere 1�1�10-27-08��12:48�pm
"Radio" soundtrackkamasu 5�1�10-27-08��12:18�pm
Labelle �Roll Out� First Single From New Album Elegant Soul 49�1�10-27-08��1:19�am
A joyful noise...Kevin Goins - KevGo 2�1�10-26-08��11:20�pm
DAVID RUFFIN'S REMAKE OF RAINY NIGHT IN GEORGIA?Kevin Goins - KevGo 30�1�10-26-08��11:17�pm
The Moonglowstom_moulton 17�1�10-26-08��11:11�pm
Aretha "Touch my body"Reese 3�1�10-26-08��9:40�pm
I'm looking for 2 songsGEETEE12�1�10-26-08��8:36�pm
FUNKIN STEW RADIO SHOW IS BACK!funkinstew 1�1�10-26-08��5:59�pm
Levi Stubbs - Home GoingRTA5225 2�1�10-26-08��2:16�pm
Top 100 List Sitenathan 5�1�10-26-08��11:38�am
Rollye JamesCatdaddy 7�1�10-26-08��8:16�am
What's Your Favorite?Mr Soul 4�1�10-26-08��7:16�am
People Talking About RecordsBrian T. 2�1�10-26-08��5:56�am
Looking for Photos Related to the Revival labelboba 2�1�10-26-08��1:43�am
Classic Groupsroddee 4�1�10-26-08��1:03�am
LABELLE'S BACK TO NOW IS A HITCAPTAIN 12�1�10-25-08��9:33�pm
Merle Saunders passed away todayWonder B 6�1�10-25-08��9:05�pm
Dee Dee Sharp Honored!!!NaturalWoman 49�1�10-25-08��6:55�pm
Flirtations CDNaturalWoman 15�1�10-25-08��6:47�pm
Aretha Franklin signing cds at Borders, Washington DCReese 5�1�10-25-08��4:45�pm
Righteous Brothers/Blossoms LiveBrother Love 10�1�10-25-08��2:54�pm
To Deborah Stubbs-BoatnerJAI NANCE 2�1�10-25-08��12:43�pm
Phil Spector - 9.40pm BBC 2510/08 SaturdayJohn Lester 1�1�10-25-08��11:51�am
P-FUNK AT BB KINGS NYC-10/23/08splanky 7�1�10-25-08��8:53�am
Richard Popcorn WylieJohn Lester 3�1�10-25-08��8:36�am
What are some of your favorite songs from 30 years ago(1978)?No Place Like Motown13�1�10-25-08��7:16�am
Ivy Jo Hunter's studio ransackedoldiesmusicfan 1�1�10-24-08��10:16�pm
Traditional or New Age Christmas MusicDestruction 21�1�10-24-08��9:30�pm
Jimi Hendrix trademark case, part (fill in the blank)douglasm 1�1�10-24-08��6:07�pm
Shuggie Otis On The Cover Of Wax Poeticscatwoman55 2�1�10-24-08��12:19�pm
Ordinary...Wayne Bradycatwoman55 16�1�10-24-08��12:10�pm
Soul Men -the moviekamasu 7�1�10-24-08��9:19�am
Padded Cell on Toddlin TownJSmith 1�1�10-24-08��7:01�am
Channel 2's "Insider" Reporting On Natalie Cole tonightsoulseeker 3�1�10-24-08��1:27�am
Motown on ShowtimeNabob 11�1�10-24-08��12:07�am
Best Buy - The Axe Place?amargi 7�1�10-23-08��10:11�pm
ToTerry Jones....ladyvanaye 5�1�10-23-08��5:17�pm
Any Updates on Ron Isleyladyvanaye 24�1�10-23-08��5:13�pm
Who made this record? And Juice read this too...message for you :-)...Nosey 11�1�10-23-08��3:51�pm
Betyye LaVette's Atlantic LPPhil 5�1�10-23-08��2:56�pm
WXYZ Channel 7 in Detroitqueenybee07 1�1�10-23-08��2:09�pm
Levi Stubbs & Dee Dee Warwick tributesolar_clive 1�1�10-23-08��1:22�pm
Johnny CarterNoah 20�1�10-23-08��10:11�am
R.I.P. RUDY RAY MOORE(AKA DOLOMITE)JTF1972 20�1�10-23-08��9:55�am
Beyonce as LaVern BakerLaBrenda 1�1�10-22-08��9:21�pm
Sirius Tribute to Levi Stubbs Jr. and Dee Dee WarwickStranger56 1�1�10-22-08��8:16�pm
Maxwell Wants $150 a Concert Ticket ladyvanaye 48�1�10-22-08��10:32�am
I likethe post-Motown Four Tops stuff almost as much as Motownsoulwally 19�1�10-22-08��7:47�am
Harvey Scales -- Brooklyn show this SaturdayJSmith 4�1�10-22-08��3:06�am
Eddie Jones - Cadillacs Former Musical Director Passesstephanie 2�1�10-21-08��11:11�pm
The Entertainers -- how many different groups ??Mark Speck 3�1�10-21-08��9:42�pm
Don Cornelius troublePshark 12�1�10-21-08��8:58�pm
Article about the show showcase 68the classic master 5�1�10-21-08��1:35�pm
Sharon Jones & Dap-Kings On Austin City LimitsTexasSoul 1�1�10-21-08��12:55�pm
ROBIN THICKE'S NEW SINGLE THE SWEETEST LOVEcatwoman55 8�1�10-21-08��12:32�pm
Aretha Speaks On The Passing Of Levi Stubbsabfan 1�1�10-20-08��9:58�pm
Harold Miller of The RaysColtonThomas 1�1�10-20-08��8:11�pm
I would like to sponsor a "bill" to promote Mr. Levi Stubbs ALJAYDU 1�1�10-20-08��7:32�pm
Funk Brother Jack Ashford Remembers Levi StubbsMarjorie 3�1�10-20-08��6:56�pm
Jimmy Johnsonpopcorn 1�1�10-20-08��5:39�pm
The Unknown Producersplanky 5�1�10-20-08��4:33�pm
The Story of the Guitar: BBC TV documentarysolar_clive 11�1�10-20-08��3:46�pm
LEVI'S INFLUENCE....irvin milne 5�1�10-20-08��3:35�pm
Best Vocals of Levi PRE 1968?Stranger56 31�1�10-20-08��11:51�am
Bettye LaVette on Austin City Limitscatwoman55 10�1�10-20-08��11:03�am
Little Shop of Horrors Voice of Audrey II (Levi Stubbs)Steve 14�1�10-20-08��10:05�am
Dennis Coffey at Baker's on Nov.11 - It's also his Birthday!!JohnnieSueBridges 11�1�10-20-08��10:02�am
SuperwomanGrapevine 29�1�10-20-08��7:33�am
Whatever Happened To These 80's ArtistsKev-Lo 8�1�10-20-08��5:57�am
Jose Feliciano's version "Golden Lady"JSmith 3�1�10-20-08��3:54�am
Tempts song: Who are the leads?Richard Heaney 12�1�10-20-08��2:26�am
Levi Tribute Tonight on RadioTD 41�1�10-19-08��11:29�pm
Happy Birthday Wil Hartceasar 3�1�10-19-08��9:32�pm
Bye Bye by JaniceJohn Lester 6�1�10-19-08��8:56�pm
I kid you not: No Levi news in my papertsull 7�1�10-19-08��8:20�pm
Berry Gordy on passing of Levi Stubbstsull 7�1�10-19-08��3:24�pm
What are some of your favorite songs from 40 years ago(1968)?WANDAful 12�1�10-19-08��1:42�pm
Detroit Show -- This TuesdayJSmith 1�1�10-19-08��1:05�pm
St Louis SoulJSmith 24�1�10-19-08��12:32�pm
New music from Bonnie Pointersplanky 12�1�10-19-08��9:50�am
Reworking Soul StandardsJuicefree20 30�1�10-19-08��6:00�am
Stevie Wonder''s house, memorabilia destroyed in Los Angeles wildfi...GEETEE21�1�10-18-08��10:29�pm
Post your debate comments hereJuicefree20 33�1�10-18-08��9:54�pm
Take 6: The StandardsRobbert 19�1�10-18-08��7:29�pm
R.I.P. Levi Stubbs. He was 72.edafan 7�1�10-18-08��2:47�pm
Did I miss something here?Pshark 16�1�10-18-08��1:25�pm
Hazel's Hipsmotown_andy 4�1�10-18-08��12:31�pm
Isaac Hayes and Dionne Warwick on "Rockford Files"Kevin Goins - KevGo 10�1�10-18-08��5:05�am
Movie: TOGETHER BROTHERS IS ON 2NIGHT/MORNINGHonest Opinions 8�1�10-17-08��10:25�pm
Bobby Womack Song?allenhouse 6�1�10-17-08��7:39�pm
Stax on MastermindMr Soul 4�1�10-17-08��7:34�pm
I forgot about this video....ladyvanaye 2�1�10-17-08��3:10�pm
Anyone try Patti's recipes?moonbeam 12�1�10-17-08��1:07�pm
RE: Tony Turner John Lester 26�1�10-17-08��12:33�pm
Another Brunswick 12"Kevin Goins - KevGo 5�1�10-17-08��12:26�pm
George Clinton interviews his motha funkin selfsplanky 4�1�10-17-08��9:08�am
Jennifer Hudson CDinandoutoflove 35�1�10-17-08��7:09�am
Raphael Saadiq has a WINNER on his handsdaddyacey 21�1�10-17-08��2:29�am
Neal Hefti (R.I.P.)Chi Drummer 7�1�10-17-08��12:41�am
For Dramatics fansMark Speck 18�1�10-16-08��8:11�pm
Roy Roberts Exp (House of the Fox)Mark Speck 2�1�10-16-08��8:10�pm
Nadir GEETEE7�1�10-16-08��6:57�pm
Who was/is your favorite act to come out of OHIO?mowrey 58�1�10-16-08��4:42�pm
Stevie Wonder quashes rumors on house firePositiveSoul 7�1�10-16-08��3:59�pm
Kim weston photographsmotownmorph 9�1�10-16-08��1:34�pm
Funkentelechy Boots up on EbaySoulful Chris 21�1�10-16-08��11:12�am
Peoples Potential Unlimited (label)JSmith 1�1�10-16-08��9:31�am
FUNKADELIC FREE YOUR MIND UK TOURJSmith 16�1�10-16-08��8:51�am
USA Today says Linda Jones Greatest Soul SingerTerry jones 10�1�10-16-08��4:06�am
WFMU RECORD AND CD FAIRdaddyacey 11�1�10-16-08��3:09�am
Julie Driscolljohno 3�1�10-15-08��11:43�pm
What song took you years to appreciatemowrey 34�1�10-15-08��7:31�pm
Wolf TicketKev-Lo 13�1�10-15-08��7:11�pm
Aretha Franklin".Ive never met Tina Turner"Replysplanky 72�2�10-15-08��5:38�pm
The Spinners in Welsh Wales!tsull 23�1�10-15-08��5:38�pm
Who Was Your Favorite Act That Came Out Of The Windy City Of ChicagoNosey 61�2�10-15-08��2:09�pm
SOULFUL SANGIN SISTERSglencro 1�1�10-15-08��2:04�pm
Billboard Article This Week On Linda Jones & CDHeikki 16�1�10-15-08��10:18�am
Alton Ellis passes onRichard Felstead 13�1�10-15-08��4:20�am
DIONNE, STEVIE, LUTHER AND WHITNEY - LIVE!Carlo 3�1�10-14-08��11:52�pm
Where's the Soundtrack?EverythingsAlright 4�1�10-14-08��5:49�pm
Is this Little Sonny?Kevin Goins - KevGo 29�1�10-14-08��11:04�am
Memories Of The 1962 Motortown Revuemotown_david 7�1�10-14-08��4:05�am
Questions about music books....Kevin Goins - KevGo 5�1�10-13-08��1:24�pm
Pam Grier, the singersplanky 3�1�10-13-08��11:15�am
Another great Dramatics clipKdubya 4�1�10-13-08��10:57�am
NewbieMoe 27�1�10-13-08��5:17�am
Dover Downs with Dionne,Melba,Jean,Ojays,Freddie,GlennDavidDesper 1�1�10-13-08��12:00�am
Anybody know this record?Brian T. 13�1�10-12-08��9:43�pm
Stairsteps growed UpGEETEE41�1�10-12-08��8:30�pm
Beyonce to protray Eartha KittJTF1972 25�1�10-12-08��7:00�pm
Is there a problem with the forum?splanky 6�1�10-12-08��2:37�pm
Live Concerts - Most MemorableKev-Lo 3�1�10-12-08��3:40�am
Tina Turner Interview Talks Aretha Grammy Comments CAPTAIN 26�1�10-12-08��2:45�am
Philadelphia soulman of music 8�1�10-11-08��9:44�pm
Beyonce Is Etta James!ladyvanaye 22�1�10-11-08��7:41�pm
Anthoney Wright - Reset to ZeroDetroitDar 4�1�10-11-08��3:36�pm
Soul Train & Lip Synching irks me!!!!!!GEETEE7�1�10-11-08��12:00�pm
Question For Tony Bennett Fans (Georgia Rose)mr_june 4�1�10-11-08��11:58�am
Ted NugentTimmy Funk 19�1�10-11-08��9:32�am
Maxwell: "I'm Stoked To Be Back" Eyes Aretha Franklineverettinct 6�1�10-11-08��12:41�am
EDDIE HINTON NOT INCLUDED IN INDUCTIONMark Speck 3�1�10-10-08��11:23�pm
New Birthsplanky 34�1�10-10-08��5:31�pm
NATURAL SOUL, GRAND RAPIDScarl_p 17�1�10-10-08��4:38�pm
Meghan McCain is a George Clinton fanTimmy Funk 12�1�10-10-08��4:32�pm
DO NOT DOWNLOAD PROGRAMS FROM YOUTUBE!!Chi Drummer 18�1�10-10-08��12:01�pm
Martha Jean Love Robb_K 16�1�10-09-08��11:50�pm
KEVGO CELEBRATES ANOTHER YEAR OF LIVIN'...Pshark 53�1�10-09-08��11:15�pm
Hey whats up with youtube?Juicefree20 2�1�10-09-08��8:26�pm
Miley Cyrus to portray Beyonc�johno 7�1�10-09-08��7:58�pm
Whilst we are traveling...:-)...ladyvanaye 21�1�10-09-08��4:07�pm
Win a tickets to see Prince NYC (Oct10) abfan 1�1�10-09-08��11:52�am
Bite Your GrannyWonder B 3�1�10-09-08��10:15�am
Today Is National One Hit One Daythe classic master 144�4�10-09-08��9:55�am
Greater L.A./Long Beach....Head's Up !!GEETEE2�1�10-09-08��7:45�am
Ollie MacGraham Finch 24�1�10-09-08��6:21�am
Check Out This Rare Soul 70's ActPshark 9�1�10-08-08��11:49�pm
Who was your favorite act to come from Memphis?Robb_K 18�1�10-08-08��11:07�pm
Another Reason Why "Save the Children" Should be on DVDGEETEE29�1�10-08-08��6:53�pm
Anyone ever heard of Tarika Blue?B. Graff 7�1�10-08-08��5:12�pm
Will(ie) HatcherHITSVILLE _CHALKY 8�1�10-08-08��8:39�am
I'll see you tomorrow the manhattans/goodnight baby van mccoyhonest man 2�1�10-08-08��8:35�am
Angelos Angels....Frankie B. 3�1�10-08-08��8:31�am
Weldon Higginstheresthatbeat 1�1�10-08-08��8:15�am
Shaft movie & TV scores on CDKev-Lo 4�1�10-07-08��9:17�pm
La Janet! Preggers or Pissed?!1wicked 2�1�10-07-08��8:52�pm
Motown 25 tribute to producers/songwriters of the early yearsladynostalgic 1�1�10-07-08��8:17�pm
Christian Paytonmoonbeam 8�1�10-07-08��8:03�pm
Reetha Reese things i should have doneCollo 1�1�10-07-08��2:54�pm
Flip Wilson &Tom Joyner 83 Interviewladyvanaye 3�1�10-07-08��1:07�pm
New Tina Turner Photos (She Looks Great!)loveblind 1�1�10-07-08��12:37�pm
Garnet Mimms, The Dells, Denise Lasalle...DavidDesper 5�1�10-07-08��12:16�am
La Turner Still Bringing It in 2008!divalish 1�1�10-06-08��9:30�pm
James Taylor covers Spinners "Sadie"Kevin Goins - KevGo 19�1�10-06-08��9:23�pm
Scarce Northern Soul 45 Mark Speck 10�1�10-06-08��9:09�pm
What's going on with Levi Stubbs?FJT 5�1�10-06-08��4:29�pm
The Impressions "ABC rarities"Mr Soul 15�1�10-06-08��3:37�pm
Tavares "Never Had a Love Like This".moonbeam 8�1�10-06-08��2:42�pm
"I Never Had It So Good (And Felt So Bad)"Soulful Chris 5�1�10-06-08��1:32�pm
Has aretha ever visted motown museumLaDia 14�1�10-06-08��12:28�pm
Gene Chandler on Curtomroger 30�1�10-06-08��6:36�am
Keith Barrowmike s 10�1�10-06-08��4:58�am
DODGE BOYS DETROITKeith Rylatt 3�1�10-06-08��4:19�am
Mary J Blige "Be Without You" Moto Blanco Mixmarybrewster 1�1�10-05-08��10:03�pm
The 2009 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Nomineesmojoman 38�1�10-05-08��6:51�pm
Soul Train clip: Temptations "Hey Girl (I like your style)"...Kevin Goins - KevGo 4�1�10-05-08��6:12�pm
ANSWER THIS 63Kevin Goins - KevGo 21�1�10-05-08��5:13�pm
THE FLOATER'SLaDia 8�1�10-05-08��8:41�am
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOULFUL DETROITceasar 37�1�10-05-08��8:25�am
One that won't make a comeback....BankHouseDave 1�1�10-05-08��5:42�am
This Just In ........jobeterob 10�1�10-05-08��2:13�am
What is going on with The Best of Soul Train?GEETEE7�1�10-04-08��10:26�pm
Aretha Franklin "Saving All My Love For You"SDF 17�1�10-04-08��9:00�pm
The Genies on Ronn (Eng: George Clinton)boba 3�1�10-04-08��8:43�pm
It Was 38 Years Ago TodayMark Speck 11�1�10-04-08��8:16�pm
Norman Whitfield Remembered by Funk Brother Jack AshfordMarjorie 26�1�10-04-08��7:59�pm
Favorite drummer and bass player combo?Caleb 51�1�10-04-08��7:42�pm
Angela Bofill R.I.P.?????moonbeam 19�1�10-04-08��3:40�pm
Dustycopley 10�1�10-04-08��12:59�pm
Other Good New Musicsplanky 1�1�10-04-08��10:58�am
What's the deal with this Funkadelic compilation?Timmy Funk 7�1�10-04-08��4:37�am mellow ,my DJ...;)GEETEE19�1�10-04-08��1:19�am
Joe Tex Covering Steve ManchaMark Speck 3�1�10-04-08��12:45�am
NICK REYNOLDS OF THE KINGSTON TRIO - RIPMark Speck 5�1�10-04-08��12:41�am
Natalie Cole Released from HospitalJuicefree20 7�1�10-03-08��11:32�pm
Merri Dee Says Goodbye To WGN TelevisionKevin Goins - KevGo 10�1�10-03-08��9:56�pm
A BLACK NATIONAL ANTHEM TURNS 30 YEARS OLDPshark 16�1�10-03-08��8:31�pm
Vh1 Hip Hop Honors -To Have Isaac Hayes Tribute airs Oct. 6soulseeker 4�1�10-03-08��6:55�pm
Soul Train Article out now in Chicago Readercatwoman55 13�1�10-03-08��5:36�pm
USHER'S HERE I STANDtresjolie 8�1�10-03-08��4:06�pm
STAX is Back! Soul Men Soundtrack in stores in Novembersoulseeker 3�1�10-03-08��3:23�pm
Early days of Soul Train in today's Chicago Readermr_june 5�1�10-03-08��1:01�pm
IF YOU GOT TO HEAVEN AND COULD ONLY BRING...Kevin Goins - KevGo 12�1�10-03-08��11:14�am
Clay McMurray Kevin Goins - KevGo 12�1�10-03-08��10:55�am
"Fool For You" - Has It Really Been 40 Years???Kevin Goins - KevGo 15�1�10-03-08��10:50�am
The Soul Power Documentarydarylb 1�1�10-03-08��10:28�am
NORMAN WHITFIELD FUNERAL SERVICELynn Bruce 22�1�10-03-08��10:21�am
Itunes threatens to close down music storeAlanH 20�1�10-03-08��9:24�am
BBC Electric Proms -- Chaka KhanJSmith 1�1�10-03-08��2:30�am
LOMA!!Mark Speck 18�1�10-02-08��11:15�pm
Ed McMahon Rollin' DeepEd Golick 7�1�10-02-08��6:27�pm
Any Jimmy Castor Fans Here?GEETEE11�1�10-02-08��6:06�pm
Janet Jackson Rushed To HospitalJuicefree20 14�1�10-02-08��5:58�pm
Norman WhitfieldGrapevine 18�1�10-02-08��4:56�pm
Nytro (Produced By Norman Whitfield)clearfromhere 16�1�10-02-08��10:35�am
Seal does Curtis Mayfield (& does him well)queenybee07 11�1�11-17-08��8:38�am
My tribute to Johnny Acechess1458 8�1�11-17-08��7:46�am
Music ResourcesSoulful Detroit Musi1�1�11-17-08��3:43�am
Kevgo, Spyder, TL Harris, Trunkie1...ALJAYDU 9�1�11-16-08��7:02�pm
"Keeper of the Castle" in Spanish!John Lester 3�1�11-16-08��6:29�pm
Westbound writers Louis Crane & Belda BlainePshark 1�1�11-16-08��4:34�pm
William BellHeikki 4�1�11-16-08��2:08�pm
Weldon's Gonna Have Something For Ya!!Mark Speck 5�1�11-16-08��1:46�pm
The Great Man5thtop 1�1�11-16-08��11:40�am
Ov wright ground zero memphisdetroitblues 1�1�11-16-08��11:15�am
Looky what I foundPshark 12�1�11-16-08��12:57�am
Don Cornelius is in deep you know what Soulster 3�1�11-15-08��11:03�pm
The Kanye Rules AllPshark 4�1�11-15-08��10:56�pm
The Ronettes - Were they black, white, or mixed?moonbeam 55�1�11-15-08��7:08�pm
SDF ON THE MALL?Kdubya 6�1�11-15-08��1:43�pm
Soulshow Classics Volume .1Richard Felstead 3�1�11-15-08��2:05�am
Drummer Mitch Mitchell has died.....Dr Groove 28�1�11-14-08��10:03�pm
Hiram Johnson's Johnson Label out of NYchess1458 1�1�11-14-08��3:28�pm
Has there ever been a comprehensive Motown documentary?Skool dem 2�1�11-14-08��3:16�pm
POSTING PHOTOSPshark 8�1�11-14-08��2:11�pm
Little Anthony & The Imperials NEW CD!Nosey 8�1�11-14-08��11:55�am
The FlamingosJAI NANCE 11�1�11-14-08��11:17�am
Spam operation shuts downJAI NANCE 3�1�11-14-08��9:54�am
Ecstasy Passion & Pain questiondaddyacey 18�1�11-14-08��4:01�am
Yma Sumac RIPMartha Reeves and th11�1�11-13-08��11:34�pm
Natalie on Phil'Carlo 4�1�11-13-08��9:36�pm
Jim and Juice, Ms. M, check your e-mailMs. M 5�1�11-13-08��9:26�pm
Excellent Motown article plus video interviewssoulwally 3�1�11-13-08��4:40�pm
Start A Record Label - Lean How to NowRalph Terrana 12�1�11-13-08��2:35�pm
Calling Russ and/or Ralph...Ralph Terrana 4�1�11-13-08��2:32�pm
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DENNIS COFFEYguy_gillis 29�1�11-13-08��12:54�pm
Lucky Lee Chant Records and Swanee Caldwell Clix Recordscarl_p 12�1�11-12-08��11:34�pm
THE TYMES, VOCAL GROUP HALL OF FAME INDUCTIONceasar 46�1�11-12-08��11:21�pm
Juice...Check your e-mail again, Buddy...Juicefree20 5�1�11-12-08��11:19�pm
TOP DOG/( too damm many rekords)Mark Speck 6�1�11-12-08��8:16�pm
A very important questionsoulful detroit 6�1�11-12-08��5:24�pm
Vanity Fair magazine Motown article and picturesjobeterob 2�1�11-12-08��2:21�pm
A Tragedy Songimnokid 10�1�11-12-08��2:15�pm
Soulchoonz Presents - Beggar and Co Ft. The Funk Jazz Collective B. Graff 3�1�11-12-08��2:04�pm
The Dynamic Superiors after MotownB. Graff 10�1�11-12-08��2:02�pm
GM -- heading for bankrupcy ?JSmith 1�1�11-12-08��12:38�pm
Whart artists have completely retired from music?GEETEE19�1�11-12-08��6:24�am
KEVGO TRYING TO REACH TJ LUBINKSKYKevin Goins - KevGo 12�1�11-11-08��11:46�pm
Aretha Franklin tops Rolling Stone's greatest singers polljobeterob 4�1�11-11-08��10:05�pm
Condolences To Arnell Carmichael Of Raydio1wicked 2�1�11-11-08��9:44�pm
Aretha "respectfully" ALMOST steals You Keep Me Hangin Oncopley 11�1�11-11-08��7:35�pm
Interesting Florence Ballard Interviews (Audio)Skool dem 5�1�11-11-08��7:16�pm
Eli Reed & The True Loves on UK TV showReese 2�1�11-11-08��7:07�pm
"Soul Men"splanky 20�1�11-11-08��4:24�pm
Milan Bogden,,,Ralph Help Me!Milli Vanilli 6�1�11-11-08��12:58�pm
Charles Wright and 103rd Street Ryhthm Band " Puckey Puckey "John L 1�1�11-11-08��12:33�pm
Four Tops Will Perfrom On The Early Show TodayDrewSchultz88 7�1�11-11-08��11:51�am
Brother To Brotherpopcorn 8�1�11-11-08��11:26�am
Sorry, I don't know where else to do thisJTF1972 35�1�11-10-08��11:18�pm
MORE SAD NEWS FOR THE HUDSON FAMILYJuicefree20 55�1�11-10-08��8:27�pm
Kevin Johnson wins Mayor allenhouse 9�1�11-10-08��6:08�pm
Ray Ellis, arranger RIPJuicefree20 7�1�11-10-08��5:25�pm
Bust Your Windows Out Your CarJuicefree20 16�1�11-10-08��5:20�pm
Happy Birthday DyvanayeJuicefree20 26�1�11-10-08��4:50�pm
Juice, check your e-mailJuicefree20 5�1�11-10-08��4:00�pm
Lloyd Thaxton RIPNosey 14�1�11-10-08��3:21�pm
WAS THIS LEVI'S FINAL PERFORMANCE?Stranger56 36�1�11-10-08��2:21�pm
OBAMA WINS!!!Kevin Goins - KevGo 69�2�11-10-08��2:20�pm
Song questiontresjolie 4�1�11-10-08��1:46�pm
Girl From Impanema/Look of LoveDrewSchultz88 2�1�11-10-08��9:49�am
WHATEVER HAPPENED TO MDLT WILLIS?waldo 10�1�11-10-08��8:05�am
NATHANIEL MAYER public visitation added MONDAY 11/10mike dutkewych 1�1�11-10-08��2:30�am
Fantastic FourGEETEE46�1�11-09-08��9:38�pm
RecordRama ArchiveDrewSchultz88 5�1�11-09-08��5:09�pm
Bootsy Collins-Fallen Soldiers MemorialDJ Funk-O-Nots 3�1�11-09-08��3:27�pm
The J.B.'s: A Tribute to Disc Jockeys & Radio Stations Pshark 6�1�11-09-08��2:51�pm
Burt Bacharach Live In Japan CD Questionmr_june 1�1�11-09-08��2:07�pm
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Michael Jackson's statement on J5 reunionJTF1972 19�1�11-09-08��2:50�am
Metro Detroit Record Show - Nov 9Brian T. 2�1�11-08-08��10:40�pm
Nathaniel Mayer's ServicesBrian T. 2�1�11-08-08��10:31�pm
JOY RECORDSGraham Finch 15�1�11-08-08��9:44�pm
Help identifying a 70s soul trackboba 16�1�11-08-08��9:33�pm
YESTERDAY AFTERNOONRalph Terrana 25�1�11-08-08��7:47�pm
Lloyd ThaxtonMickey McIntosh 3�1�11-08-08��5:36�pm
Little Feat concertRalph Terrana 8�1�11-08-08��10:41�am
Al Green On Jools Holland Show Last Night (BBC2)imnokid 2�1�11-08-08��9:34�am
Labelle Charts on BillboardNo Place Like Motown31�1�11-08-08��6:34�am
JHERYL BUSBY FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTSbilly wilson 1�1�11-08-08��5:48�am
LaBelle TourRyon6 9�1�11-07-08��11:26�pm
Prayer Request for Nedra of the RonettesKev-Lo 9�1�11-07-08��11:23�pm
Gloria JonesKevin Goins - KevGo 20�1�11-07-08��10:58�pm
JACKIE WILSON'S LONELY TEARDROPS TURNS 50!midnightman 2�1�11-07-08��3:22�pm
Chex Records / Volumes questionsRobb_K 21�1�11-07-08��2:57�pm
Colin Powell's ReactionKevin Goins - KevGo 6�1�11-07-08��2:09�pm
MARK SPECK Mark Speck 8�1�11-06-08��8:43�pm
The FloatersMark Speck 18�1�11-06-08��8:38�pm
Appropriate songs to blast out loud should Obama winmoonbeam 71�2�11-06-08��8:27�pm
FUNKIN STEW 11/5 MACHINE GUN!!!!!!!funkinstew 1�1�11-06-08��4:56�pm
BohannanJohn L 13�1�11-06-08��4:07�pm
JACKSON 5 TO TOUR NEXT YEAR????jobeterob 50�1�11-06-08��1:32�pm
THE DU-ETTESmel12�1�11-06-08��12:48�pm
A NATION DECIDES.......THE WORLD EXPECTSRobbert 48�1�11-06-08��11:01�am
FOUR TOPS ON THE CBS EARLY SHOWRTA5225 2�1�11-06-08��10:40�am
Who was the "operatic" background vocalist at Motown?Robbert 22�1�11-06-08��3:11�am
PROPS TO PATTI, MARTHA, JERRY B!LaBrenda 5�1�11-05-08��8:14�pm
Come See About Me Cloris /Martha Reeves on VIEWLaBrenda 7�1�11-05-08��8:10�pm
George Clinton on Letterman tonightLaBrenda 4�1�11-05-08��8:07�pm
OBAMA VICTORY PLAYLISTgino_belgium 5�1�11-05-08��4:43�pm
The FIRST African-American President!gino_belgium 5�1�11-05-08��4:39�pm
Congratulations USA!jobeterob 1�1�11-05-08��1:59�pm
Taana Gardner "Heartbeat" questionJuicefree20 9�1�11-05-08��10:41�am
If Obama Wins, Will Race Become Less Of An Issue Timmy Funk 9�1�11-05-08��6:30�am
Favorite Dance songs from the 80'sNo Place Like Motown27�1�11-05-08��6:08�am
Early 60's DetroitGraham Finch 13�1�11-05-08��5:12�am
George Hendricks (ex of Challengers on Tri Phi)JSmith 6�1�11-05-08��1:36�am
All Music Guide To Souldaddyacey 10�1�11-05-08��1:19�am
JHERYL BUSBY CONDOLENCE SITEbilly wilson 1�1�11-05-08��1:18�am
Jheryl Busby R.I.P.daddyacey 9�1�11-05-08��1:09�am
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Diana Ross - RCA era questionrovereab 7�1�11-04-08��6:51�pm
Make Sure To Vote!Kev-Lo 10�1�11-04-08��6:04�pm
HAPPY BDAY SHOUT TO SOULFUL CHRIS!Destruction 18�1�11-04-08��5:43�pm
Happy Birthday Piano Man (MD of the New Stylistics)Destruction 15�1�11-04-08��5:30�pm
103rd Street Band At The Haunted HouseKevin Goins - KevGo 2�1�11-04-08��4:28�pm
UK SHOWS -- upcomingAdrian 12�1�11-04-08��1:30�pm
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Warwick or Worewick?jobeterob 11�1�11-03-08��11:51�pm
Aretha on The Viewjobeterob 16�1�11-03-08��10:39�pm
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Paging Ray MonetteRalph Terrana 1�1�11-03-08��6:35�pm
Attention Clones, Maggots & FunkateersPshark 1�1�11-03-08��6:02�pm
Pete Moore of the Miraclesstephanie 4�1�11-03-08��5:57�pm
Levi Stubbs or Lawrence PaytonT.L. Harris 2�1�11-03-08��5:33�pm
A Touch of Classic Soul mag - Teddy Pendergrass Stacy Lattisawtresjolie 7�1�11-03-08��5:18�pm
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Homer kills PrinceBrian T. 2�1�11-03-08��12:03�am
Did anyone know Stanley Spindler?Twirl Records 1�1�11-02-08��9:58�pm
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Lewis Hamilton -- WORLD CHAMPIONDeWalt 2�1�11-02-08��4:42�pm
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Labelle Back To Now #6 VIrgin Records ManahattanReese 6�1�11-02-08��9:06�am
FOUR TOPS MIDNIGHT FLOWERdancing fool 8�1�11-02-08��8:56�am
Why Did The Four Top Cover This Song?nathan 17�1�11-02-08��7:17�am
BBC DOCUMENTARY MOTOWNbilly wilson 3�1�11-02-08��3:24�am R. Felstead Playlist 11-01-08Richard Felstead 8�1�11-02-08��2:02�am
Duke's press release about the passing of LeviCAPTAIN 4�1�11-02-08��12:33�am
A Song For YouMark Speck 37�1�11-01-08��11:19�pm
THE BEST OF SOUL TRAIN M.I.A.Timmy Funk 4�1�11-01-08��11:13�pm
EMI in talks to Outsource U.S. CD Distributionjobeterob 1�1�11-01-08��9:30�pm
Happy Birthday Otis!jobeterob 6�1�11-01-08��9:01�pm
Merle SaundersPshark 4�1�11-01-08��5:07�pm
Michel'legkwgwa 7�1�11-01-08��12:22�pm
Sharon writes for The Stylistics New CD, Produced by Preston GlassJayBS 26�1�11-01-08��7:11�am
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WELDON McDOUGLALDestruction 31�1�10-31-08��9:59�pm
FUNKIN STEW 10/29 WOOD BRASS & STEELChi Drummer 2�1�10-31-08��4:14�pm
40th ANNIV OF JB'S "SAY IT LOUD I'M BLACK AND I'M PROUD!" ...midnightman 9�1�10-31-08��3:23�pm
Anthoney Wright - Reset To ZeroDetroitDar 16�1�10-31-08��3:17�pm
James Brown's music should be played everyday on the radio!!Tony Russi 27�1�10-31-08��11:48�am
LAWRENCE PAYTON'S "ONE WOMAN MAN"queenybee07 19�1�10-31-08��9:42�am
40 years ago, Marvin Gaye heard it through the grapevine...Phil 12�1�10-31-08��4:07�am
A "HEARTFELT THANK YOU" FROM THE STUBBS FAMILYlleitner1 21�1�10-31-08��12:22�am
Bacground singers making a living.Kevin Goins - KevGo 13�1�10-31-08��12:16�am
Funkadelic on Miles Davis' "On The Corner"Pshark 4�1�10-30-08��9:16�pm
The Supremes Reunion Song!hotstuff 11�1�10-30-08��9:10�pm
4 Tops, Aretha "I Wanna Make It Up to You"caliluv 6�1�10-30-08��8:09�pm
THERE'S THAT BEAT - NEW Issue out now... Ms. M 6�1�12-08-08��9:27�am
Berry Gordy and Motown Recordsbluerhythmbass 27�1�12-08-08��7:48�am
LInda Jones Nominated for a Grammy Awardthe classic master 14�1�12-07-08��5:47�pm
Soul..Real Soul...True Soul:-)...midnightman 11�1�12-07-08��12:28�pm
Marvin Gaye in Ostende Belgium...midnightman 52�1�12-07-08��3:06�am
A Must See Music Listening RoomMs. M 26�1�12-07-08��2:56�am
Rolling Stone Top 100 Singerslamar Hill 12�1�12-06-08��2:01�pm
Guess Who's Birthday ?...Motown_Fan 21�1�12-06-08��12:34�pm
Update: DD Sharp's brother, RoyCharise 4�1�12-06-08��1:55�am
Shirley Alston-ReevesJimmy Mack 10�1�12-05-08��10:13�pm
Gloria Gaynor on The 700 Club classicyesfan 15�1�12-05-08��6:47�pm
Thoughts on the American Music AwardsMs. M 58�1�12-05-08��3:52�pm
Little Willie John as a soul man!midnightman 18�1�12-05-08��3:41�pm
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Thanks to our Moderator RalphBankHouseDave 61�2�12-05-08��3:26�am
Whitney's supposed 'bogus' new CD cover 'cute'Elegant Soul 29�1�12-04-08��11:36�pm
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Vatican Forgives John Lennon Jesus remarkAngel 17�1�12-04-08��8:55�pm
Duke Browner on Exit RecordsGraham Finch 11�1�12-04-08��7:23�pm
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Chico Banks R.I.P.Chi Drummer 5�1�12-04-08��4:48�pm
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Who are your favorite lead singers of a vocal group?Red Corvette 52�1�12-04-08��11:18�am
Motown Museum Fundraiser An Incredible Event!!ladylogan 12�1�12-04-08��10:36�am
THANKS TO TOM MOULTONceasar 13�1�12-04-08��10:14�am
Del Shannon-Move It On Overstephanie 13�1�12-04-08��9:32�am
Delia aka Dee Dee Warwick Tribute? SDF 6�1�12-04-08��8:40�am
Johnnie Sue Bridge's New BooksJohnnieSueBridges 6�1�12-04-08��7:55�am
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Willie Jones of the Royal JokersTwirl Records 12�1�12-04-08��2:23�am
Ricky Drapkin and Ronnie Putirka - Patlow and Centaur labelsTwirl Records 19�1�12-04-08��1:42�am
David Gamson of Scritti Polittipopcorn 1�1�12-03-08��11:09�pm
Odetta (1930-2008)Mark Speck 12�1�12-03-08��10:55�pm
Russell Watson - People Get ReadyMark Speck 5�1�12-03-08��10:53�pm
The Capitols "Angel Of Love" on Petchess1458 4�1�12-03-08��9:18�pm
VH1 on Divas 2000 - A Behind the Scenes Perspective!drlorne 2�1�12-03-08��9:17�pm
FACEBOOKchess1458 20�1�12-03-08��9:07�pm
Music fan wanting to hear the stories from the musiciansDThomas 4�1�12-03-08��6:50�pm
MACK RICES BIRTHDAY PARTY WAS OFF THE CHAINSpyder Turner 12�1�12-03-08��6:02�pm
It's a long shot, but............Steve K 10�1�12-03-08��2:46�pm
Aretha on "Dancing With the Stars"TheSupremes 19�1�12-03-08��12:44�pm
Love Songs of the 50's & 60'sNosey 10�1�12-03-08��11:03�am
Tom GelardiEdie Gelard 1�1�12-03-08��4:20�am
Tina Turner at MSGSoulful Detriot 1�1�12-02-08��8:25�pm
Unsung: Debarge/Phyllis Hyman/Clark Sistersabfan 2�1�12-02-08��8:10�pm
TRIBUTE TO NATHANIAL MEYERSpyder Turner 6�1�12-02-08��7:23�pm
Update on the Wrecking Crew DocumentaryChi Drummer 1�1�12-02-08��3:35�pm
Britney Spears on GMAkamasu 3�1�12-02-08��11:43�am
Dennis Coffey (the Westbound years) ady_croasdell 18�1�12-02-08��8:38�am
Where Is Mark Adamsjohnchildress 15�1�12-02-08��2:22�am
Phila 45Heikki 8�1�12-02-08��2:00�am
Boz ScaggsAngel 16�1�12-01-08��9:07�pm
You Have To See This!GEETEE10�1�12-01-08��8:04�pm
Oh no ! Oh yes ! Its My Birthday.............Kdubya 28�1�12-01-08��6:36�pm
Car Wash by Andre BrasseurJSmith 7�1�12-01-08��12:44�pm
Jordan Valentine & the Sunday Saintsmizvalentine 1�1�12-01-08��11:41�am
Mike Terry tribute radio showSharon 4�1�12-01-08��3:04�am
Terra Shirma Question For Ralphcarl_p 2�1�12-01-08��12:30�am
Is Amy Winehouse 'Soul?'Kevin Goins - KevGo 40�1�11-30-08��9:30�pm
RADIO PROGRAMMER BILL DRAKE RIPKevin Goins - KevGo 4�1�11-30-08��8:46�pm
Sam/Sammy Wardmel18�1�11-30-08��4:34�pm
Gloria Jones - Share My Love On CDKev-Lo 4�1�11-30-08��3:32�pm
DEMO'S VS. THE HIT VERSIONdvdmike 11�1�11-30-08��11:55�am
DID ANYONE HERE ATTEND THE MOTOWN 25 TAPING?dancing fool 1�1�11-30-08��10:19�am
Can a certain voice be key to a group's sound? stubby_girl 87�2�11-30-08��4:44�am
Brown Bomber RecordsSharon 7�1�11-29-08��7:59�pm
I BELIEVE IN YOU & ME 4 TOPS 50th ANNIV. SPECIALMs. M 12�1�11-29-08��1:31�pm
Where Is Davie GordonKev-Lo 1�1�11-29-08��11:51�am
Where are Blue Magic's members now?fayette 17�1�11-29-08��10:26�am
FUNKADELIC TOYSTimmy Funk 2�1�11-29-08��5:18�am
My Old Photos -- soul artistsJuicefree20 26�1�11-28-08��10:12�pm
Dusty springfield does jerry butlerthe classic master 1�1�11-28-08��7:07�pm
Darryl Butler,Carl Winbush,Samuel Beasley,Morris Butler,Raymond Ber...Wonder Woman 1�1�11-28-08��5:44�pm
Scott Regan & Four TopsKevin Goins - KevGo 9�1�11-28-08��5:01�pm
Any suggestions for Philly action?bobby_king 11�1�11-28-08��8:50�am
LEVI STUBBS' TEARS??JayBS 11�1�11-28-08��2:40�am
Happy Birthday James Marshall Hendrixdaddyacey 5�1�11-28-08��1:36�am
A Nice Little Something That I Found About LeviJuicefree20 13�1�11-27-08��10:38�pm
Levi Stubbs memorial bookletJuicefree20 12�1�11-27-08��10:36�pm
What Are You Most Thankful For On This Thankgiving DayCharise 6�1�11-27-08��8:20�pm
Happy Thanksgivingchess1458 2�1�11-27-08��1:00�pm
Beyonce is #1jobeterob 1�1�11-27-08��12:21�pm
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!Juicefree20 21�1�11-27-08��7:05�am
MC Breed Passes At 37oli67 5�1�11-27-08��4:54�am
Miriam Makeba RIPSharon 28�1�11-26-08��6:58�pm
Mike TerrySharon 46�1�11-26-08��6:22�pm
Living In The Footsteps Of Another Girl - The PromisesMr Soul 21�1�11-26-08��4:54�pm
What can anyone tell me about Rhonda Clark?John L 11�1�11-26-08��4:07�pm
Nedra Ross of the Ronettesmoonbeam 5�1�11-26-08��2:06�pm
Keith Rylattmel1�1�11-26-08��9:26�am
GONNA PLAY WITH MY TOYS!Timmy Funk 14�1�11-26-08��6:05�am
D-Town - Roger Brown and the Lil Soul BrothersCraig A. Butler 9�1�11-26-08��4:49�am
Fantastic Bettye Lavette in Belgium VS boyimnokid 5�1�11-25-08��11:07�pm
Lawrence Payton One Woman Man -Soul train clipMickey 8�1�11-25-08��10:36�pm
Today Is Gary "Mudbone" Cooper's Birthday!Destruction 6�1�11-25-08��8:01�pm
Say A Prayer For OdettaKevin Goins - KevGo 7�1�11-25-08��3:31�pm
Question: Did Motown popularize Soul Music For the Rest of the World?CAPTAIN 26�1�11-25-08��12:45�pm
Amy/Blake: No MoreDeWalt 2�1�11-25-08��11:43�am
Honey Cone - Aquariuskamasu 4�1�11-25-08��11:41�am
ASCO RECORDSGraham Finch 2�1�11-25-08��9:51�am
Tower of Power ...And You Know ItDrewSchultz88 2�1�11-25-08��7:15�am
"The Parakeets" on Jubilee and Bigtop RecordsTwirl Records 12�1�11-24-08��11:38�pm
EL DEBARGE SENTENCED TO 2 YRS IN JAILamargi 31�1�11-24-08��10:20�pm
AUTOTUNE - Pitch correction machineroddee 25�1�11-24-08��8:27�pm
Prayer Request from Dee Dee SharpGrapevine 13�1�11-24-08��12:54�pm
Gnarls Barkley fans out there?stephanie 11�1�11-24-08��12:11�pm
Harry Weinger's message regarding the Four Tops DVDPaul Nixon 23�1�11-24-08��12:00�pm
Jackson settlesTheSupremes 1�1�11-24-08��11:06�am
Some Seriously UNDERRATED 80's Funk!!!daddyacey 60�2�11-24-08��5:41�am
Can anyone recommend a good classical R&B/Harmony Group Forum?Robb_K 6�1�11-24-08��12:32�am
Irene and the Scottsmel11�1�11-24-08��12:12�am
The "Funky" Beatles???Timmy Funk 46�1�11-23-08��10:28�pm
Did other labels have their version of the Andantes?Mark Speck 28�1�11-23-08��6:10�pm
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